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Houston’s Best Restaurants, According To Texas Rap Legend Bun B

“Houston is one of the most diverse food cities in America,” declared Houston rap legend Bun B during a recent appearance on an episode of Uproxx’s newest program, People’s Party with Talib Kweli. The show’s premise has another rap legend in his own right, Talib Kweli, sitting down and discussing hot button topics with other notables and superstars of their industries. And at the 40 minute mark of this episode, Bun B was asked about the best spots in H-Town to grab a good meal at. The answers came quick from The Trillest in the game, firing off recommendation after recommendation, enough to take note of for a proper food tour through Houston.

Burns Original BBQ

Photo: Peter Pham

“Barbecue is a big thing in Houston, so you definitely want to go to Burns Original BBQ. That’s like real hood barbecue.” When in Texas, barbecue is definitely the move. So if an OG from The H is telling you to go to Burns, then you obviously make that a priority.


Photo: Enoch Lai

“For seafood, most people are gonna want to go to Pappadeaux.” Bun B said this with the same confidence that he has when spitting a hot verse, so you know it’s real. “I mean, Papadeaux is my favorite,” chimed in host Talib Kweli. Two co-signs right there should say how much of a must-try Pappadeaux is.

Frenchy’s Chicken

Photo: Peter Pham

“Fried chicken — I would say go to Frenchy’s.” Say no more, Bun, I’ll be there. You had me at “fried chicken.”

The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation

Photo: Wally Gobetz

“Mexican food, you’re gonna wanna go to The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation.” Great recommendation since Ninfa’s is one of the first restaurants in Texas to popularize the Tex-Mex classic, fajitas.


Feature images: Patrick Feller; y6y6y6
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Sound Bites: Chef Brian Fisher

Imagine you’re in Chicago enjoying a Michelin Star-quality meal at Entente. You’ve got the perfect wine pairing to go with your visually stunning and palate pleasing dishes while the perfect soundtrack wafts from the speakers throughout the dining room, heightening the whole experience.

What’s playing to complete such a scenario? An orchestral arrangement from Bach? Perhaps the soothing sounds of Coltrane fit the scene? Nope. Try the neck-snapping stylings of ASAP Ferg’s “New Level” instead.

See at Entente, Chef Brian Fisher infuses as much energy from his playlist into the place as much as he does flavor into his impeccably seared scallops. Fisher’s love of hip hop follows him everywhere, and that includes the kitchen. This edition of Sound Bites melds the unlikely duo of fine dining and bombastic beats in a marriage that works as surprisingly well as tamarind and foie gras.

Photo: Isabelli Media Relations

It’s all about keeping the energy up, and these songs get me in the place that I like to be when I’m cooking. I don’t talk a lot. I let the music speak for me for the most part. Sometimes literally. Its more about the vibe.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of these artists and cooking for some of them as well, so it creates a much more personal connection to these songs.

Ultimately, it comes down to keeping the energy level up, not only during the prep hours through the day, but dinner service as well, especially since the kitchen is open here, and the music is played throughout the restaurant. Granted, some of these songs are daytime only, but the artists still make it into heavy rotation in the evening playlists. Another aspect to the music here is to take people out of their comfort zone, somewhat. We could play Top 40 hits or whatever, but that doesn’t serve what we are trying to do, which in the end, is to get people to let their guard down and open up to new experiences. For the most part it works, and people kind of forget about the music, in a sense, and are immersed in not only what they’re eating but the experience that they’re sharing.

Getting hyped over some chawanmushi is an understandable moment, really. So who can blame Fisher for throwing on some Mobb Deep and feeling some type of way over being awarded a Michelin Star. It’s the perfect pairing.

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Rapper ‘The Game’ Shows How To Make A Takis Grilled Cheese Sandwich [WATCH]

West Coast rapper The Game channeled his inner-Tym Bussanich in the kitchen and whipped up a Takis Grilled Cheese sandwich.

Taking to his Instagram for the video recipe, The Game showed the step-by-step, as he smashed the Takis corn chips in a molcajete bowl, coated the bread in egg wash, then coated the bread with the Takis dust.


The Game then applied the cheese, heated up a questionable amount of cooking oil, and tossed the sandwich in there, which created a nice splash that could have burned the hell out of him.

Game even gives us a gratuitous #saltbae reference, as he used a splash of water to make sure the cooking oil was hot enough.


The end result looked, well, a little burnt, but you have to give him credit for trying. According to his Instagram caption, he was left home alone and had to fend for himself while watching the NFL playoff games.

He probably could have asked our boy Tym Bussanich for some advice, as he perfected the Cheetos-covered grilled cheese.

Ok you spoke!! You win!! No sound Cheetos and cheese sandwich

A video posted by Big Tym (@tymbussanich) on

Sorry, Game. Your sandwich looked kind of boo boo, and using those Mini Takis instead of a full sized bag was a weak move. But on the off chance you read this article, just know I grew up on The Documentary album and have always loved your music. Please don’t kill me, but also, please don’t let anyone eat that sandwich.

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Chance the Rapper Wrote Kit Kat’s New Jingle And It’s Strangely Beautiful

From Kanye West, to Lil Wayne, everyone wants to make music with 23-year-old hip hop phenom, Chance the Rapper.

While Chance is in high demand, he still made time to break off a piece of himself for Kit Kat, and wrote a soothing jingle in their latest Halloween commercial.

Kit Kat revealed the AD Tuesday morning, as Chance was shown in a convenience store, dressed as some kind of wookie, when suddenly someone called out his name. They zoomed into the candy aisle, and it was himself, in Kit Kat form, as “Chance the Wrapper,” started serenading himself.

Both Kit Kat and Chance are known to be a bit quirky, so it’s hard to tell who came up with the strange concept of the video.

If you’re a Chance fan, you probably love the Chance the Wrapper pun, and even though it was just the same Kit Kat lyrics, you can tell it was very much in the Chicago rapper’s style.

Hopefully the two can build on this for more commercials, if anything, just to see how much weirder they can get together.

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I Went To A Wu-Tang Dinner That Was Nothing To F*ck With


This Wu-Tang Clan-themed pop-up dinner was nothing to fuck with. That’s for sure.

Mesa Lounge, a restaurant and bar located in Costa Mesa, CA, is known for having various chefs come in and hold pop-up dinners. One of the most recent ones we were fortunate enough to be invited to was hosted by our very own chef Linh Nguyen. The theme: The Wu-Tang Clan.

Mesa has a monthly rotating chefs table that’s music themed. When the Wu-Tang theme was brought up, the Mesa staff thought it would be appropriate for me to guest chef, because of my love for hip-hop and being the former executive chef at the Crosby.

The Crosby was a very hip-hop-fluenced restaurant venue that was located in Downtown Santa Ana. The restaurant closed its doors in early 2014, though many people still remember it fondly.


Linh’s passion for Wu-Tang goes way back.

My love for hip-hop culture started when I was around 10. I was DJing at 12 and the first time I heard the Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) record I was awestruck. It was one of the first albums I bought in ’93: the Golden Era of hip-hop. It was an album where every verse was dope and every track could get played till my record was worn.

With the help of fellow chefs Ashley Guzman, Aron Habiger, and Mesa mixologist Katerina Mikoultchik, Linh set forth creating his Wu-Tang Dinner. He even got blessing from Wu-Tang affiliate, Killah Priest.

Killah Priest gave me the blessing for the #WUTANG #chefstable August 31st wed @mesalounge Happy bday Killah!

A photo posted by Chef Linh Nguyen (@cheflinhnguyen) on

Here’s what was on the menu, with each dish cleverly named after a Wu-Tang track close to Linh’s heart. The Warrior is the hero of the course and the Spirit is the alcoholic pairing to accompany it.

Can It All Be So Simple


Warrior: Roasted Tokyo Turnips, Miso Brown Butter, Black Sesame, Turnip Greens, Crunch Garlic

Spirit: Anna de Codorniu, Sparkling Cava

Ooh Baby I Like It Raw


Warrior: Hamachi, Blood Orange, Quinoa, Compressed Melon, Mint, Chili Threads

Spirit: Rum, Montenegra, Blood Orange, Lemon, Thyme

Da Mystery Of Chessboxin


Warrior: 6 Minute Scotch Egg, Bulgogi Sauce, Kimchi Puree, Shiso, Furikake.

