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This Ingenious App Will Get You A Cocktail A Day For Just $.33

Have you ever needed to drink really badly after work, but can’t get drunk because you have shit to do like every standard adult? Then Hooch is the app for you.

As a quality penny-pinching app for functional alcoholics, Hooch allows users to get one free drink a day at any of the qualifying locations, which shouldn’t be difficult to find, since dozens of establishments have already teamed up with the app. Of course, as always, there’s a catch.


The app only functions in LA and New York as of now, since they are the two largest cities with the largest number of bars per square mile. Additionally, while your first drink each day is free, the app itself is not. You’ll be required to pay a subscription of $9.99 a month for the service, which is about the price of one or two cocktails. Still, even with that price tag, the average cost for your first drink will come out to roughly $.33 a piece.

So how does the app make any money if that many people are getting that many drinks for free? Simply put, they’re banking on you staying for another drink. This will likely be the case for most people, since having one drink then stopping is the liquid form of blue balls. The app will root it’s foundation in the practice of hospitality marketing, which basically uses companies and ideas in the hospitality industry to increase revenue.

After a successful launch in LA and New York, the app will look to increase the number of establishments included, on top of expanding to more cities like Miami and San Francisco. According to Lin Dai, the CEO of Hooch, users of the app are spending “an additional $30-$40 per visit after receiving their complimentary round of drinks at Hooch partner bars, and up to $140 per check at participating restaurants.” With that kind of revenue being generated, it’s no wonder that the app has become such a big hit in those two cities.

In summation, you can get 365 cocktails (which averages out to $2,555 at roughly $7 a pop) for the ridiculous price of $99 a year. So is it worth it?



Photo Credit: Sobe Villas, Best The News

Sources: Los Angeles Times