This Wine Bottle Hoodie is So Cute it Makes My Head Hurt


It’s gotta be tough keeping your wine from getting too chilly on a cold winter’s day. You wouldn’t want it to catch anything. Thankfully, someone came up with a sensible solution to prevent such an inconvenience: Wine Bottle Hoodie.

The miniature hoodie zip-up comes in gray. Much like its life-sized counterpart, the product features everything a real hoodie would have. Well, except arm holes. Because having wine sit out in your household can get pretty boring, why not spend money to add a sense of novelty to your alcohol?

The Wine Bottle hoodie is available through retailer Urban Outfitters for $20. The snug jacket is a blend of cotton and polyester and should be machine washed.

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Alcohoodie – Your Best Friend for Winter-Weather Drinking


Remember when we introduced “Bar10der“, the Swiss Army knife for bartenders? And you were all, “OMG, that’s great, but what if I’m not a bartender, and I just like drinking and fashion and keeping my torso warm?”

Us, too.

And then we found this! It’s called the Drinkmaster Hoodie, and it’s got everything you need for boozing it up with your buddies this winter:

  • Drinking “mitts” to keep your hands warm and your drink cold
  • Flask pocket, in case that beer just isn’t doing it for you
  • Koozie pocket, lined with Neoprene. That’s the stuff they use for scuba diving. Scuba diving!
  • Zipper cover, because fashion

Not to mention a special pocket to store your ID, and a zipper pull that doubles as a bottle opener. Seriously, with all this, all you need is a second winter storm Nemo, and you’re good to go.


Drinkmaster Hoodie $60MissingInk

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Personalized Beer-Holding Hoodie

In the midst of any worthwhile festivity, and after imbibing a few refreshments, an inevitable question dawns on virtually all party attendees: Where’s my beer? Thanks to this amazing piece of apparel, the answer will always be right under your nose. What’s more is that these hoodies can be customized to illustrate just who owns that beer attached to your sternum, just in case it wasn’t obvious enough.

($40 via WhatOnEarth)