Here’s a DIY Homebrewing Robot You Control With Your iPhone


Let’s face it, not everyone is lucky enough to have their genius high school chemistry teacher to help them make it in the DIY business. But Brewbot gets pretty damn close.

Consider it your personal beer fairy godmother. Designed by Irish design company Cargo for home-brew aficionados, Brewbot is capable of “memorizing” a variety of different beer recipes, both provided by Cargo and user-uploaded. From those recipes, the machine then knows “how much water, how to heat it, pulls all the sugars, all very accurately depending on the beer,” says Chris McClelland, Co-Founder of Cargo.


It’s not all automated though. Fast Company reports that while much of the process is controlled via the Brewbot iPhone app, the system still requires aspiring homebrewers to add their own grains and hops and come up with their own recipes if they’re looking for a little more creativity. An Android version is also in the works.

Perhaps best of all, however, is how sleek the whole thing looks. Taking a page from the Apple school of design, Brewbot is all stainless steel and only about the size of two refrigerators. “Our aim,” the Brewbot Kickstarter reads, “is to bring brewing out of the garage and into the home.”


Brewbot officially reached its Kickstarter funding goal on Tuesday, so future Brewbotters can expect to see their new robot friends out and about by summer 2014. Pre-orders are still available at the Brewbot official website for £1,700.00.

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7-Eleven Gets Wooden Fruit Baskets and Aims for Millennials with Trader Joe-Esque Makeover


Yep, the hipster aesthetic is officially dead. For years, we’ve watched corporate logos get ironed out, flashy signage be replaced with adorable handwritten chalkboards. Love distressed wood? Congratulations, here are 500+ restaurants whose tables came all the way from the Himalayas! Best of all, at least half of them are the same corporate chains you already know and love (*cough, McDonald’s, Starbucks).

7-Eleven is just the latest chain to trade in its depressing, cost-efficient white walls and linoleum in favor of something a little “friendlier.” In a series of new concept stores nicknamed “7-Eleven Next Generation,” gone are the logo’s familiar green, red, and orange stripes, the cramped aisles, and (hopefully) the flies in the pastry box. Instead, Ohio-based design firm WD Partners has ushered in a brand new, Trader Joe’s-y vibe to everyone’s favorite convenience store, and even we have to admit, home-store looks goooood.


Design Taxi reports the redesign is meant to “reposition and rejuvenate” the brand and help it “better capture the millennial and female demographics.”

Which, okay, fine, makes sense. No one liked the gigantic stripes anyway, and picking fruit out of a wooden palette does seem quaint and farmer’s market-y. But maybe it’s still a little too trendy. Makes me miss the days when convenience stores sucked just the right amount to let you go inside willingly, but not want to spend more than five minutes there.


Luckily, branding blog Brand New reports there isn’t any indication this concept will be rolled out to all 7-Eleven (sorry, 7eleven) locations any time soon — just a few in New York’s Financial District and Chicago. So for now, let’s all continue to chug down our giant Slurpees in our oversized, MJ-scented hoodies. Quick, before the chicks in the make-up and yoga pants come through.

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Craft Beer Now Has Its Own Movie


The inner hipster in you just emerged from his disinterested ennui into a magical world of excitement and a loud YES! Because your favorite craft beer might just be featured in the upcoming documentary, Craft: The Movie.

While only a brief trailer (below) is available right now, the movie is set to be released next year, and is produced by Pixel One Productions based out of Vancouver.  No one has yet claimed ownership of the project, and while it seems to be kept under wraps for now, we know it will be full to the brim of our favorite brews.  In 30 seconds alone, at least five breweries are mentioned, and not all of them are even in the United States.  How’s that for fancy, artisanal brews? We can’t wait to see how the movie turns out, and can’t wait even more to watch it with a cold craft beer in hand.

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Too Cool: Urban Outfitters Opening First In-Store Coffee Bar


Things we wish we could erase from our collective consciousness: cronuts, Miley Cyrus’s tongue, the word hipster (see also: 20-something and millennial). You could download the new Chrome extension that swaps out every appearance of the word with “my internalized misconception of the youth,” or you could pray this in-store Urban Outfitters coffeehouse goes nationwide. We might never have to see another hipster internalized misconception again.


Sneaking into the lower level of an UO location in (where else?) Manhattan, right next to the lomo cameras and Banksy books, the purported cold brew-swiller will open its Pinterest-ready-doors next Monday, reports New York blog Sprudge. They’ve partnered with Wisconsin’s Kickapoo Coffee Roasters to roll out a whole line of espressos, hot coffees, cold-brews, drips, and specialty pastries, all compiled by a dedicated barista staff – so no one need worry about any misguided temps mixing up their Costa Rican Blends with their Argentinian.


