4-Year-Old Creates the World’s Most Epic Breakfast Cereal


The folks over Thrillist recently consulted the expertise of a 4-year-old in order to create “the ultimate breakfast cereal.” To create this Frankenstein concoction, all the best parts were delicately picked out of four different cereals. A box of Lucky Charms was pillaged for just the marshmallows, the “reds” taken from Froot Loops, the Honey Bunches pried (and the Oats left for dead), and the berries picked from a box of Crunch Berries. The whole shebang was eaten with a half-gallon of just Cinnamon Toast Crunch leftover milk — which is arguably the best part of that particular cereal.


We bet health food nuts are having a field day with this but c’mon, ya’ll are just mad you didn’t think about it first.

Check out the full story over at Thrillist.

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Wacky Honey Bunches of Oats Fruit Blends

Honey Bunches of Oats have always been a good standby in my cupboard, but maybe not anymore. It might get bumped up to number one with their new fruit blends line! Peach and Raspberry? Blueberry and Banana? How did anyone not come up with these breakfast cereal combos before? Although we haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet, I’m imagining the perfect amount crunch, nuttiness, and sweet flavorful punch.



Honey Bunches of Oats: Raisin Medley

Honey Bunches of Oats has brought a new flavor to supermarket shelves across the country with their new Raisin Medley blend! This particular variation comes with three different kinds of raisins alongside the multi-grain flakes. Crunchy oat clusters, crispy flakes and delicious raisins. 12 grams of whole grain per serving, cholesterol free and 9 essential vitamins and minerals. Eat on!