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Hooters Re-Opens More Than 150 Locations Nationwide For Dine-In

As various state guidelines are allowing for different phases of reopening throughout America, Hooters is ramping up plans to return to a sense of dine-in normalcy by opening the doors to over 150 locations.

The wings purveyor has announced that they have safely re-opened these locations for dine-in, with delivery and curbside pickup options still available. It’s a bold move amidst concerns of whether it really is safe for communal dining rooms to open back up, but to reassure diners, Hooters has outlined the list of health and safety measures that it will be adhering to:

  • Maintaining six feet distance between all persons
  • Limiting the number of guests into the restaurant following state and local occupancy requirements
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation throughout the restaurant, including wipe downs of tables after each use, hourly wipe downs of high contact areas, and nightly deep cleanings
  • Providing hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and throughout the restaurant
  • Frequent hand washing by all team members (at least every 30 minutes or more if needed)
  • Requiring team members to wear gloves & face coverings at all times (with gloves being replaced after each guest interaction); They also ask that guests follow local and state mandates regarding face coverings
  • Conducting daily team member wellness screenings, including temperature checks
  • A hygiene captain is assigned to each shift to ensure compliance to all guidelines

This extensive plan of action sounds like a good start to having diners back in their locations and hopefully can be a glimpse into how the rest of the nation will make its way back to a sense of pre-pandemic normalcy when dining out.

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Hooters Is Giving Out Free Wings to Single People on Valentine’s Day

Most Valentine’s Days spent single are passed in a concentrated effort to forget your ex but, on this year’s Valentine’s Day, Hooters is asking for your remembrance of what was.

On February 14th, during the yearly reminder of our societal obligation to companionship, Hooters is offering up the chance to get 10 free boneless wings. The only condition is you must bring in a picture of your former significant other to be shredded, because people still shred pictures like it’s a mid-2000’s lowbrow romcom, evidently.

But, if you’re living in 2020 like the rest of us, and your photo library is on your phone or computer, you can digitally shred your ex as well. You’ll be presented with a voucher you can use to redeem your chicken nuggets — er, boneless wings, excuse me.

Unfortunately, a rather difficult dilemma faces you after your former flame has been extinguished and 10 boneless wings are in your possession: Do you squad up with all the other people who decided to go to Hooters on Valentine’s Day or do you go home and eat your Hooters wings alone while solemnly curled up on the couch? Both are equally as existential crisis triggering but, hey, at least you’ll have ten free wings, right?


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Hooters Goes Meatless With New ‘Unreal’ Wings

After tons of burger, taco, and sandwich chains have showed that it can work, it looks like chicken chains are finally following suit.

Hooters has announced the launch of their “Unreal Wings,” which will be their plant-based alternative for those who wish to not partake in meat.

The breastaurant is partnering with Quorn, whom already has an established brand of vegetarian “chicken” goods, and introducing meatless wings that will be fried and coated with Hooters’ standard sauces and rubs.

They even put out a boob-tastic video where Hooters girls try the wings, and have their minds blown, as if they’ve never heard of plant-based products in their entire lives.

They’re still very careful to stop short of calling them vegan, so if you’re not cool with them being prepped in a meat-filled kitchen, or into the possiblility that they’re battered in egg, I’d be cautious about trying these wings.

Still, fans are excited, and that’s probably the ultimate goal that Hooters was trying to achieve, as the prospects of trying the wings has people on Twitter talking:







You’ve gotta hand it to Hooters, as they’re not afraid to try new things. In the past, they’ve wrapped their wings in bacon, and even stuffed them with chorizo before hitting us with this big plant-based announcement.

The new 100% meat-free wings are now available at over 300 Hooters across the U.S.

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Hooters Now Offering ‘Stuffed Wings’ Filled With Jambalaya And Chorizo

Hooters has innovated various unique wing sauces in the past, but they’re revamping what goes inside the actual wing with their newest creation: Stuffed Wings.