Spirit: Gin, Melon, Lemon, Shiso Mint, “Smoke”

Wu-Tang Clams Ain’t Nuthing To F*** With


Warrior: Manila Clams, Spanish Chorizo, Tomato, Fennel, Harisa, Thai Basil

Spirit: Tequila, Grapefruit, Lemon, Cucumber, Thai Basil, Jalapeno



Warrior: Wakame, Tri Tip, Burnt Onion, Rainbow Carrots, Carrot Top Pistou, Fried Enoki, Radish Sprouts

Spirit: Smith & Hook, Cabernet Sauvignon

C.R.E.A.M. (by Ashley Guzman)


Warrior: Hazelnut Dacquise, Caramel, Namelaka, Black Truffle Ice Cream, Edible Gold

Spirit: Apple Brandy, Aged Rum, Vanilla, Falernum, Ancho Reyes, Nitro Cold Brew, Chocolate Bitters


The meal was accompanied by a live band playing Wu-Tang covers and featured Chef Nguyen coming out to chat with his patrons and guide them through each course. Fellow Foodbeast Molly and I were throughly impressed with the concept, even after going to many tastings and dinners ourselves over the years.

Here’s what she had to say:

I think the dinner says a lot about how food and the way it is experienced is changing. The food was both inspired by and paired with their music and, to me, it felt like with this dinner we were essentially experiencing a crossover of multiple mediums, and considering and digesting multiple artistic aspects. In other words, I really liked how engaging the experience was.

Shout out to the Wu-Tang dinner crew for the outstanding dinner. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

(Guzman, Nguyen, Habiger)


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19 Times Beyonce Lyrics Made Us Hungry

Whether you’re a proud member of the BeyHive or not, there’s no denying Beyoncé is one bad bitch. Her songs seem to cover a pretty wide range of emotions (er…topics), from her naïve early days as the lead lady of Destiny’s Child, to the straight-up nasty music in collab with her ~supposedly~ philanderous husband, Jay Z, in her self-titled album, to the more recent, heart-wrenching Lemonade about said philanderous husband. ‘Yoncé pretty much kills the game no matter what her mood is and no matter how much of a dickwad Jay Z feels like being that day.

Regardless of the subject, the woman knows how to throw in a good food reference, and here are 19 song lyrics to prove it. As a spoiler alert, half of these are sexual innuendos, and the other required some serious research to understand, but we’ll take it.


beyonce ice cream truck
This sentence is pretty much verbatim from the section where they first explained what a “simile” was in my seventh grade English textbook. Plus, everyone loves ice cream. Way to kick off your debut solo album with a classic, Beyoncé.


beyonce summertime
Who would have known P. Diddy would be the type of person to care so much about B’s mental health like that?! Leave it to Mr. Combs to remind us about what’s important in life.


beyonce love on top
Based on the number of times Beyonce says “again” here, we’re going to assume this was a full on mack sesh. But hey, if he’s throwin’ out the dough for the good stuff, I’d be down to kiss him all night, too.


beyonce drunk in love 1
This quote refers to a time where Tina Turner, formerly known as Anna Mae, got cake shoved in her face in broad daylight by her abusive and jealous husband, Ike Turner. Not cool. Way to be insensitive, Jay Z.


beyonce party 2
Sounds like a typical Friday night with friends. And by friends, I mean food.


beyonce 711
Moral of the story – don’t mess with Beyonce and her liquor or she’ll f*ck you up.


beyonce creole
You might have to think about this one, but once you get it, you’ll know.


beyonce work it out
Raise your hand if you still find it incredibly creepy when ladies call their men “Daddy”.


beyonce partition
For all you noobs out there like me who have no clue what this means, this phrase refers to all the ass pics on Instagram. There must be a ton of them to warrant their own phrase. *hastily opens Instagram*


beyonce formation
I’m sure men everywhere heard this lyric and stepped up their game once they realized they could get a free seafood feast out of a little added foreplay.


