Women Charged With DUI After Getting High On 13 Cans Of Whipped Cream


A 28-year-old woman was charged with a driving under the influence after she crashed into a residential mailbox in Tennessee. Also, she was high on whipped cream.

Anna Thomas used the aerosol from multiple whipped cream cans to get herself high, reports WKRN. Under the influence, Thomas crashed into a mailbox belonging to a resident of Battle Avenue. After running out to see what had happened, the man called the authorities who arrived on the scene.

Officers discovered a disoriented Thomas along with 13 nearly-empty cans of whipped cream in the vehicle. Thomas was also charged with failing to report a crash before this incident, where she had also ran her car into a ditch.

Thomas is due in court on June 4. According to WKRN, this makes her 6th DUI.

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Kids Thrown Into Candy-Filled Room, Go Sugar Crazy on Grown-Up


Halloween is one day away and those with kids may want to prepare for the onslaught of children on a sugar high. Unless you run a tight ship in your household, there’s no way kids are going to stick to one or two pieces of candy this Halloween.

Crest got a bunch of kids dressed in costumes and put them in a room full of candy. Upon throwing a giant gummy bear into their midst, similar to throwing a zebra into a pride of lions, the kids devoured the glutinous ursine. Naturally what comes next is a room full of children high on sugar screaming at the top of their lungs. A little peek of what’s to come this Halloween.

Check out this adorable, albeit horrifying, video of kids going ape-shit on a Crest spokesman. The cameramen do nothing.

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This is What Happens When You Accidentally Give Your Line Cooks Weed Cookies


There’s a difference between joking about getting high at work and actually doing it. Sure, the worst that can happen here is we cook up yet another recipe for a Nutella and Sriracha-coated, deep-fried, bacon-weave grilled cheese poutine. But when your “work” involves serving up upscale contemporary cuisine at a newly-opened restaurant in New York City, well, that’s a different story entirely.

Take it from Brian Leth, chef at the Vinegar Hill House and Hillside. In a recent New York Times Magazine article, a handful of New York chefs were asked to remember their worst kitchen disasters, which included, alongside exploding chickens and worm-infested oysters, also getting an entire kitchen staff blazed out of their gourds.


“One of the line cooks at a somewhat new restaurant used this incredibly powerful marijuana butter to make cookies,” Leth recalls in the article. “The whole staff was eating them, but only a third of them knew. Everyone found themselves radically out of their depth. I’d almost made it through service when someone walked in and ordered two côtes de boeuf. I had to get them down and butcher them. It took an hour to get the entrees to the table.”


We’re no strangers to a bit of on-the-clock debauchery, but I can imagine trying to butcher a cow while high is pretty daunting, so kudos to Brian for finishing the order at all.


Head chef: “F*ck guys I think my arm is bleeding.”
Sous chef: “Nah bro, that’s just the beef . . . Just kidding that’s totally your arm! DUDE HAHA HOLY SH*T!”
Head chef: “OMG IT IS HAHAHA.*faints*”
Sous chef: “HAHAHAHAHA.”



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Smoke the Rainbow: Proof that Skittles’ Twitter Team is Perpetually High

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought of Skittles as rather innocuous – not my favorite candy, but if you offered me some, for sure I’d be stealing all the reds.

That is, I did, until I discovered that Mashable discovered that Redditors discovered its twitter page.