This Is How Fried Chicken Was Made In The 18th Century


We’ve been in love with fried chicken since the time we knew how to walk. Beneath the layer of extra crispy, beautifully-seasoned skin is a juicy piece of poultry that’s waiting to be chomped upon. In the (hopefully) unlikely event that we were somehow marooned back in the 18th century, we need a way to make our beloved fried chicken with very limited technology.

Luckily, Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc., a group known for accurately  recreating things from the 18th century, has just the recipe for some old-school fried chicken. They dug up a centuries-old method of making fried chicken from a historic recipe book they found.

Check out the video while we shop for some of the ingredients we need to make this.


Comedy Group Finds An Old Painting Of A Sausage Festival And Voiced Over It With Hilarious Results


A member of the Alf Pacino improv crew posted a video on Reddit after the group found an old painting of a sausage festival. The work of art features a town of people gathered around as a giant piece of sausage is being paraded by for everyone to see.

Here’s their description:

We found an old illustration of a literal Sausage Festival. It was confusing, so we gave it voices.

The group brilliantly uses the canvas to tell a hilarious narrative of the events taking place in the town square.

This Sausage Festival illustration features dozen of characters who each get their story to tell in the 6 minute video.

Make sure to watch it through until the very end.