With any luck, all the internalized misconceptions out there will soon realize Urban Outfitters has become a swankier Wal-Mart, complete with all the clothes, trinkets and nourishment any aspiring-anything will ever need — and just move in there. Will the streets feel considerably less pretentious and considerably less well-dressed? Probably. But at least we can stop making awful hipster jokes.

H/T Grubstreet + PicThx Sprudge


Tegan and Quinoa: Whole Foods Now Selling Vinyl Records In Store


Why do hipsters do anything? Why do they buy record players when they already have iPhones? Why do they wear t-shirts for books they’ve never read and bands they’ve never even heard of? We could keep asking forever, but we’re also willing to bet if we had that much excess disposable income, we’d probably be just as nauseatingly #cultured too.

Following the footsteps as such other hipster bait retailers as Urban Outfitters and Starbucks, Whole Foods has just rolled out record stores inside five Southern California locations out of the chain’s 340.

“This launch isn’t just about stocking our shelves with something new and different,” Mike Bowen, Whole Foods’ executive coordinator, said in a press release. “— it’s about listening to our shoppers and giving them access to the things they want — whether it’s their favorite cheese or their favorite way to enjoy music.”

According to TIME, the artists available include Frank Sinatra, Daft Punk, the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley and Tegan and Sara, among others – more than half of which, yes, sue us, we ourselves happen to like listening to from time to time. But then again, we work in news, so we’ll just be over here snacking on Taco Bell and listening to KROQ.



Mumford and Sons’ New Whiskey Will Taste Great with Banjos


There probably isn’t a hipster joke we could make here that you haven’t thought of already, so we’re just gonna keep mum.

According to NME and Grubstreet, everyone’s favorite little lion band has recently confirmed plans to start distilling its own whiskey, probably in a bathtub, probably to be bottled into those old “XXX” stoneware jugs and sold for at least a 50% markup. “It’ll happen,” the band’s keyboard player Ben Lovett reportedly told The Sun, “It takes a few years to make, so we better get cracking.”

No word yet on whether all the ingredients will be locally sourced or if it’ll be available for purchase at Urban Outfitters, but we’re willing to bet that whenever it does come out it’ll pair fairly nicely with a cool bottle of Hanson’s craft beer Mmhops.

Also that it’ll taste exactly how this GIF looks:

H/T Grub Street + PicThx M&S

Packaged Food

Nestle Launches ‘Premium’ Hot Pockets, Because Millennials are Too Smart to Eat Cardboard Anymore


I’m not sure when it happened. Maybe after my mom stopped packing my school lunches. In any case, I haven’t touched a Hot Pocket in years, but I don’t remember them tasting good. In fact, I don’t remember them tasting like much of anything except maybe dry “pocket crust” and the two slices of salami that didn’t fill out the insides.

Well, Nestle wants you to know all that has changed. Supposedly anyway. This week, in conjunction with the product’s 30th anniversary, Hot Pockets is launching a new line of microwavable sandwiches made with “premium” ingredients including Hickory Ham, Angus Beef, Signature Pepperoni and White Meat Chicken, along with new garlic-butter, croissant and pretzel crusts.

The change was brought about to appeal to millennials, who are “drawn to the appeal of fresher, healthier, higher-quality ingredients,” TIME reports.

“Their food IQ is so high today,” Hot Pockets’ marketing director Daniel Jhung told the publication, “Two-thirds say they consider themselves foodies and they talk about being into prosciutto and angus beef. I was shocked at how knowledgeable they were about food. I know I didn’t talk about food like that when I was 21.”

In other words, because we’re food snobs who no longer appreciate the joy of cheap, easy munchie cures, Hot Pockets is giving us fancy new hipster munchie cures – score. Not to mention the new flavors also come with a money back guarantee for the 3-out of 5 people who actually prefer the cardboard stuff – double score.

But hey, why stop there? The way I see it, if they’re going to pander anyway, we might as we hold out for the gruyere and lobster ones, right? Get on it, Nestle.

H/T + PicThx TIME


Bacon Coffee Is Real, Horrific, and Needs to Be Killed With Fire


All right, we’re getting a little ridiculous here, guys. Yes, there are some things that can and should be vastly improved by the addition of some bacon or bacon grease. Maple cupcakes are a good example. Coffee, of course, is so, so not.

But that didn’t stop gourmet coffee company Boca Java from creating this hipster-inspired monstrosity: “Maple Bacon Morning” coffee – coffee flavored, yes, like bacon.

Design Taxi reports the blend is made of 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee and is roasted on demand to ensure freshness, but there are much bigger issues at hand than how ripe some beans are, such as why anyone would want to drink bacon, or why we can’t just let our coffee taste like coffee. Granted, if you made this into a Frappuccino and covered all the coffee flavor with cupcake-y sweetness, I’d probably be all for it. But until that happens, kill it. Kill it with fire.

(Or buy it from Boca Java for $8. You know, if you’re into that.)

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi