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Popeyes Introduces New Homestyle Mac & Cheese

With fried chicken being the perfect dish that it is, it’s only natural that it compliments many side dishes. Of the myriad of side dish choices out there, it’s arguable that mac & cheese would be the tastiest pairing. Popeyes sure seems think so, as they will be debuting Homestyle Mac & Cheese on their menu.

Since Popeyes is known to be one of the best fast food fried chicken options in the game, it’s safe to acknowledge that their new Homestyle Mac & Cheese can live up to their delicious reputation. After all, the mac & cheese is made with butter and cheddar cheese, which is then oven-baked and topped with shredded cheddar cheese, creating a golden-brown crust that sets itself apart from other fast food mac & cheese options.

Starting next week, Popeyes new Homestyle Mac & Cheese will be available at restaurants nationwide for pick-up or delivery.