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Meet The Worst Hell’s Kitchen Chef To Ever Compete On The Show

Over the course of its 16 seasons, Hell’s Kitchen has had its fair share of great and terrible competitors. Only one chef, however, could possibly take the title of the worst Hell’s Kitchen chef. This competitor couldn’t deal with Gordon Ramsay and really didn’t have a clue how to operate in a kitchen. Despite that, we got a whole lot of laughs out of watching them try.

I’m talking about season 8’s Raj Brandston. This 49-year-old personal chef from Queens was out of his league from the start. Somehow, he got through three episodes before Chef Ramsay took his jacket. While that surprised viewers for sure, we didn’t complain about the humorous clips we can still watch years after Raj left the show.

Raj began his Hell’s Kitchen career by unveiling one of the worst signature dishes of all time. His “pancake that pisses,” as Gordon refers to it in the video above, definitely did not impress. From there, his dinner service performances didn’t do him any favors, either.

He struggled trying to work with a teammate trying to make a basic pizza, annoying his whole team and Gordon Ramsay.

When flustered, he would stick his head in the fridge to cool off.

To make matters worse, Raj appeared to actually believe that he was the best chef in the talent pool. His ego definitely got in the way of his efforts on multiple occasions, including when he tried to sauce up some salmon for Gordon Ramsay.

However, his behavior also got him into trouble alot. His team was fed up with him to the point where they called him out multiple times on the show. During one service, his teammate Vinnie even told customers to avoid ordering sides because Raj was working that station.

Raj’s fall from the show finally began with his third dinner service. There, his quirky behavior and culinary struggles fully surfaced. While Chef Ramsay was rejecting dishes left and right, Raj took rejected pieces of fish and quickly gobbled them up. That definitely didn’t sit well with his teammates or with Gordon.

Additionally, Raj prepped too many Dover Sole ahead of time, causing the kitchen to run out. He then protested to Chef Ramsay when ordered to go explain to the customers what happened. As we all already know, you don’t wanna even try to stand up to Gordon Ramsay.

After that service, despite the blue team winning, Gordon decided that he couldn’t go “an inch further” and eliminated Raj from the competition. His teammates considered it as an additional reward, adding insult to injury for this private chef.

For a full compilation of his best moments on the show, peep the video below.

Following Hell’s Kitchen, Raj apparently returned to his career as a private chef. To be fair to him, the show is an intense environment where sabotage is suspected to occur. Raj could have merely succumbed to the pressure, especially considering the personal chef life is very different from the kitchen brigade of a top restaurant, which is what Hell’s Kitchen mimics on set.

Nonetheless, we wish Raj the best in his continuing career as we look over his time with Gordon Ramsay. His experiences definitely created some hilarious TV.

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Darth Vader Dubbed As Gordon Ramsay Is Hilariously Brilliant [WATCH]

Gordon Ramsay‘s known for being a bit of a villainous character on his Hell’s Kitchen TV show, so it’s only right that he’d fit so perfectly in Star Wars scenes where Darth Vader’s just wreaking havoc.

YouTube channel Mr. Wood From the Hood did a masterful job of taking infamous Ramsay meltdowns from his shows and dubbing them over Darth Vader scenes.

For example, the epic battle between Vader and Luke Skywalker is dubbed with Ramsay’s cries of, “Fuck off! Get out! Get out of my kitchen!” This is followed by Ramsay yelling, “A black jacket? You need a straitjacket,” as Vader casually throws his light saber at Luke.

It’s pretty hilarious all around, and makes you wish that Ramsay actually played Vader, despite James Earl Jones’s indelible work behind the villain.

Check out the full vid below:

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Hell’s Kitchen Is Bringing Back Fan Favorites And All-Stars To Face Off In New Season

Hell’s Kitchen has had an action-packed, profanity-laden, and high-octane 16 season run so far. It’s been home to ferocious rivalries, intense showdowns, people trying and failing to stand up to host Gordon Ramsay, and of course, delicious food.

Imagine, all of the excitement from the last 16 seasons packed into one, and you’ll have an inkling of what’s in store for the newest season of this reality cooking drama that kicks off on Friday, September 29th.

For season 17 of Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay is bringing back some top performers and crowd favorites from the previous iterations of the show to square off for a chance at the executive chef position at his new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas. Each cast member of the new season obtained a black jacket previously, meaning these truly are some of the best chefs to have graced the show. Based on the lineups for each of the two teams, we’re already expecting fireworks from some of the rivalries that are going to be reignited this time around.

