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This Woman Seriously Just Compared The Vegan Struggle To The Holocaust

I’d like to think this girl’s YouTube channel is satirical, and she’s not serious, but nothing makes sense in the world these days. There’s a terrifying chance that this woman actually believes the nonsense she’s spewing out.

Could not eating meat actually be affecting her mental health, because she seriously compared veganism to the holocaust and slavery. I’d like to think we can mostly all agree that that’s bullsh*t, right?

Our country’s in a fragile state right now, so I just want some reassurance that I’m not weird for thinking this girl’s bat sh*t crazy.

Sorsha Morava has a YouTube blog where she gives some vegan recipes, talks about her vegan lifestyle, and says meat-eaters support the holocaust.

Morava draws you in with her purposely cleavage-filled thumbnail photos, and outlandish video titles, and right when you think she might explain herself with a valid point, she ends up just putting down others for the sake of animal love:

“It simply means that the same exact oppression that happened during slavery, is happening this very second… When you consume animal products, you’re supporting exploitation, torture, rape, enslavement, and slaughter,” she said in her video titled, ‘I’m a racist privileged vegan bitch.’


Nope. You DO NOT get to make a point by showing someone being hanged next to a pig.

You do not have to highlight another people’s oppression in such a disgusting way to get your point across.

If you want to say that we are equal to animals and swear by it at the top of your lungs, that’s fine, but it is unnecessary to bunch it together with the historical struggles of others.


I’m being extremely nice about this, too, and trying to understand her point of view. Her videos could easily be ripped to shreds in a harsher way, but I’m trying to take the emotion out of this, and calmly point out the blatant lack of compassion for her fellow man.

What’s the point? You want to convince people that your belief is right, but you do so by hurting others, defeating the purpose of trying to preach kindness to all beings. Congratulations, you played yourself.

Then she goes on to say that Hitler modeled the Holocaust after the meat industry, so of course, it means that meat-eaters support the Holocaust.

It’s a great way to get page views, but again, what are you really achieving?

By her logic, since Pamela Anderson is vegan, that means all vegans support the making of shitty TV shows. If you don’t want to support the making of shitty TV shows, eat some meat, please.

I’m done with this world.


Taiwanese Restaurant Slammed for Naming Pasta Dish ‘Long Live Nazi Spaghetti’


It looked like a simple pasta dish with German sausage, but then things got controversial. Rockmill restaurant in Taiwan thought it’d be a wonderful idea to serve up a dish called “Long Live Nazi Spaghetti.”

Manager Chao Ya-hsin told TVBS she didn’t think the dish would get so much attention. She was just trying to provide an easy way for customers to identify the dish as German. The Wall Street Journal reported that it was a popular dish over the last year and hadn’t received any complaints until a local station ran a story on it. After getting media attention, the complaints started pouring in as both Israeli and German representatives in Taiwan were outraged at the lack of sensitivity and understanding of the Holocaust.

Chao apologized and changed the name of the dish to “Long Live Purity.”

Reminds us of that one time “Holocaust Beer Pong” was unfortunately a thing.

Picthx WSJ


Holocaust Beer Pong Exists — Yes, Really


A picture showed up on reddit yesterday that looks awfully familiar, and not just because it’s a repost. Here’s a hint: it pits Nazis vs. Jews in a violent free for all in which Jews are at a clear disadvantage and even the winners end up losing in one way or another.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Holocaust-Themed Beer Pong is an actual thing, and not only that, it’s apparently pretty popular.

For anyone who doesn’t feel like squinting, here are the rules: 

Its called Jews vs the Nazis. Its 3-on-3, 30 cups per team. The Nazis shape their 30 cups into a swastika, and the Jews set up their 30 cups as the Star of David. The cups are re-racked to a smaller swastika and a smaller star when 18 cups remain on either team. The Nazis start the game off with ‘blitzkreig,’ and each player on the Nazis shoots until they miss, but this is only allowed for the first volley. The Jews have the ‘Anne Frank Cup,’ and this ability allows them to pick any one of their cups and hide it anywhere in the room, but it has to be shootable, obviously. The Jews can only do that once per game and can be used only during their turn. To equalize this slight advantage, the Nazis also have another ability called ‘Auschwitz’ (or ‘Concentration Camp’ if you don’t know what that means). With this ability the Nazis can pick any player on the Jews team and they have to sit out of the game until the other two players on the Jews team each make a cup. After that happens the 3rd person on the Jews team can play again. Also, throughout the game you are supposed to talk alot of shit and say as many racist things as possible to make it more enjoyable.

My Jewish friends actually love this game haha.

Comments on the reddit thread have been either brilliantly farcical or overwhelmingly positive, with some redditors even offering their own twists on the game, including something called “Vietnam War.” 

‘Anne frank cup’ yeah that’s when i started laughing”




Now do one for the pacific theater. I’m not sure how the basic rules would work, but it should be played in a pool, and at the end the American side gets to throw a bowling ball (or two) at the Japanese side.”


Did you just say ALCOHOLOCAUST!?”



High-larious genocide puns aside however, we wanted to ask what you guys thought of this whole thing. Harmlessly historical, or horribly inappropriate? Sound off in the comments!

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