Photo: Hooters

The wings come in the chain’s original style, and are crammed with your choice of jambalaya or chorizo sausage. These appear to have been tested a few months ago in Florida, but are now coming to all locations nationwide.

Officially, these will debut in restaurants on February 25th. Folks on Doordash can get them a few days in advance, though, if they get $15 or more worth of other food from Hooters. Entering the code “STUFFED” at checkout gets you a free order of the new wings.

You can find variations of these at several mom-and-pop shops around the country, filled with cheese, jambalaya, and other ingredients. However, Hooters becomes the first large-scale restaurant to offer a nationally available stuffed chicken wing with this launch.

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Political Correctness Hasn’t Taken Down Hooters Yet, And I Don’t Know How

“All right, let’s go see some titties.”

That was, word for word, what one of my buddies said as I picked him up to grab dinner at our local Hooters in West Covina, California. It immediately reminded me what the main attraction has been for the restaurant, since, well, forever.

I hadn’t been to Hooters since 2007 when my friend held a birthday party there. I was 18, full of teenage hormones, and my immature mind was not properly equipped to process the amount of chest and booty cleavage around me. Thankfully, I was able to control the eggplant emoji in my pants, and didn’t have to suffer through an embarrassing adolescent moment.

However, the world has changed A LOT since 2007, so I was curious if Hooters had changed at all, or if it’s still the stereotypical boob joke that Adam Sandler loved wielding in his ’90s movies.

It’s 2018, and women are rightfully wielding their voices against sexual misconduct and harassment, especially in the restaurant industry. With famous names like Mario Batali, John Besh, and Ken Friedman linked to such behavior, the food world has been shaken up, opening up conversations about sexual harassment that were apparently swept under the rug for a long time.

The idea of wanting to eat at a restaurant where you can drink beer, watch sports, and ogle at women sounds like it is tailor made for 64 Jezebel think pieces on feminism. Yet in an age where you’d think a place like Hooters would be getting killed in the public eye, it looks like it is still hanging on to its booby-swinging values, for better or worse.

We walked in, and the way the hostess looked at my friends and I almost felt like we were being scouted. Like, she could read us, and selected the perfect waitress for us, specifically. I don’t know exactly what the benefit to that would be, but all three of us noticed it, as the hostess called out for “Sarah” (name changed for story) to come help us to our table.

“Sarah” literally sat down with us to take our order, a move that I’m sure is very much a Hooters thing, as the waitresses at Buffalo Wild Wings, TGIFriday’s, and well, anywhere else, have always just stood when helping us.

It was nice that she wasn’t overly cheery, and didn’t try too hard to get our attention like some of the other waitresses I observed in there. Then I thought, was that part of the initial scouting process? Did the hostess up front see three dudes in their late 20s, not dressed in sports jerseys, with fairly calm demeanors and think, “All right, let’s give them Sarah”?

It was a Friday night, 8 p.m., and the Lakers were playing the Pacers. You’d think a sports bar in Southern California would be jam-packed for a Laker game at that time, but it was a little more than half-full, with maybe 50 patrons occupying the spacious dining room.

The West Covina Hooters we went to was particularly interesting, as it went through a disgusting scandal in the past where a manager was caught filming women during their interviews back in 2004. Then manager Juan Aponte, made female applicants put on the Hooters uniform as part of the interview process, and even though he stepped out, many of the women suspected that they were being recorded while undressing. After the women reached out to police, Aponte’s personal laptops were seized, and officials found 180 audio and video recordings from 82 different women who were interviewed.

This Hooters is like a haunted house of sexual harassment. You walk in like an unsuspecting character in a horror film, not knowing that some crazy shit went down there many years ago.

With that said, I’m kind of glad that I was able to look around and see families, friends and kids just hanging out. For some reason, I expected to walk into a Mario Batali-like (allegedly) situation: A barnyard filled with perverted old dudes ass-grabbing, and chasing women around like in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

The extent of staring was just guys doing the “quickly look down at her butt, then back up, and repeat” move while being seated. There was a dude strategically walking behind his girlfriend so she couldn’t see the intense staring he was doing while the waitress navigated them around the other tables. Other than that, it was just the occasional glance.

