20 Breathtaking Steps To Cooking Bacon & Pancakes On A Norwegian Mountaintop


Sometimes the trek between the bedroom to the kitchen to cook breakfast can be downright difficult. Even then, sometimes things don’t go as planned. The next time anyone’s feeling sluggish in the mornings, look to redditor Oelund as an inspiration. This dude not only took the trouble to wake up and cook, but even managed to do it outdoors. Atop a mountain.

In a simple 20-step guide, pretty much anyone can be as epic as this guy, provided they have the dedication to see their breakfast through. We post a lot of FoodPorn on this site, but prepare yourselves for some pretty dirty EarthPorn.


Step 1


Pick a mountain.

Step 2


Walk to the mountain, or drive if you’re more inclined to do so. Whatever gets you there with enough steam to go ahead with your adventure. Aim for an area with snow. You’ll see.

Step 3


Climb the mountain. Probably the toughest of the 20 steps. Don’t look down, amiright?

Step 4


Unpack and assemble your gear. Bacon, water, pancake mix, gas stove and aluminum pan. If you forgot to pack these, don’t even bother to take in the view. Just go back and get them first.

Step 5


Taking a gas stove and aluminum pan, add your bacon and begin cooking.

Step 6


Inspect your bacon. Nobody’s around to criticize your cooking skills. Prepare it however you enjoy it. Also, check out the view.

Step 7


Cook the rest of your bacon.  You’ve earned all the extra protein.

Step 8


Once again, take a minute to enjoy the view. Don’t eat all the bacon at once. There’s still pancakes to be made.

Step 9


Add water to your skillet. You brought water, right?

Step 10


Add water to pancake mix. You could also make the pancakes from scratch, but who wants to lug around all that extra stuff. Because instant pancakes.

Step 11


Shake the mix like you’re the king of the world. If you wanna do a Tarzan shout, it’s probably the only acceptable time to do so.

Step 12


Pour pancake mix onto hot skillet. Mmmm bacon grease.

Step 13


Start cooking your pancakes, allowing the bacon to waft into your nose. I lied earlier about bacon conservation. If you’re still feeling peckish during the pancake cooking experience, allow yourself to snack on some cooked bacon.

Step 14


The most beautiful sight on Earth.

Step 15


If you even wanna wrap them together, all the better. Sorry Mother Nature, I’m staring at this bacon-wrapped pancake at the moment.

Step 16


Cut some snow out from the ice bank. Remember?

Step 17


Add some snow, the cleaner the better, into a small shot glass.

Step 18


Pour some whiskey in. Any hard liquor will do really, but since you just scaled a mountain, it’s probably OK if you brought some daiquiris.

Step 19


Drink up and take in the gorgeous sight.

Step 20


Take a panoramic shot of the view to show off on social media. Get ready to walk off all that pancakes and bacon.


Picthx Oelund


Man Finds the Farthest Spot from a McDonald’s in the Lower 48 States


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Traveling to Northwest Nevada and 115 miles away from the closest McDonald’s, Worley trekked to “N 41.94389 W 119.54010” and enjoyed a nice picnic consisting of a McDonald’s hamburger and fries. Because what else would you do in the middle of nowhere? Enjoy nature’s sprawling beauty? Ha!

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