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This Hallucinogenic Honey Has People Risking Their Lives To Get Some

The Himalayan honeybee is the largest bee in the world, twice as large as any bee in America. What’s special about the bee, other than it’s size and unpleasant sting, is the honey that it produces: a rare, hallucinogenic nectar that people pay hundreds per pound for.

National Geographic’s second Explorer episode focuses on a man in Nepal who is one of the last hunters of this honey. A team of filmmakers journey to the other side of the world to follow this man as he collects Himalayan bee honey.

The honey contains a toxin collected from the rhododendron flower that can get you blitzed, making it a highly sought after commodity in the black market. You can purchase the nectar for $166 a pound if you know where to look.


Effects of the honey include dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, loss of consciousness, and flatlining. However, if you can push past all those factors, the honey will also alter your mental state, give you hallucinations, and improve your sexual performance.

In ancient times, according to NatGeo, the honey was used as a weapon. Soldiers were tricked into eating it to turn the tides of wars.

To collect the precious nectar, Honey Hunters take a bamboo rope ladder, dangle 300 feet above the ground over the edge of a cliff, and risk the stings of gargantuan Himalayan honeybees just to harvest the hallucinogenic honey.

Check out the video to see the team brave serious heights just to get some of the mind-altering honey.


15 Hilarious Times Getting High F***ed Up Your Meal

Most regular smokers have discovered their limits by now when it comes to smoking. For the most part, you know that you can take four hits from a joint, three hits from a pipe and maybe one solid rip from big enough bong. Edibles are another beast altogether that I’m certain nobody will ever really have a grip on.

Well, if you’ve been high before, you’ve probably done something ridiculous, especially when it comes to food, whether it’s making something ridiculous, eating something ridiculous or being ridiculously gluttonous.

High Times magazine had their Instagram followers post some of the dumbest things they’ve done while high. Hilarity ensues.

1. “I was gonna make a red velvet cake, but I started eating the batter and watching tv and ended up eating the entire bowl of batter.”

2. “I asked my dog to get me a bottle of water and when he didn’t, I cried.”

3. “I spent 25 dollars on snacks at 7-Eleven and walked out with just a Red Bull.”

4. “Left the remote in the fridge.”

5. “Ate dog treats.”

6. “I ate spaghetti with a potato chip.”

7. “I charged my Hot Pocket and microwaved my phone.”

8. “I freaked the fuck out because I thought a ghost took my spoon, but it was really under my cereal in my bowl.”

9. “I ate half of a fake pear.”

10. “Beat my friend with a banana peel”

11. “I blew on Hot Cheetos to cool them off.”

12. “I went to Walmart and walked up to someone working and started ordering food then just walked away.”

13. “I put the whole gallon of milk in the microwave.”

14. “Ashed most of my blunt in my beer and continued to drink it for about 10 minutes till my friend told me he watched me ash in it multiple times.”

15. “Drank my bong water thinking it was water.”




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The Easy WEED OREO Recipe Everyone Will Be High On Tomorrow


I’m not a big smoker, but damn do I love getting high. Seriously, floating through my workday like a damn camera-hoisting-cloud from Mario Kart is exactly what your mom will tell you not to do but has no reasoning on why you shouldn’t. Now, with legal cannabis more readily available, those of you who have it within arms reach are in for a treat with these Weed Oreos.

They’re incredible easy to make, they’ll get you body high’d AF, and they’re a lot less shady to devour at work than pulling out a two-level bong and taking a fat rip in your cubicle. Or ripping that same bong in your Lecture Hall. If you recall, a few months ago I got conspicuously high at work using some Starbucks Green Tea and weed honey. I wanted to parlay it into one of my favorite cookies…and what better place to start than OREOs?

If you don’t want to get high off your OREOs, then (I don’t know why you’re reading this) maybe check out our Drunken Oreo recipe! Anyways, without further ado, here’s how to make your WEED OREOS:


35 Restaurants In China Shut Down After Getting Customers High AF

Within the last year, 35 Chinese restaurants near Beijing have either been shut down or investigated for allegedly seasoning their dishes with opium.

RT reports that five of the restaurants are currently facing criminal charges, while the other 30 will be going through thorough investigations into these allegations.

For those who don’t know, opium is the key ingredient in morphine and heroin that causes hallucinations, feelings of euphoria and a variety of other (mostly bad) side effects . If you’re one of the particularly unlucky ones, it could lead to a coma or death.

