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Hi-C Orange Lavaburst FINALLY Returns To McDonald’s

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One of my fondest memories of working at McDonald’s was those lunch breaks where I could fill up endlessly on Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. Paired with my staple: Two Cheeseburgers, add Big Mac Sauce, add Bacon; the diet that makes my thirty-something self shiver brought so much happiness to teenage Pete.

In 2017, McDonald’s took the beverage off restaurant menus, replacing it with Orange Fanta or something. My heart couldn’t be bothered to care at that point.

However, after years of fans petitioning, the Golden Arches has announced they’re finally bringing back the quintessential fast-food orange drink to their stores.

Hi-C Orange Lavaburst is scheduled to make its return to McDonald’s this year, with the plan to be available nationwide by the summer.

Eager fans can also track McDonald’s progress with the Hi-C Orange Tracker feature, keeping them updated weekly on which restaurant locations are already offering the beverage.

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McDonald’s Is Phasing Out Hi-C Orange Lavaburst And Customers Are Not Taking It Well

It’s a brand new month and time for a fresh start, new beginnings, and trying new things. McDonald’s is falling ass-backwards though, as beginning Monday, they’re allegedly going to be phasing out Hi-C Orange Lavaburst from its drink lineup.

Replacing the orange drink will be a new Sprite TropicBerry flavor, according to a memo posted by a user on Reddit.

Lol get ready for this shit

McDonald’s still uses the classic drink fountains, and hasn’t moved on to the newer, shinier, more superior Coke Freestyle machines that offer a wide variety of drink flavors. That means the real estate on their obsolete soda fountains are limited, and Hi-C is the odd man out.

McDonald’s knows that the change will piss off customers, so they wrote “Key points” in the memo, in order to help employees explain why the change is happening.

That doesn’t mean people are happy about it. With word getting out about the change, Hi-C fans are absolutely pissed:

Good bye #HIC #orangelavaburst #mcdonalds

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All right, McDonald’s, I don’t know what you have to do to get those Coke Freestyle machines in your stores, but make it happen. It shouldn’t be an either-or situation. We should be able to drink both Hi-C AND Sprite TropicBerry. Period.


Your Childhood Just Exploded With This Ecto Cooler Fried Twinkie Recipe

Some good did come from that awful-looking Ghostbusters remake, as without its heavy promotion, the Key Lime Slime Twinkies and Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler drinks would have never made their way back on store shelves and into our 80s-loving hearts.

The green slime-inspired products look like they’d make a perfect couple on Love Connection, so our buddy Nick Chipman from Dude Foods found a way to masterfully mix the two for a ghastly recipe that’ll leave your tongue green with envy, and food coloring.

We first saw this recipe come to life on Tastemade’s All Nighter show, as our own Elie Ayrouth strolled into Chipman’s Wisconsin home and watched the man put it together. As Elie spent the night trying to figure out what the night life is like in Milwaukee, it only seemed natural to visit the Frankenfood King at 4 a.m.

Chipman essentially made a neon green Ecto Cooler batter, dumped some Key Lime Slime Twinkies in it, and dropped it into the fryer like my mixtape. As an added bonus, Chipman added some mint custard, seeing how it’s a big deal in Wisconsin.

Sure this dessert looks a little gnarly, but it beats out that garbage Ghostbusters trailer, any day.


First Look: This Is What The New Hi-C ECTO COOLER Looks Like

A couple months ago Coca-Cola casually scooped up the trademark rights to the 80s favorite Hi-C Ecto Cooler drink. Well, now we’ve got a visual as a prototype was spotted on E-Bay, with “Ghostbusters. Only in Theaters” printed right on the can.

While that might mean that the drink will only be around to promo the new Movie, at least we’re getting the classic citrus-flavored drink back into our 80s-loving hearts.

The can itself still rocks the classic highlighter green, yellow and orange that was prominent in the original drink.


As visible in the nutritional facts, it will contain 10 percent juice, 100 percent vitamin C, with a total of 150 calories per can.


Hopefully they’ll make some last minute adjustments and throw the cartoon Slimer on the can, just to fully represent the old school feel.

We’ll let you all know when we get word on an official release for this flashback drink.

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We May Get To Drink Hi-C Ecto Cooler Once Again


Fans of the late Ecto Cooler Hi-C will remember it left store shelves around the same time the ’90s cartoon The Real Ghostbusters stopped airing. The children’s beverage featured the iconic Slimer, a ghost made entirely of ectoplasm, who made his debut in the original Ghostbusters film.

Now, with the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot/sequel, Coca-Cola (Hi-C’s parent company) has quietly trademarked the rights to the Hi-C Ecto Cooler drink.

Made with about 10 percent of juice, the orange-flavored beverage was found in cardboard packages with plastic draws. Pretty much the perfect symbol ’90s refreshment.

Since the discovery of its return, Ecto Cooler fans are stoked to see the return of their beloved drink.

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Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on some in the not-too-distant future.

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