The red (women’s) team will include Ashley and Amanda from season 15, Michelle from season 14, Robyn, Dana, and Barbie from season 10, and Jennifer and Elise from season 9. There’s definitely going to be some drama on this squad, as we already know from previous seasons that Robyn and Elise are on warpaths. With former rivalries with Barbie and Jennifer coming back respectively for this duo, there’s bound to be plenty of arguing and drama coming from the red team.

As for the blue (men’s) team, they’ll have some of the best male talent back along with some fan favorites. The comedic and outgoing Van from season 6 is returning, as is Season 14’s talented trio of Nick, Milly, and Josh. Jared from season 15, Benjamin from season 7, and season 5’s Ben and Giovanni (or as Chef Ramsay has called him before, Dickface) round out the blue squad. Each of these guys bring a lot of energy and competitive fire, so they’ll be fun to watch as well.

Each chef also has a chip on their shoulder from not making it all the way last time, so you know the all-around competition, intensity, and passion they’ll bring will be fierce. Sparks are gonna fly both on and off the kitchen, and we can’t wait for September 29th to see some old faces square off once more.

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12 Times Gordon Ramsay OWNED Folks Who Tried To Stand Up To Him

East coast, orders are up in just under 40 minutes on an all new #HellsKitchen !!

A post shared by Gordon Ramsay (@gordongram) on

If you ever get the chance to meet Gordon Ramsay in person, the one thing I would recommend not doing is trying to go toe-to-toe with him. Chef Ramsay isn’t here for the BS, and will shut down anyone trying to stand up to him in a war of words.

Don’t believe me? Just look at all the times folks on Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen have tried to do it through the years. Each time, Ramsay had them sitting down and being humble within minutes. We’ve compiled a few of the harshest fights and best clapbacks Gordon has offered up to cameras, and it’s definitely the most savage montage of all time. Enjoy yourselves, and remember to breathe while laughing.

Contestant Tries To Defend Their ‘Smart Idea’

On season 7 of Hell’s Kitchen, oddball competitor Andrew Forster attempted to salvage his “mashed potato soup” by adding a thick pile of mash to the pot. Chef Ramsay immediately called him out on it, and Andrew stood his ground saying it was a “smart idea.” That earned him a trip to the time-out box and a flurry of insults from Gordon that later caused Andrew to walk out of the competition that same night. Good riddance.

Customer Tries To Push Back Beef, Gets Called A Quail

Season 7 of Hell’s Kitchen definitely had it’s fair share of lowlights. This snarky contestant who couldn’t tell what a medium-cooked steak looked like decided to get some extra camera time in. He tried to stand up to Gordon about the temperature of his beef, but retreated back to his seat pretty swiftly, all the while getting pelted with verbal barbs from Chef Ramsay. Calling him a “fucking quail” was probably the best of the whole bunch for trying to strut up to Gordon the way he did.

Chef Can’t Cook A Mussel But Can Mock Gordon Ramsay

An early episode of the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares featured Chef Ramsay struggling with a chef who couldn’t even cook a mussel properly. The chef got so offended at Ramsay’s offer to teach him that he began to mock Gordon and insult him as his only way of retaliation. Needless to say, it didn’t go very well.

“Yea, But I’m Not Dickface”

Fed-up chefs tend to give the “best” responses to Gordon Ramsay. Contestant Giovanni Filipponi from season 5 of Hell’s Kitchen is a prime example. After getting called “Dickface” for screwing up an entree, Giovanni protested at his new nickname, leading to a close and personal scolding from Chef Ramsay that nobody wants to be on the opposite side of. Just accept the nickname next time, man.

Masterchef Contestant Tries To Clap Back

Even Masterchef contestants aren’t free from Gordon Ramsay’s harsh critiques. After one contestant made a delicious, perfectly seasoned risotto, Gordon asked fellow competitor Christian Collins, who served up a completely bland mashed potato dish, to taste it. Christian said it tasted good but that he had had better, forcing Chef Ramsay to put him in his place. If Christian had just shut his mouth after the first few words, his day would’ve been a lot better.

Gordon Offers To Shove A Go-Pro Into A Pretty Nasty Place

In a feeble attempt to defend his reasoning for delivering Gordon a pile of raw scallops, Hell’s Kitchen season 16 contestant Matt Heam told the chef to “check the cameras” to prove what he was saying. Chef Ramsay, obviously, could care less, and proceeded to tear Matt a new one before threatening what he would do the next time someone mentioned a camera. Definitely didn’t sound like the most pleasant offer.