One of the larger restaurant chains in China, Huda, was found using ground up opium poppy flower at several locations. Whether or not these restaurants were trying to create an addiction for their customers or simply giving their dishes more flavor is still uncertain.

The pandemonium surrounding this controversy can be traced all the way back to 2014, when one restaurant owner was caught using the opium in his food to actually get his customers addicted.

Frankly, if I went to a restaurant and was offered a joint with my potato skins, I would likely come back too.


My Detailed Journey Of Beating IHOP’s All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes Challenge

Last week I wrote an article outlining IHOP’s all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast, so naturally, I attempted to eat as many as I could today. I obviously smoked a fat bowl before I attempted this challenge, because there are no rules about performance-enhancing drugs in eating competitions with only one competitor. Fellow Foodbeaster Peter Pham joined me for this adventure.

Here’s how it all went down:

10:36 am Pete and I arrive at IHOP. The bowl I smoked in the shower this morning is now in full effect, and I’m starving.

10:38 am – I take a trip to the bathroom to release my bowels from the clutches of yesterday’s evils. The walls in here are adorned with frightening phrases like “help me” and “I’m dying.” Am I in a Walking Dead episode? I order my pancakes and am shocked at the price.

11:04 am – I finish my first plate of 4 pancakes, along with my bacon. The woman on the table next to me has a child who keeps throwing his food on the floor. Your child is a h8er. When your child grows up, he will likely be a Sith Lord.

11:07 am – I ask our waitress Brenda to inform me what the current franchise record is for most pancakes. She doesn’t know. She asks her manager, but he doesn’t know either. What DO you know? I commission Brenda to inform everyone in the kitchen that I intend to fuck shit up today by breaking records. She smiles and winks at me. She wants the D, but I only want the P. Pancakes.

11:09 am – The second order of pancakes arrives, putting me at six total. I use strawberry syrup because I’m kind of a thrill seeker. I immediately regret my decision, strawberry syrup is hot ocean poop. I’m starting to feel my stomach stretch, but I’m not even close to finished.

11:17 am – I order my next plate of pancakes. Brenda won’t stop feeling me up with her eyeballs.

11:25 am – Two ladies are sitting next to us with a child. I ask them questions about their all-you-can-eat experience. One lady says she only got two pancakes and called it quits. I want to berate her mercilessly for bringing shame to all-you-can-eat enthusiasts everywhere. I want to do that thing where you kick the back of someone’s knees and they fall. Instead I opt to just say, “haha, cute kid.” Alas, it was not a cute kid.

11:31 am – I have now eaten 8 pancakes. I continue drinking soda in the hopes that I get that one huge burp that’s so profound that it gives me “second stomach.”

11:42 am – It’s someone’s birthday on the other side of my booth’s partition. Brenda and her roving gang of pancake peddlers go to sing songs of jubilation to the young patron. I stand in my booth and join in and become more vocal and animated than any of the employees. Some would call that leadership. It’s whatevs.

11:48 am – IHOP is playing 50’s pop songs and they’re kind of terrifying. Maybe it’s my high brain, but they’re the kind of songs you’d see in horror movie trailers, where the sound is fun and light, but the image is of some mutated serial killer slaughtering a group of idiotic high schoolers.

11:49 – Pete cuts my pancakes for me, heart him ❤️❤️❤️


10 Pancakes In…

11:51 am – I’ve now eaten 10 pancakes. I’m not crazy full, I feel like I can eat a lot more. Brenda keeps dropping DJ Khaled references. I know our love is forbidden, but she’s making it hard (that’s what she said).

12:03 pm – Just finished two more pancakes. I’m starting to feel bloated. Is this what pregnancy is? Because it’s not beautiful, it’s awful.

12:05 pm – I just ordered more, a strong feeling of hatred towards myself brewing in the pits of my belly. I’ve rolled up my sleeves and unbuttoned another button on my shirt. DJ Brenda Beatz just informed me that the record is actually 22 pancakes. The manager warns me to be careful if I try to beat the record. I warn him to get the funk out of my face before I eat him too.

16 Pancakes In…

12:16 pm – More pancakes arrive. I hate everything, 16 pancakes is insane, I quit. I’m also so disgusted with myself, when normally, I turn me on. Not today.

12:29 pm – B brings more pancakes. I don’t quit, quitting is for quitters. The back of my eyeballs hurt, and my throat feels swollen. I wonder if I am dying. I bet I could sweat pancake batter right now.

