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Guy Drives Thru And Orders In-N-Out During High-Speed Chase [WATCH]

Most high-speed chases are pretty predictable: the assailant drives around for a few hours, takes main streets, or freeways and eventually gives up. However, this dude in Phoenix, Arizona was on a whole new level.

Joshua Adkins was being chased by police and in the middle of the pursuit, casually rolled up to an In-N-Out drive thru, stopped, and appeared to place an order.

The Fox 10 News team that was following the chase said that Adkins never actually picked up his order and just drove off empty handed.

Maybe he thought he’d lose the cops by going in to the drive thru, or maybe he didn’t like the cheery mood of the In-N-Out staff. Whatever it was, Adkins took off without any Double-Doubles or fries.

Anyway, he eventually jumped out of his car, tried to run through some back yards, and was eventually tracked down by police. Adkins was booked on suspicion of unlawful flight from law enforcement, aggravated assault-domestic violence, and unlawful imprisonment.

If Adkins ends up doing any hard time in prison, he’s going to regret not getting that burger.