So-called ‘Head Chef’ Tries To Square Off With Gordon Ramsay

If there’s one thing Gordon Ramsay hates more than lying chefs, it’s when those chefs are lying and accusing him of something at the same time. In the case of this so-called “head chef” of a fine dining bistro featured on Kitchen Nightmares, he had the audacity to compare himself to Gordon, calling himself “his twin” after being called things like “ignorant” and “defensive” by Chef Ramsay. This was after pretending that his “Catch of the Day” special wasn’t frozen fish and putting fake garnishes on dishes that had already infuriated Chef Ramsay, turning this boiling confrontation into a full-on shouting match at one point. This guy just didn’t know when to quit, and Gordon made him pay for it.

Amy’s Baking Company

Do I even need to say anymore than that? We all know the story of this Arizona restaurant, their appearance on Kitchen Nightmares, and how they continually stood up to Gordon and refused to hear anything he had to say. Chef Ramsay may have dropped the greatest clap back of all time on them when he walked out and refused to help the restaurant anymore. One of the world’s greatest chefs telling you your restaurant isn’t salvageable? That’s a pretty low blow.

Chef Actually Tries To Bitchslap Gordon Ramsay

After a chef on Ramsay’s UK Kitchen Nightmares show shouted at her staff, Gordon asked to talk to her in private and asked if what she was doing was “showing off.” The chef was so offended at this accusation that she tried to slap Gordon Ramsay in the face multiple times. However, Gordon suddenly morphed into Jackie Chan, blocking every single attempted blow while talking the chef down from her high horse. He did this all with the tranquility of a Zen Master, making his role in the entire debacle seem all the more badass.

Lying Chef Gets Caught Red-Handed, Then Threatens Gordon

After a brigade of cooks served Gordon some horrible food and insulted him behind his back, Ramsay called them out on some shady restaurant practices, like cooking their duck once a month and freezing it or serving frozen crab cakes. One of the chefs who had lied to him about that being the case was absolutely mortified, and decided to try and save face by challenging Gordon to a fight. You can bet that didn’t go over well.

The Greatest Hell’s Kitchen Insult Of All Time

Hell’s Kitchen is no stranger to customers coming up and trying to get their free camera time with Gordon Ramsay, but this exchange takes the cake as one of the funniest ever. A man trying to score some extra pumpkin risotto under allegations there was no pumpkin in his almost-finished dish walked up to the pass and asked Gordon for some pumpkin. Ramsay responded with what is definitely the greatest insult to ever come out of his mouth. If you haven’t heard it already, watch the video. It’s that worth it.

Gordon’s Finest Hour

In what is probably Gordon Ramsay’s most iconic clip in television history, he nearly gets into a massive fight with Hell’s Kitchen competitor and former Marine Joesph Tinnelly. Joseph had been badmouthing and ignoring Gordon’s instructions through the entire elimination sequence at the end of an episode, and as Ramsay publicly dismantled him for that, Joseph lost it, tearing off his jacket and going after Gordon. Ramsay eventually proved that Joseph wasn’t ready for prime time, though, and sent him packing. It’s surprising Tinnelly even found a job in the restaurant industry after that.

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Bobby Flay Challenges Gordon Ramsay To A Pay-Per-View Cook-Off

A showdown between Bobby Flay and Gordon Ramsay is comparable to Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao, down to the possible Pay-Per-View potential.

In an exclusive interview with Foodbeast during this year’s Vegas Uncork’d, Flay said that the only way he’d go up against Ramsay would be in a boxing-style spectacle, the greatest cook-off of all time.

“Only if it’s a Pay-Per-View event,” Flay said. “I’ve been hoping it would happen outside of Caesar’s Palace, like the old school heavyweight fights, but that’s yet to have happened.”

Even with cameras everywhere, and millions of eyes certainly glued to the TV, Flay still doesn’t trust Ramsay to play fair. When asked what he’d like the stipulations be, he said:

“I don’t know. Gordon’s going to cheat anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

For years, we’ve dreamed of a cook-off between two of the most popular chefs in the world, and all they do is tease us.

A post shared by Isai Rocha (@izzy_serious) on

At last year’s Vegas Uncork’d, Ramsay promised a cook-off with Flay was coming, and he even went out “looking” for Flay at his Mesa Grill restaurant, live streaming the hunt on Facebook.

The way Flay talked about Ramsay, it seemed like they’re actually friends, so hopefully they can finally make this thing happen, and give the people what they want.