12:38 pm – I’m 16 pancakes deep now. I hate pancakes. I contemplate puking in the bathroom. Pete requests that I not be a “punk bitch” in his presence. His enthusiasm reenergizes me. I plunge deeper into the pancakey abyss. The shirt is off-er than it’s ever been.

18 Pancakes In + PeePee Break…

12:52 pm – I take a peepee break. Somebody is using the stall and has been in there for 15+ minutes. I see him leave the bathroom, and my new bathroom buddy Eddie points out that this filth human never washed his hands. We then see him go back to the kitchen and back to work. We agree that he is hot garbage and part ways. I will miss Eddie.

1:01 pm – 18 pancakes deep. My organs are rupturing on the inside. For some reason I think of Ben Affleck playing with animal crackers on Liv Tyler’s belly in Armageddon. I want that. Ugh, whatever. A boy can dream. Clearly still high, btw.

1:24 pm – I continue high fiving every IHOP employee here for their great work. Except poopy hands. No high five for him. He’s a nasty, nasty boy. My boss suggests that I start doing stretches, so I do them.

1:30 pm– I finally tap out at 19 pancakes. I am disgusted by the sight and smell of them now. I can’t stop scowling at everything. Except Brenda, she is my rock. The bill is $23, but I leave $40 because she earned it. I just found out David Bowie has passed away, so now I’m bloated AND sad.

1:41 pm – We are leaving IHOP. Pete asks, “So what are you doing for lunch?” I tell him to fuck off, with all due respect. I roll around on the ground for a few minutes because I just can’t even right now.

1:51 pm – I finally roll my limp, useless body into the car and get my fat ass home. I’m done with food, FOREVER.

2:06 pm – I ate some cookies at the office. Now I’m really dead.


Photo Credit: Get A Film, YouTube, Peter Pham


8 Foods That Can Get You Legally High

Let’s say you want to get high, but your dope dealer is on vacay and your chump dealer only has the bunkest of the bogus. You’re up a strange river and you’re looking to get stranger, so you start wondering what’s in your pad that can launch you out of reality.

Well, before you start huffing cabinet goods and eating refrigerator parts, maybe check out this rundown of foods that’ll rough up your sanity to ensure that you don’t wind up with way more than you bargained for.

1. Nutmeg

Season 4-8 teaspoons of ground nutmeg into your system and wait for your nerves to pop goofy with (mild) hallucinations. Given that it’s the sprinkling on the holiday garbage punch that is eggnog, maybe you’ll hallucinate the obsessed-with-your-regret ghost of Christmas past, the party-animal-drunk ghost of Christmas present, and the always-a-quiet-dick ghost of Christmas future—except the high you get from nutmeg doesn’t kick in for five to six hours and it causes really bad flu symptoms (think food poisoning), paired with paranoia. Not only does it come with a severe day-plus war with your own body, but too much nutmeg can straight up kill you outright.

2. Sugar

Yes, here it is, the legal white powder. Sugar does up a balancing act of sorts, with refined sugar, as opposed to natural sugar, really doing a number on your body. Scientists even agree that you can get addicted to the stuff and go through real bad withdrawals from it. Natural sugar, like that found in fruit, is better for you, as it doesn’t get you as wild-eyed, but also won’t squirrel you out all madcap in the close-out. Ultimately, it’s not a bad thing that less of it winds up on new year’s resolution lists.

3. (Moldy) Rye Bread

When rye bread goes bad, it offers some “good” in theory (God closes a door and opens a window, blah blah blah). Basically, once the common grain fungi known as ergot rolls in, so does the chemical ergotamine, which is used for lysergic acid (not LSD, per se, but a compound used). However, “high” is a seriously loose term here, given that it’s a swirly mess of madness and poison. I mean, ergot, aside from leading to hectic convulsions and gangrenous symptoms, more or less contributed to the insanity of everyone calling for the Salem Witch Trials. Don’t try this at home…or anywhere.

4. Fish

Sure, maybe you’ve had smoked salmon, but you can’t smoke fish, bruh. You can, however, get high off a fish called the salema (also known as sarpa salpa). Found off the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean, this fish’s body can be eaten, but its head sure as hell can’t be if you have any intention of keeping a grasp on the world you’ve always known. The head’s filled with psychoactive chemicals, though it doesn’t often turn out to be psychotropic (depends on how much plankton and algae it’s had). If it is enough though, your brain’s seriously going to burn until you see a horrifying demonic alien warscape (think the Cronenberg episode of Rick and Morty).

