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Watch How Honey Is Made

Honey is such a versatile ingredient. We throw it in our tea, we use it in baking, we even throw it on our desserts. The nectar that comes from bees is one of the most iconic foods around, dating back millennia to early humans foraging for the sweet natural substance.

We found ourselves drawn to another Discovery/Science Channel segment on the captivating process on manufacturing honey in bulk.

The video takes us through the journey of honey from bees drawing nectar from flowers and honeycomb creation. Beekeepers maintain their bees until the honeycombs are filled and ready to be removed. They’re then taken into the factory and scrapped and spun until the honey is separated from the honey combs.

Some factories even package honeycombs as is for consumers to eat.

Check out the video to see the fascinating process behind honey. The next time you douse your oven-fresh biscuit in the golden manna, take a minute to appreciate where it came from. Then, you have our permission to bite.


This Knife Will Change The Way You Cut Cake Forever [WATCH]


We’ve been cutting cakes into slices for nearly as long as cakes have been around. When presented with the task of cutting a cake into squares or circles, Matthais Wandel of Woodgears took the challenge and elevated it even further.

Why not hexagons?

The woodworker developed a knife that cuts cakes into hexagonal patterns. Similar in appearance to a honeycomb.

Check out the video below and see how to make the knife. Then the amazing results when he finally uses it to cut into the cake.


Fast Food

Starbucks Is Throwing HONEYCOMB CRUNCH On Frappuccinos In Hong Kong


Starbucks is topping chunks of honeycomb crunch on their drinks. At least, in Hong Kong they are. The two new beverages are called Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccinos, Brand Eating reports.

A popular candy in the UK and Hong Kong, honeycomb crunch features a sweet flavor combined with a honeycomb appearance.

The Frappuccinos are available in two flavors: Orange and Mocha. The Mocha Frappuccino is the same recipe as its US variant, while Orange is a creme Frappuccino blended with an orange sauce. Both drinks are only available for a limited time in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific countries like South Korea and Thailand.

Yet another overseas fast-food item we’d love to get our hands on.



Company Designs ‘Urban Beehive’ for Your Home. What Could Go Wrong?


Honey doesn’t get fresher than this, people. The Phillips’ Microbial Home project designed an Urban Beehive as a means to boost and encourage sustainability in modern homes. One could even collect fresh honey whenever they wanted à la Winnie the Pooh, only without getting their head stuck.

The hive was developed as a means to solve the issue of bee preservation and the decline of bee colonies. Featuring a flower pot that’s located on the opposite side of the design, the flowers and the honeycomb attract bees towards the hive allowing the bees to enter through a specifically designed passage. At the base, there’s a smoke actuator that calms the bees down so you can collect the honey.

Sounds pretty safe, right? Because absolutely nothing can go wrong with keeping live bees in your kitchen.


This Artist Collaborates with Bees to Create Amazing Honeycomb Sculptures

Honeycomb Sculptures

Remember that bottle-shaped hive a few months back? Artist Aganetha Dyck has taken this same idea of collaborative art and produced stunningly beautiful sculptures.

Dyck’s interest in inter-species contact led her to experiment with honeybees and porcelain figures. She placed the sculptures in special apiaries and, over the course of weeks and months, they slowly showed signs of honeycomb patterns. What resulted is simply fascinating.

Honeycomb Sculptures

Honeycomb Sculptures


Honeycomb Sculptures

If you want to check out Dyck’s bee-inspired sculptures, ‘Honeybee Alterations’ will be at the Ottawa School of Art starting March 3rd.

Picthx Aganetha Dyck