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Gordon Ramsay Bringing ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ To Life With New Restaurant On Vegas Strip

Gordon Ramsay is in Las Vegas this weekend, and what better place to raise hell than in Sin City.

Ramsay announced Friday that his wildly popular TV show, Hell’s Kitchen, will now be a restaurant at Caesar’s Palace, starting this winter.

It's official, #GRHellsKitchen is coming to @caesarspalace later this year !!!

A post shared by Gordon Ramsay (@gordongram) on

Ramsay already had four Las Vegas restaurants, and his Pub & Grill at Caesar’s, so this will be his second in that hotel alone.

“I cannot tell you how excited I am, but more importantly, the position of that restaurant is going to be magnificent,” Ramsay said during the red carpet affair. “It’s going to be set like a studio, going to have the infamous red kitchen/blue ktichen… capturing that magic that has gone into 19 seasons of Hell’s Kitchen.”

Hell’s Kitchen Will be replacing Stripside Cafe, which is located right by the strip’s sidewalk, so it’ll be hard to miss.

Goodnight #Vegas….can't wait to share a big announcement tomorrow at 5PM PST/8 PM EST on my Facebook page Gx

A post shared by Gordon Ramsay (@gordongram) on

It’ll be interesting to see just how much like the show the restaurant will be. If there are chefs screaming and fearing for their lives in the kitchen, I think we’d all be OK with that.

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How Gordon Ramsay Deals With Kids vs Adults Is Drastically Different [WATCH]

Gordon Ramsay has built a reputation of mercilessly ripping into the chefs on his shows like he’s dissing Meek Mill, but when it comes to kids, he seems to have a soft spot in his heart.

A comparison video was posted to YouTube by motboltz, that showed the two extremes between the way Ramsay talks to adults and the way he talks to child chefs.

For example, when talking to adult chefs, he has no problem with saying things like, “You, you, you, you, F*CK OFF OUT OF HERE!” or the classic, “Listen, listen, listen, listen. F*ck off! F*ck off! F*ck off! F*ck off!”

Now when dealing with children, it’s a complete 180, as he’ll sometimes even plead with the children not to get upset. “Don’t worry. Look, I’m here to help you. Please don’t get upset,” Ramsay has been recorded saying on his show Masterchef Junior.

Ramsay even hugs the kids!

It’s really kind of crazy that it’s the same person running both shows, as he’ll unleash his ginger anger to grown ups, then be the sweetest angel when dealing with kids.

One thing’s for sure, whether he’s singing Kumbaya with the kids or telling adults that they’re “sh*t cooks,” we’re going to watch the hell out of it and eat it all up, because Ramsay’s a god.

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‘Iron Chef Gauntlet’ Is Food Network’s Modern Take On The Classic Show

The hit Food Network show Iron Chef is back… well, kind of.

The channel’s new spin on this classic show, Iron Chef Gauntlet, just premiered yesterday, and it feels more like a modern-age competition/reality show than the Iron Chef of old.

Instead of the traditional Iron Chef style of two top-rated chefs squaring off in an intense culinary showdown, seven chefs will now be trekking through a series of episodes in an elimination-style reality/cooking competition show to have the chance to face three Iron Chefs and join their ranks if all three are defeated.

The pilot episode had chefs making a single dish based around a specific theme (in this case, wilderness food) and presenting them to host Alton Brown for tasting and judging. This was very akin to several of the dish challenges you’d find in the first half of a Hell’s Kitchen or Top Chef episode, since they also have single dish challenges based around themes for the individual chefs to cook, even when on separate teams.

Alton put on his best Gordon Ramsay impression while tasting, even pretending not to like someone’s dish before praising it. The drama of that moment definitely made me feel like I was watching Hell’s Kitchen or some other contemporary reality cooking show, not Iron Chef.

Afterwards, the worst chef from the challenge and one chef picked by the winner faced off in an elimination challenge. This is where two chefs make a trio of dishes based on a secret ingredient, which then gets judged. The loser of that challenge gets eliminated, and the remaining chefs move on to the next episode.

Basically, this TV show keeps the essence of Iron Chef with the secret ingredients, but all of the challenges are ones you’d find in already existing and successful shows, like MasterChef, Top Chef, and Hell’s Kitchen.

If that sounds interesting to you, definitely check out the first episode above and see if you’re down to continue watching. If so, you can catch new episodes on Sundays at 9 pm EST/ 8 PM CST on Food Network.

While it may be a mashup of modern shows and concepts and not really like the original show, Iron Chef Gauntlet is still an interesting concept nonetheless.