This Miracle Machine Promises to Turn Water into Wine


You can probably thank the failed economy and the growing sentiment that wine-tasting is complete and utter bullshit for this one. Proving that the world is ready to move into the next stage of home-brewing, someone actually invented a machine that makes wine out of water.

It’s called The Miracle Machine (of course) and it’s basically a Sodastream for wine.  Like its under-21 counterpart, the Miracle Machine uses water, yeast, grape concentrate, and finishing powder packets to create decent DIY-quality vino, virtually out of thin air. Just connect the machine to its corresponding iOS or Android app, input all the ingredients, and, in true miracle fashion, wait three days for your wine to rise triumphantly from the ashes of discarded flavor packets and tap water.

There are currently six wine types programmed into the Miracle Machine App: Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Chardonnay, Oregon Pinot Noir, a Tuscan blend, Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc, and a red and white (blend?) from Burgundy. Each type is expected to keep for up to one to two weeks and taste completely pre-aged and ready-to-drink.

Catch The Miracle Machine on its soon-to-launch Kickstarter page or watch the promotional video here.


Here’s a DIY Homebrewing Robot You Control With Your iPhone


Let’s face it, not everyone is lucky enough to have their genius high school chemistry teacher to help them make it in the DIY business. But Brewbot gets pretty damn close.

Consider it your personal beer fairy godmother. Designed by Irish design company Cargo for home-brew aficionados, Brewbot is capable of “memorizing” a variety of different beer recipes, both provided by Cargo and user-uploaded. From those recipes, the machine then knows “how much water, how to heat it, pulls all the sugars, all very accurately depending on the beer,” says Chris McClelland, Co-Founder of Cargo.


It’s not all automated though. Fast Company reports that while much of the process is controlled via the Brewbot iPhone app, the system still requires aspiring homebrewers to add their own grains and hops and come up with their own recipes if they’re looking for a little more creativity. An Android version is also in the works.

Perhaps best of all, however, is how sleek the whole thing looks. Taking a page from the Apple school of design, Brewbot is all stainless steel and only about the size of two refrigerators. “Our aim,” the Brewbot Kickstarter reads, “is to bring brewing out of the garage and into the home.”


Brewbot officially reached its Kickstarter funding goal on Tuesday, so future Brewbotters can expect to see their new robot friends out and about by summer 2014. Pre-orders are still available at the Brewbot official website for £1,700.00.

H/T Fast Co + PicThx Brewbot