5. Coffee

This shouldn’t exactly be a curveball to your knowledge base, seeing as how half the reason you even drink the stuff is to shred your nerves all gorgeous. Caffeine intoxication kicks in a lot sooner than you think though250mg, to be exact (meaning a few cups or just a tall at Starbucks, honestly). But the real hellfire bummer comes at you full force in the fallout of 500mg. That much caffeine will toast your nervous system. It’ll be a chaotic mix of “I’m going to live forever” and “everything is dying” before lapsing into the latter with diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions, and hallucinations (that won’t justify your weak attempt to get high on the most available substance ever).

6. Chili Peppers

The endorphin rush from peppers is notable to anyone, so imagine the body sensation of chomping down on really, really, really hot chilis. Given that hot peppers are in the same botanical family as tobacco and deadly nightshade, it shouldn’t be surprising that the ingestion process sends you for a wild whirl. Also, seeing as that chilis are known for their capsaicin, which can actually work as a painkiller to some degree, eating more means more effect. In short, it’s pretty much an insane rush that feels like a high since it botches your senses so rough and crazy.

7. Poppy Seed Bagels

There’s always the floating rumor that poppy seeds will make you fail a drug test, but there’s a reason for that. They contain enough opium alkaloids, morphine, and codeine to do it, no problem. The high, though, is theoretical for the most part. Roughly 40g of poppy seeds equal a dose of morphine, but you’d pretty much have to be an alchemist to get the goods. Otherwise, you have to eat a total number of bagels that would kill you before you actually achieve anything resembling a buzz.

8. Mulberries

This is sort of high that seems like all class. Eating a whole lot of unripe mulberry plants can drum up a moderate batch of hallucinations. But it’s that same quality of “not quite there yet” that’s responsible for the high that will be your end. The unripe fruit, especially in large quantity, will wreck hell on your stomach. You’ll be barfing pretty uncontrollably. Trying to manage that much puke high is like doing calculus while drowning. Stay out.

Honorable Mention:

(Special) Brownies because…well, duh.


Half-Naked Ice Cream Man Arrested For Screaming At Kids, He Was High


The children of Clarence, NY, were met with a chilling surprise when they tried to buy ice cream from a truck last Friday. Parents started calling in complaints when they discovered that their children were getting screamed at by the local ice cream man, reports WIVB. He was also in nothing but his underwear.

That’s gotta be a health violation.

Ryan Duff, 24, was arrested by Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies on Friday. After an investigation, they discovered that the ice cream man was high on drugs. According to officers, Duff had refused to cooperate with testing and they had to bring in a drug recognition expert.

Duff was charged with DWI-drugs and is scheudled back in court Aug. 25. Pretty sure that ice cream gig is long gone.



Why You Should Be Eating Mangoes Next Time You’re High


Everyone, even the healthiest eaters, is susceptible to an attack of the munchies. This occurrence is caused by cannabinoids in pot. Cannabinoids cause our bodies to release hormones that signal pleasure from eating. But most of the time, who needs pot for that tbh.


Where we run into problems is when aaaaalll we want to eat are the typical munchies. Burgers. Fries. Chips. Quesadillas. You name it. So what’s the best alternative to combat our cravings for greasy rich food? Easy…


3Why mangoes? Well, it’s a common urban legend that mangoes increase, intensify, and extend highs after smoking marijuana. Science has shown that this is actually true.

Mangoes have a chemical compound called myrcene terpenes (also found in lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon, and of course cannabis). The terpenes are known for their exotic woodsy, citrusy, and fruity smell.

Gif courtesy of

Mangoes could be the holy grail of healthier alternatives to munchies. Each mango has only 135 calories and have a low glycemic index or GI (good for appetite management). Mangoes, compared to pizza, pop tarts, fries and spoonfuls of Nutella? NO competition.

Gif courtesy of

This awesome fruit is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, and other beneficial minerals. Research by Dr. Susanne Mertens-Talcott at Texas A&M University has shown that mangoes could prevent colon and breast cancer cell growth because of their high polyphenol contents.

So, the next time you have the munchies, try this tropical fruit for a healthier, better high. But munching on fresh raw mangoes aren’t your only option. Mango ice creamsmoothies,pudding, and even salsa can also do the trick

Written by Gaby Coseteng of Spoon University