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Batch & Bottle Lets You Enjoy Bar Quality Ready-To-Drink Cocktails Right at Home

Everyone loves a good cocktail, but not everyone can make a good one. So, William Grant & Sons, the owners of brands like Sailor Jerry and Tullamore D.E.W, is making it easier with their new Batch & Bottle line of ready-to-drink cocktails.

Available in four classic yet distinct cocktails, the Batch & Bottle offerings include the Monkey Shoulder Lazy Old Fashioned, the Reyka Rhubarb Cosmopolitan, the Glenfiddich Scotch Manhattan and the Hendrick’s Gin Martini. Each cocktail was created by their respective brand’s ambassadors (usually former bartenders who have a specific love for that spirit) and other industry experts.

“As consumer drinking occasions continue to rapidly evolve, and as Ready-To-Drink cocktails continue to explode in popularity across the US, we want to arm our fans with elevated and exciting cocktail options from the iconic brands they already know and love,” said Paul Basford, William Grant & Sons US President and Managing Director. “As Master Distillers, industry leaders and cocktail aficionados, we know our spirits best, so we wanted to offer our expertise, batched for people to be able to finally enjoy bar quality cocktails at home, without the hassle.” 

Learn a little more about each of the four Batch & Bottle expressions below:

  • Monkey Shoulder Lazy Old Fashioned: This Old Fashioned combines Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky’s blend with bitters and golden sugar to make the whiskey drinker’s classic cocktail.
  • Glenfiddich Scotch Manhattan: The Manhattan but make it with Scotch. Glenfiddich’s single malt soothes the sharp bitters and envelops the sweet vermouth, creating a cocktail both bold and delicate.
    Hendrick’s Gin Martini: Distilled with the unusual inclusion of cucumber and rose, the Hendrick’s Gin cocktail is full of floral, citrus and herbal notes.
  • Reyka Rhubarb Cosmopolitan: Reyka Vodka, made of Iceland, mingles rhubarb, blood orange and fresh lime to create the classic cocktail made famous in movies and TV shows.

Previously made available in the UK and Australia, Batch & Bottle is available nationwide for a $16.99 a bottle.

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Hendrick’s Goes Low-Tech With Their Version of a Gaming Chair

There’s something to be said for a brand that throws caution to the wind to do the unexpected… repeatedly. Hendrick’s Gin and its Department of Not-So Convenient Technology are at it again with today’s announcement of its Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise.

The Scottish gin brand that recently decided to get pickles “more pickled” have decided that what the world needs is a new gaming chair. However, this isn’t for the high-tech minded but rather for purists who prefer Parcheesi to PS4 while sipping on a G&T.

The limited-edition Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise is said to be “the world’s longest and least technological gaming chair” created specifically for unplugged play. The brand partnered with Brooklyn-based Pickett Furniture and Design to conceive and build this low-fi lounger.

The chaise is a handmade, seven-foot-long statement piece upholstered in tufted Hendrick’s green velvet and outfitted with copper accents. While the length of it makes it unfit for sitting close to a screen, the additional inches enhance comfort and enable real-world play. In other words, size matters.

“We’ve taken a more Renaissance approach, integrating a well-rounded range of features with an eye toward timeless distractions,” explains Vance Henderson, Hendrick’s National Ambassador (seen above). “Our contrarian outlook begins with our unique chaise design, which actively — perhaps I should say, leisurely — discourages any performance-driven efficiency and utility, and instead encourages casual cocktail sipping and an afternoon nap.”

The Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise features an amplified horn that allows users to call for additional drinks or supplies, retractable arms that hold bottles and cards, secret compartments for storage for classic games (which are included), the barware needed to create the perfect Hendrick’s cocktail and, of course, a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin.

Now, in its fourth release, the Hendrick’s Department of Not-So Convenient Technology was introduced in 2018 to offer the world a break from relentless tech upgrades. Previously, the Department was responsible for the Hendrick’s High Wheel, a Victorian-era stationary bike and cocktail stand, and Hendrick’s Horatio, the first “somewhat” smart speaker.

Beginning today (November 16th), you can sign up to buy the limited-edition Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise here. Those who join the list will receive an email notification when the product goes live for purchase at $3,988.08 (shipping and accessories included).