This Miracle Machine Promises to Turn Water into Wine


You can probably thank the failed economy and the growing sentiment that wine-tasting is complete and utter bullshit for this one. Proving that the world is ready to move into the next stage of home-brewing, someone actually invented a machine that makes wine out of water.

It’s called The Miracle Machine (of course) and it’s basically a Sodastream for wine.  Like its under-21 counterpart, the Miracle Machine uses water, yeast, grape concentrate, and finishing powder packets to create decent DIY-quality vino, virtually out of thin air. Just connect the machine to its corresponding iOS or Android app, input all the ingredients, and, in true miracle fashion, wait three days for your wine to rise triumphantly from the ashes of discarded flavor packets and tap water.

There are currently six wine types programmed into the Miracle Machine App: Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Chardonnay, Oregon Pinot Noir, a Tuscan blend, Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc, and a red and white (blend?) from Burgundy. Each type is expected to keep for up to one to two weeks and taste completely pre-aged and ready-to-drink.

Catch The Miracle Machine on its soon-to-launch Kickstarter page or watch the promotional video here.


Sexism Still Evident In New Zealand Brew Contest, No Women Allowed.

A woman has been banned from a New Zealand home-brew contest on the simple fact that she was a female. Sounds like the ignorance of yesteryear, right?

Rachel Beer is the apparent victim. The appropriately-named woman has brewed about six of her own brews over the past few years, and has gotten some relatively positive feedback on her creations from friends. But the Lake Hayes A&P Show in Queenstown that she tried to enter told her that the contest was for “blokes only.”

The country’s Human Rights Commission noted that the competition may be in violation of the Human Rights Act, but considering Ms. Beer doesn’t intend to file a complaint, the commission was unable to comment on the situation further.

The New Zealand Herald rounded out their coverage of the situation with a very interesting quote from the President of the Brewers’ Guild of New Zealand, Ralph Bungard, who called the rule “ridiculous.” Bungard continued, reminding that “traditionally it was a woman’s job to brew the beer.”

The Society of Beer Advocates cites that of their 500 members, about 10% were women, and many had their own breweries. Female beer brewers, as Ralph Bungard explained, are known as “brewsters.”

“That was their job, to make beer, just as it was to bake the bread. It was a very female profession.”

I wonder if men bake out in those parts?