Donkey Kong Nespresso Display for Your Inner Vintage Gamer


Are you the kind of person that busts out the old Nintendo on a Friday night and pops in some Super Mario Bros. 2 or Earthbound? Do you appreciate the aesthetics of 8-bit designs? Then maybe this Donkey Kong Nespresso Wall Mount is just the thing for you!

Created by Hologramer, this work of art was inspired by the classic Donkey Kong game. CapsuleKong is a unique wall-mount that rolls out your morning Nespresso capsules in Nintendo fashion. The design of the mount captures the nostalgia of the original game level with beautifully carved characters.

Holding exactly 50 capsules, the mount is designed to roll perfectly from top to bottom. At 360mm wide and 440mm high with a 10mm diameter, the wall-mount is the perfect treat for video game aficionados who pre-date the era of Angry Birds and Candy Crush. If this was hanging on my kitchen wall, I’d definitely be more of a morning person.

CapsuleKong $170 @FancyThings

H/T + PicThx Cool Material