Maybe the new generation is growing and being less perverted, at least outwardly.

Popular pornographic site, PornHub, conducted one of the most important studies of 2017, finding that millennials between the age of 18-24 were 19 percent less likely to search for breast-related porn.

Where does that leave ‘breastaurants’ of the future? Well, the number of Hooters locations have dropped by 7 percent between 2012-2016, with dormant sales, which doesn’t look good for the brand.

Even Hooters itself knows they have a negative image.

Hooters CEO Terry Marks said the ‘breastaurant’ was going to focus on delivery and pickup this 2018, catering to the people who “wouldn’t step foot in our restaurants, but they want our product.”

No, the deliveries are not done by Hooters girls, it’s just regular ol’ UberEats.

With the polarizing stigma still attached to the sports bar after all these years, how is Hooters still around?

Well, that leads me to one particular customer that caught my attention during our dinner. An elderly man at the main bar area, who at his age, might have a lot of declining physical abilities, yet his vision was good enough to stare down and eye-fuck every single waitress that crossed his path. With zero fucks given, this older man could have broken his neck with the rubbernecking he was doing.

It made me think that while every guy in there was distracted by the scantily-clad waitresses, maybe the blatant eye-fucking is being left behind with an older generation. Maybe we can visually admire these women without thinking, “She’s being nice to me, she obviously wants more.”

Maybe the age where men…wait, what is he doing? Damn it. My friend just left the Hooters waitress his number. All it took was her saying, “I’ll definitely remember you.”


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Hooters Forced To Close Restaurants Because Millennials Aren’t That Into Breasts Anymore

America’s eating habits change quite frequently, moving from one foodie trend to the next, causing many eateries of the BBQ, chicken wing, and ice cream variation to pop up all over the place. We can’t complain because our taste buds reap the reward.

A recent study done by PornHub (Don’t worry, that link is SFW) has revealed that there has been a significant shift in the search histories of men all over America. Their insights show that millennial men between the ages of 18-24 are 19% less likely to search for breasts (or any other vernacular of the word), while ages 55-64 are 17% more likely.

What does this have to do with food? It looks like Hooters has been troubled by this recent change in trends. This change has caused the restaurant chain to close a number of its locations throughout the country since 2012.

A post shared by Hooters (@hooters) on

Despite Hooters updating their restaurants in order to attract millennials, they have struggled to keep up in the market.

Sorry Hooters, it seems that this correlation between late night searches and chicken wing preferences have made things difficult.  “Breastaurants” are no longer that appealing to most millennial Americans.  Perhaps a name change might be in order? How about “Fannys” or “Tushies?”

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Hooters Is Giving Away Free Smoked Wings For National Chicken Wing Day

Who: Hooters

What: In honor of National Chicken Wing Day, Hooters is giving away 10 free Smoked Wings when customers buy any 10 wings.

A healthier variation of their iconic wings, the Smoked Wings aren’t fried. Rather, they’re slow-smoked in-house to create a combination of juiciness and smokiness in every bite. The bony morsels of poultry are marinated in sweet and spicy dry rub and smoked with hickory.

Dry rub flavors include Texas BBQ, Caribbean Jerk or Garlic Hananero.

Where: Any participating Hooters location nationwide.

When: Saturday, July 29 2017.

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For One Day, Hooters Is Treating Moms To Free Wings

Who: Hooters

What: In honor of Mother’s Day, moms across the country will receive a free entree courtesy of the wing-slingin’ restaurant chain.

Free menu items include 10-piece Traditional Wings, 10-piece Boneless Wings, a Grilled or Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, a Grilled or Buffalo Chicken Salad, or the Hooters Burger.

To get the free entrees, you must purchase a regularly-priced beverage.

Where: Any participating Hooters locations across the United States.

When: On Mother’s Day, May 14.