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Watch This Guy Carve A Pumpkin With An AK47

This guy’s pumpkin carving kit is way better than any you’ve ever seen. While it doesn’t have scoopers, or scrapers, his AK 47 rifle and Colt 45 seem to be way more effective.

His name is Greg Kinman and he runs the YouTube channel called hickok45, which is filled with videos of him showing off his gun-shooting expertise.

For Halloween, he foregoes the traditional family pumpkin carving, and instead opts for something more trigger-happy.

With crazy precision, Kinman shoots a smiling face onto his pumpkins, using nothing more than his guns.

The guy just seems to have a knack for f*cking up pumpkins. He even put together a compilation of “pumpkin killing methods,” where he destroys pumpkins with not only guns, but a chainsaw, and even an electric guitar:

Obviously, you don’t want young children trying these method, or maybe you do. I don’t know, to each their own, but be careful.