Ice Trays — The New Herb Saver

It happens to all of us — the sudden urge to be domestic and cook a gourmet meal. Except the pantry is filled with ready made food that requires a quick turn of the can opener and the recipe calls for a lot of herbs you’ve never heard of. At the Farmer’s Market, the bundles of herbs cost more than a frozen pizza. But you’re committed to being gourmet, so you fork over the money.

The meal was good, but there are enough herbs left to make the dish 100 times over again and you’re about ready to relapse into your frozen food lifestyle, the one where the microwave “cooks” and you don’t stumble through a recipe for two hours. There’s a bad taste left in your mouth from spending so much on a fleeting urge. The herb sits forlorn in the refrigerator. Each day it wilts a little more until it finally goes bad, along with your investment.

But I come to you with a way to turn that investment around. All it requires is for to you place those fresh herbs into ice trays, pour olive oil inside each compartment, and voilà! The next time that sudden urge comes around, toss them into the pan and save yourself a few bucks as well as a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Don’t forget to label the freezer bags!

via ramshackleglam


Herb Garden BBQ

If space is an issue that has been coming between you and your grilling desires, look no further than this Hot-Pot BBQ from Black + Blum.  When not in use, it appears to be an ordinary terracotta pot, but when you’re ready to turn up the heat, slide the herb garden off the top to reveal a charcoal grill underneath.  Toss some meat on the stainless steel cooking surface, and season the food with fresh herbs that have been growing in the planter.  ($124 @ Apt 2B)


Craving: Potato Salad with Herbed Balsamic Vinaigrette


Potato salad is a great, cool summer food especially when going to a picnic or BBQ. It goes great with hot dogs and burgers, or just by itself. Here we have some potato salad covered in a herbed balsamic vinaigrette. Mix this up for good times, guaranteed. (Thx Browneyedbaker)