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Assemble The Whole Squad To Tackle This MASSIVE 16-Pound Sushi Donut Challenge

You may remember sushi donuts from the hype they drew in 2016 and early 2017. These artsy sushi creations briefly had their viral moment on social media, but began to die down in favor of other food fads. The sushi donut is back, though, but in a colossal new form sure to make jaws drop.

16-pound sushi donut

This 16-pound sushi donut behemoth was made by WAVE Asian Bistro & Sushi in Mount Dora, Florida. They teamed up with JP & Julia from YouTube’s HellthyJunkFood, who are known for taking popular items and supersizing them beyond belief.

Between all the seafood, seaweed salad, and rice that went into constructing the donut, it clocked in at an astonishing 7,680 calories. Despite being almost the size of an actual tire, it retained the visual pop and appeal that made the smaller versions crush on Instagram in the past.

To see HellthyJunkFood’s full construction of the sushi donut from start to finish, peep the video below:

After construction was completed, JP & Julia brought in two semi-competitive eaters, Nathan Figueroa and Nick Dompierre, to see if they could take on the 16-pound sushi donut combined. Figueroa was actually able to finish his 8-pound portion, but Dompierre came up just short. You can view their full challenge attempt in the video below:

For those who want to take on this challenge themselves, or just want a massive sushi birthday cake, Wave is still considering how to offer up the 16-pound sushi donut in the future. Based on demand, they’ll either offer it up just as a challenge, or have it available by order only.

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You Should Make This Cheesy Hot Dog-Stuffed Burger At Your Next Family BBQ

Any time you put together burgers, cheese, sausage, and chili, you know that you’re in for an epic time. This hot dog-stuffed burger makes that concept extremely simple, but also pushes the boundaries in terms of grandeur.

YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood conceived this insane stuffed burger, which combines many classical elements of burgers and hot dogs together. It’s like the Juicy Lucy, a cheese-crammed burger staple from Minnesota, met a chili dog and had this mouthwatering food baby.

What’s even more exciting about this burger is that you can easily make it at home or at the next family BBQ. All you need is bread, ground beef, hot dogs, canned chili, and cheese, all of which are easily available at these family functions. Making your own at a family BBQ will probably either impress or horrify your family members, depending on how they feel about this gluttonous masterpiece.

The burger clocks in at an impressive 840 calories, and is literally all meat and cheese. Check out the video to see exactly how it’s made.

You should also definitely have a cardiologist, or at least a defibrillator, on hand if you do make one (or more) of these for yourself.

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A DIY Version Of Japan’s Un-melting Ice Cream Exists, Here’s How To Make It

Recently, Japan stunned the world by inventing an ice cream that could resist melting, even when an air dryer was used on it for five minutes. Their secret ingredient were the polyphenols naturally inside of strawberries that solidified the creamy dessert and prevent it from going liquid in your hand instantly.

While Kanazawa University, the site at which the ice cream was first conceived, has yet to publish any research showing their work behind bringing this to light, YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood decided to conduct their own experiments to see if they could replicate the non-melting dessert at home. With a variety of recipes, a container of polyphenol pills, and strawberry extract on hand, multiple variations were created to see which ice cream withstood melting the best.

While all of the versions at least partially liquefied over time, an ice cream that just contained polyphenols (and no strawberry extract) had the best resistance. So if you’re attempting to recreate an un-melting frozen dessert at home, I’d follow that recipe for now. While none of the variations were perfect replicas of the ice cream that Kanazawa University created, it came pretty damn close for a DIY test. I’m sure loads of food science research will be happening in the U.S. to bring this product overseas, but until then, HellthyJunkFood’s made a pretty solid version you can try out at home.

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Deep-Fried Mac N Cheese Is The Most Insane Pizza Crust Out There [WATCH]

Pizza is getting a major crispy, cheesy, and oozy upgrade with this next-level crust.

Forget fried chicken crusts or mac-and-cheese topped pizzas, YouTube channel Hellthy Junk Food has combined the best of both worlds while going to the extreme zone of deliciousness with a pizza crust made out of deep-fried mac and cheese.

While it sounds like an overly gluttonous carb bomb that might be too much to handle, this macaroni slice is everything you could possibly dream of when it comes to pizza. As Hellthy Junk Food shows in the video, it’s actually pretty easy to make as well, although at 2,250 calories per slice, you don’t want to fry one of these up on a daily basis.

Regardless of caloric richness, this Foodbeast-worthy mashup of iconic foods is something you’re gonna wanna sink your teeth into ASAP.

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This Pizza-Stuffed Burger Patty Is Sandwiched Between Pizza Buns And We Are All Winners For It

How much pizza is too much pizza? We’ve yet to find that answer. Even with a recipe this insane, you could argue it’s the perfect amount of pizza.

YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood made a burger patty that’s not only stuffed with pizza, they then put pizza slices as buns. In the spirit of Xzibit, it’s like they heard we like pizza, so they put pizza inside a pizza while being inside two pizzas.

Fans of the YouTube account have mixed reactions to the video, some commenting things like, “I just had a heart attack looking at this!!!!,” to, “I want that pizza burger INSIDE ME SO BAD!!! MORE THAN I WANT AIR!”

It does look a bit terrifying, but how could you resist such a monstrous creation, with two of the most popular foods of all time.

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How To Make Nashville Hot Chicken At Home [WATCH]

There’s something about Nashville Hot Chicken we can’t put our finger on. The salty crunch from the skin, the flesh that oozes with juice the moment you bite down, and the sweat-inducing heat that wakes your very soul up with excitement.

With only a handful of reputable spots that actually make the mouthwatering style of chicken in our area, it’s pretty difficult to get our Hot Chicken fix without having to stand hours in line.

Luckily, YouTuber’s HellthyJunkFood decided to show us how to make Nashville Hot Chicken from the convenience of your own kitchen. With some help from fellow YouTubers Dudes N Space, the duo set out to create this hot ticket piece of poultry.

While they decided to do chicken breast tenders for some reason, we assume the process is exactly the same for bone-in chicken pieces.

Check out their recipe in the video above. Not gonna lie, this looks pretty damn good. Going to have to follow this recipe to the “T” to see if it tastes as good, too.

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How To Make Burger King’s New Cheetos Chicken Fries At Home

Today is the day Burger King’s new Cheetos Chicken Fries drop nationwide. The fast food chain announced early this week that they would be releasing this new item and fans were more than eager to get their hands on some.

HellthyJunkFood, were among those who couldn’t wait for the new menu item to drop and decided to take things into their own hands by creating their own recipe.

A homemade batch of Cheetos Chicken Fries essentially uses white-meat chicken breasts that are cut into long even slices, which are then drenched in egg wash. Your chicken strips are next covered with a mixture of crushed Cheetos, flour, and the mix that comes in Mac & Cheese packets. The batch is then thrown into the deep fryer.

That Mac & Cheese sauce mixture was a pretty genius touch to the dish, as it seems to add that extra cheesy element to tie it all together. Check out the video for the complete recipe, in detail.