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This NHL Arena Melted Its Ice So You Can Drink Its Rink


When the Nassau Coliseum announced it was closing down, New York Islanders fans were naturally disappointed. However, in an impressive gesture to help life-long fans cope with the loss, the ice from the final hockey game at Nassau was melted down and packaged in $20 bottles.

Because what’s $20 bucks compared to a lifetime of memories? The keepsake, while pricey, gave fans of the 43-year-old stadium something to hold on to as the Islanders move on to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The bottles were sold through the Islander’s team site.

Unsurprisingly enough, every single drop of the stadium juice has already sold out to dedicated fans. This definitely doesn’t mean the end though. Chances are, we’ll probably see those water bottles popping up on eBay and sports memorabilia sites for fives times the original price.

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Obama Bets Beer in US-Canada Olympic Hockey Game


“For a very brief period of time, I may not feel as warm towards Canadians as I normally do, at least until those matches are over,” Obama joked with Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper during the North American Leaders Summit.

In what has become an Olympic tradition between the two leaders (Obama sent a case of Yuengling to Canada in 2010), the President and Canadian PM bet cases of beer on the US vs Canada hockey matches.

Of course, the leaders wagered the bet via Twitter:


At the moment, Harper is one case richer as Canada’s women’s hockey won the gold in Sochi after scoring in overtime for a 3-2 victory. Still, there’s room for redemption as the Canada and US men’s teams face off in the Olympic semi-finals on Friday.

Although, they should raise the stakes: Losing country keeps Justin Bieber.

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Canadian Happy Meal Toys, Because Canada


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This Bacon-Weave Stanley Cup Tells Haters to Puck Off


I was never good at hockey, I was that kid always skinning my knees on the ice and tripping on my own stick. The only goal I ever made was when the puck accidentally deflected off my own skate and into the net. I was awful and today, I live vicariously through the Maple Leafs, which, for those of you who saw that OT in Game 7, can be heartbreaking at times.

Although, I’m sure I would have been much better if I had this bacon-weave Stanley Cup as a motivation. This 100% carnivorous creation was birthed by the boys over at ManBQue and featured next to the real deal on ABC. I gotta say, even though this is happening on Blackhawks territory, you can’t really be mad at a trophy made of bacon and ground beef that you can potentially drink beer out of. If anything, Coach Q seems to approve.

stanley cup-coach q

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Pizza Receipt: Playoff Hockey Game Prompts Fan to Cancel Pick-Up

hockey lulz

There are few things more important than watching your team tied in the NHL playoffs. At least, that’s what this Vancouver Canucks fan was probably thinking when he turned his pizza pick-up order into a delivery.

Reddit user BrandiBean posted a photo of a receipt informing the delivery boy that a pick-up order of one large pizza with extra chicken was opted out for a delivery since the “canucks have tied game, [customer] cannot leave house to pickup.”

pizza receipt

Too bad Vancouver ended up losing to the San Jose Sharks in Game 2 with loss of 3-2 in overtime. Not to mention yesterday’s soul-crushing Game 3 defeat of 5-2. Still, gotta love the fan’s devotion.

Either way, Go Maple Leafs!

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One in A Million Shot Lands Hockey Puck in Fan’s Beer [Video]


With the NHL lockout lifted and players back on the ice, beer sales are back up and fans are once again cheering on their home teams. Along with faith being restored back into the hearts of hockey enthusiasts, this also opens the possibility for once in a lifetime opportunities — like this particular instance that occurred during a game between the Boston Bruins and Winnipeg Jets

A hockey puck escaped the clutches of the rink to land in the beer cup of one very lucky Bruin fan. The event apparently was so moving that it earned a standing ovation from crowd.

Mmm hockey puck beer.

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