beyonce party
Am I the only one whose mind automatically wanders to an image of Beyoncé covered in tomato sauce looking really uncomfortable?


beyonce drunk in love 2
TBH, I would probably walk right out the door if a man ever referred to my boobs as “breastases.” I wonder about you sometimes, Jay Z.


beyonce blow
I solved your riddle, alright. As a side note, I personally think every Sex Ed class should employ this metaphor for the female anatomy whenever possible. We’d have a lot less confused guys out there. Thank you, Beyoncé. You really are a saint.


C’mon, why you gotta do a guy like that? He was just in the food court eating a gyro! Pronounced yee-roh, btw.


beyonce sake
Okay so technically Yamazaki is whiskey not sake, but it’s cool, B. As a matter of fact, Yamazaki is the first whiskey to be commercially produced in Japan. It’s pretty incredible, if you’ve never tried it.


beyonce suga mama
From this sentence, I’m going to assume Beyoncé is trying to say that she is sweet, wet, and messy. Did I get it? Did I crack the code???


beyonce in da club
I’ve said this on multiple occasions, but Beyoncé, can I be you?


beyonce partition 2
If you’re ever looking for an exposé on the sex lives of the rich and famous, let Partition be your guide.


beyonce formation 2
For those times when somethin’ just needs a little extra spice.


Well, after all this I think it’s pretty clear I need to spend more time on Urban Dictionary in an attempt to understand all of these euphemisms because I struggled to keep up.

You keep doin’ you, Beyoncé. Can’t wait to see what you come out with next.


The Wu Tang Clan’s Music Is An Actual Ingredient In This Beer

This beer might just be the coolest beer ever made. It’s literally hip-hop infused with music by none other than The Wu Tang Clan. It’s a Golden Saison and goes by the name of Ain’t Nothing to Funk With. The beer was released last November, sold out in less than an hour, and you better believe that Inspectah Deck was in attendance for the release party.

The brewers of Dock Street Beer in Philly decided that the theory of humans being a product of their environment could also be applied to their product, so they strapped on a wine-barrel-sized pair of custom headphones and “serenaded” it with Wu Tang music 24/7 for 6 months.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.49.30 PM

According to their site, they even tested their theory with a control batch and ultimately concluded that the tunes had absolutely affected the taste of the beer, in a good way. They also said that science proves that vibrations help yeast grow, which is a key component in the flavor profile of a Saison.

Dock Street was founded in 1985, and they continue to kill the craft beer game. Their Rye IPA has been rated as one of the best Ryes in the world, and they have received plenty of recognition for both their experimental and traditional beers. These guys are also the ones who brewed a beer inspired by their favorite TV show, The Walking Dead, which contains the ever so appropriate ingredient of goat brains. We are anxiously awaiting to see what they’ll brew next, as it will without a doubt be something awesome.

You can watch Wu Tang make magic happen here:




Photo Credit: Dock Street Beer

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Beer Thief Gets What’s Coming To Him In The Best Way [WATCH]

Karma is real, people. One man learned that the hard way when he tried to rip open a vending machine and instead had it fall on top of him like a big ol’ dummy.

This Worldstar Hip Hop video shows two men walking through the streets of Serbia one drunken night when they came across a storefront with a few vending machines. One of the machines in particular was a vending machine for beer, because Serbia has to go hard sometimes.

Being the criminal mastermind that this Serbian Danny Ocean is, he wrapped his jacket around his head in order to mask his identity, possibly because he worked in the area. His buddy was more concerned with making some phone calls, or else he might have been able to stop him from being a jackass and pulling the machine down onto himself.

The buddy finally decided to set his beer down and help the idiot up after initially attempting to aid him without putting it down. Commendable, but a fruitless effort in the end. Even after getting up, the idiot covers his face once again and the two disappear back into the night from whence they came.

The moral of the story is that if you’re going to steal beer, try to come up with a plan first. And don’t do it drunk.


Photo Credit: Worldstar Hip Hop