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Hershey’s Just Created XL Candy Bars That Pay Homage To Our Troops

When companies put together promotional campaigns that involve supporting our troops, you’ll often find them specific to Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day or maybe the 4th of July. However, it is important to show appreciation regardless of the occasion. Hershey’s newest campaign is an example of this, at least, for the summer season.

xl candy bars

Photo: Peter Pham

For the entire season, Hershey’s is offering XL candy bars with special military appreciation-themed packaging. In total, four different candy bars will be sold with the new wrappings: Reese’s, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, KitKats, and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with wafers. You can find them for sale now in Dollar General Stores.

Photo courtesy of Hershey’s and Dollar General

Each flavor will have a different set of three messages all meant to show gratitude to armed troops. They’re designed as inexpensive but heartwarming ways to say thank you to those you know who’ve served or are currently in the military. Think of it as a “random act of kindness” in the form of a $1.80 giant candy bar.

It would be amazing to find these available year round, but having a brand dedicate an entire season to military appreciation is a rarely performed and heartwarming move.

Hershey’s will also be giving their own “military appreciation gift,” as they have teamed up with Dollar General to give a $10,000 donation to the USO. The money will help the USO provide morale and recreational services, like live entertainment to troops on tour or special airport lounges to armed service members and their families.

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After 22 Years, Hershey’s Will Release A Brand New Candy Bar Flavor

You probably didn’t realize it before this, but Hershey’s doesn’t release new chocolate bar flavors too often, so when they do, it’s a pretty big deal.

Meet the new Hershey’s Gold Caramelized Creme, the first new flavor since Cookies ‘n Creme in 1995.

Hershey’s Gold will consist of peanuts, pretzels, and a caramelized creme, providing its rich, golden color. That means that not only will it have a buttery, sweet taste, but you’ll also get a bit of saltiness and crunch from the pretzels and peanuts.

With a Dec. 1, nationwide release, Hershey’s Gold will be available in stores in a standard 1.4-ounce bar, and a 2.5-ounce King-Size bar.

This is only Hershey’s fourth flavor, ever, as it got things rolling in 1900 with milk chocolate, introduced dark chocolate in 1939, waited 56 years to mix things up with its Cookies ‘n Creme, and now is trying to entice a younger audience with a shiny Gold flavor.

The combination of salty and sweet should be pleasing, and we know Hershey’s won’t release anything new unless they feel it’ll be absolutely good. I mean, this bar was 22 years in the making, and should be worth the wait.

This Dec 1st, diversify your taste portfolio. Creamy and crunchy; salty and sweet. #TasteTheGold

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Photorealist Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Paintings of Snacks and Comics


I have a tremendous respect for photorealist painters. To capture on a canvas what many people fail to capture through a photo takes incredible talent. When I discovered Doug Bloodworth created a series of paintings combining two of my favorite loves, he immediately jump shot to the top of my list of artists.

Through oil-based paintings, Bloodworth formed a theme of vintage snacks paired with old-school comics and funny books. The Florida painter definitely knows how to hit the nostalgia bone.

Using grids and a blank canvas, each piece can take Bloodworth more than two months to complete. The end product, however, is absolutely worth the time spent. Check out some of his paintings below.

Comics-Snacks-Quik-PeteComics-Snacks-Angel-PeteComics-Snacks-Pie-PeteComics-Snacks-Hulk Comics-Snacks-WonderWoman-Pete Comics-Snacks-Superman-Pete

Picthx Doug Bloodworth


Hershey Signs Deal to Develop 3D Chocolate Printers


3D Printers have become quite the popular gadget nowadays with the machines looking past plastics and diving into the food world. From sour candies to pizzas 3D Systems has got a leg up on the competition with their ChefJet printers. The company debuted the kitchen-ready ChefJet a couple of weeks ago at the International Consumer Electronics Show but after inking a deal with chocolate giant Hershey’s, the company will now focus on creating a 3D printer that prints in chocolate, which is basically like printing your own money.

Hershey’s is excited about the move saying:

Whether it’s creating a whole new form of candy or developing a new way to produce it, we embrace new technologies such as 3-D printing as a way to keep moving our timeless confectionery treats into the future.

Though the Hershey specific printer will solely print sweets, it will still fall under 3D Systems’ existing line of ChefJet printers. No word on whether or not the printer will be released to the public, but personally, if I can have my own Kit Kat factory in the comfort of my own home I’m all over it.

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Sayonara Graham Crackers: Bacon Weave S’mores Have Arrived


It appears that Nick over at Dude Foods was on something of a s’mores kick the other day. Looking to satisfy his craving, he gathered a few slices of bacon, Hershey’s Chocolate and marshmallows. From there, he set out to create the perfect combination of sweet and salty: Bacon Weave S’mores.

Luckily, the bacon masterpiece is easy to make, according to food’s Michelangelo. Just cut the bacon slices into halves and form your weave (three by two pieces of bacon). Make sure to cook the bacon first before adding the chocolate (half a bar) and marshmallows, then nuke it in the microwave. It takes about 30 seconds and you’re good to go.


Could this be the next Pop Tart S’mores? Regardless, say goodbye to your momma’s graham crackers because you’ll probably never want to use them for s’mores again.

PicThx DudeFoods


Peep These Peeps S’mores


The only thing better than eating pastel-colored marshmallow Peeps is eating them smashed between a healthy dose of chocolate and graham crackers. The result: Peeps S’mores.

These delectable wonders were dreamed up by Kara and Cliff from live love pasta after Kara, a gal who once had a strong distaste for these peculiar sugary birds, discovered the beauty of dousing them in chocolate. Naturally, the next step was to add graham crackers and a microwave to the mix for voila! Peeps S’mores. The rest is sugar-induced history and alternative s’mores for days when your sweet tooth really kicks in.

Peep the full recipe here.

H/T live love pasta

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Candy Bar-Rito

We are indeed looking at a 2,000 calorie burrito. What’s it made up of? Hershey’s Bar Classic, Hershey’s Bar w/ Almonds, Hershey’s Cookies and Cream King, 5th Ave, Kit-Kat, Heath Bar, Caramello wrapped up in a flour tortilla. The entire situation of a burrito is cooked in a skillet and then plated, garnished with chocolate Skittles and a fine drizzle of Hershey’s syrup. (Thx TIWYF)