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New #Heineken100 Clothing Collection Links With Influential Streetwear Shop

As the synergetic relationship between food and fashion (namely streetwear) becomes even more pronounced, so do the significant projects that come to fruition as a result. An excellent example of such would be Heineken beer’s #Heineken100 program. Now in it’s ninth year, the #Heineken100 program has been responsible for some of the coolest collaborations between the unlikely industries. This time around, Heineken extends its reach to one of the most influential clothing boutiques in the world, UNION, to create the “Green Collar” collection.

Taking heavy cues from workwear, the elevated interpretations of the “Green Collar” collection meet at the intersection of function and style. The results are six pieces, including a tiger camo chore coat, hoodie with dramatic, zippered side vents, and a pair of limited-edition Keds sneakers.

The “Green Collar” collection debuted this past Saturday, December, 1st, at UNION’s flagship location in Los Angeles, and their Tokyo, Japan location. Online launch is today, however, so for those that missed out at the physical store locations should make sure to cop quickly.

For a full rundown and pictures of the “Green Collar” collection, see below:

  • UNION x #HEINEKEN100 CHORE COAT $380.00: Made with a contemporary boxy and oversized fit to help balance the vintage wash and fabric, this chore coat provides a fresh take on the typical long fit style of the past (Available in two colorways & a Tokyo exclusive)
  • UNION x #HEINEKEN100 CHINO PANT $280.00With pants being either too baggy or slim, this Chino Pant is the “Goldie Locks Effect,” something just right with its very subtle carrot fit (Available in two colorways & a Tokyo exclusive)
  • UNION x #HEINEKEN100 PULLOVER HOODED SWEATSHIRT $280.00Made with beautiful reverse weave fabric from Japan, this sweatshirt has the front pocket removed for a cleaner look in addition to a single zip down on one side to add flair (Available in three colorways).
  • UNION x #HEINEKEN100 T-SHIRT $55.00Made with 100% cotton and fitting true to size, this classic staple features Heineken’s iconic leaf and hops arrangement stylized as the UNION logo, with the play-on-words “Got Hops” as the slogan, helping tie together the entire capsule collection (Available in two colorways).
  • UNION x #HEINEKEN100 HAT $60.00Versatile and classic, this skate hat provides the finishing touch to any casual fit (Available in two colorways).
  • #HEINEKEN100 PRO-KED SNEAKERS $90.00Made from durable 12.5 oz canvas with contrast stitching and recently remastered for an enhanced fit, the Royal Hi has a molded footbed with open cell foam for breathability finished with a classic gum vulcanized white outsole and Heineken’s iconic Green for the heel hit.




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Lagunitas Brewing Co. Is Now Selling Marijuana-Infused ‘Beers’

THC and marijuana-infused “beers” are really starting to get some traction. The creator of Blue Moon is developing one to launch in Colorado soon, but California has its own a little ahead of that timetable. Cult favorite Lagunitas Brewing Co., which is now owned by Heineken, is currently selling their own version of a THC beer.

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Listed as a “hoppy sparkling water” on the label, these new Hi-Fi Hops are alcohol-free, and instead use a comparable amount of THC, CBD, or both. Each can of the marijuana-infused beverage has a total of 10 milligrams (mg) of marijuana extracts, which is either 10 mg of THC or 5 mg each of THC and CBD.

For those wondering, the ingredients inside are basically just sparkling water, hops extracts for flavor, and the THC or CBD. So each of these cans contain a total of zero calories, meaning you don’t have to worry about splurging the carbs on one of these brews, either.

What’s more exciting, though, is that a major brand like Heineken is co-signing and allowing one of their brands to infuse marijuana in beverages. The field is still very new and touch-and-go, so putting their name behind a cult favorite like Lagunitas and letting them create these THC drinks is huge. It could also open up the possibility for other brewing giants to start creating their own bud-friendly versions.

Heineken and Lagunitas’s first foray into the marijuana-infused drinks is a huge step forward for the movement, and could have lasting implications as the possibility of increased nationwide legalization becomes stronger.

For now, though, you can find Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops inside of a small group of California dispensaries for eight bucks a can.

(h/t Business Insider)

Heineken Introduces Magnum Bottle That’s Bigger Than A 40-Ounce

You’re probably used to bringing in the new year by popping bottles of champagne, but Heineken has an enticing new giant bottle to change your usual methods.

Special for the holidays, Heineken introduced a limited-edition magnum bottle that’s even bigger than a classic 40-ounce of Mickeys.

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Heineken And BAPE Come Together To Create A Super Exclusive Capsule Collection

Heineken, one of the largest multinational beer brands, and A Bathing Ape or BAPE, a Japanese streetwear phenomenon that has dominated the fashion scene for years, has collaborated to create an extremely limited-edition capsule collection.

The collaboration was able to come to life thanks to #Heineken100, a program that partners Heineken with the most innovative names in retail to develop limited-edition, co-branded items that are seeded to 100 of the world’s most influential people.

If anything, this capsule collection is further proof that food and fashion have somehow created something unique and special that really resonates with lifestyle of millennials. It also proves that rare, unique, and basically unobtainable products will always remain a hot commodity amongst the youth.

If you don’t believe the hype, just check out the resell prices online.

And if those prices depress and remind you that you don’t have the funds, enjoy the capsule collection responsibly by checking out the photos below:

BAPE® x #Heineken100 Camo Coach Jacket

BAPE® x #Heineken100 Half-Zip Pullover Shark Hoodie

BAPE® x #Heineken100 Six-Pack Bottle Carrier

BAPE® x #Heineken100 T-Shirt


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Heineken Teams With Uber and Evite For “Drink OR Drive” Campaign And Incentives

With Thanksgiving this week, the holiday season is now in full swing and that means parties, drinking, and cheer. However, with good times comes the question, “How are we getting home?”

Heineken recently announced its “Drink OR Drive” campaign where they teamed with Uber and digital invitation platform Evite to provide discounted rides. Now through January 3, 2018, consumers aged 21+ in 11 cities can decide early on via Evite whether they will be drinking or driving at holiday events.

According to a global study by Heineken, 77% of respondents think there are circumstances where it is acceptable to drink and drive, while 49% get ‘caught up having fun’ and find it hard to plan ahead. Through this new partnership, the beer brand is encouraging everyone to plan ahead so that they can enjoy the holiday season more safely and responsibly.

“The ‘Drink OR Drive’ campaign aims to influence more responsible decision-making. This isn’t about discouraging drinking – it’s about rewarding people who are making responsible decisions early on about whether they will be drinking or driving during festivities,” said Stephanie Johnston, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Heineken USA, via a statement. “That’s why Heineken is offering Uber discount codes as a reward to consumers who make either choice. As long as you pick either drinking or driving – never both – you deserve to be rewarded.”

So, whether you’re planning your next fete or heading to one, be sure to be safe and drink responsibly.

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Man Finds Geckos Inside His Heineken, Sues After Getting Violently Ill

You definitely don’t want to find mysterious creatures in your drink, especially if they’re still whole reptiles.

Unfortunately, that happened to a man two years ago, and he is now suing Heineken and Kroger in the Orange County Superior Court of California after falling violently ill due to a beer that had a couple of geckos inside of it. The plaintiff, George Toubbeh, had purchased cans of the popular beer from a Ralph’s store (a local chain owned by Kroger) and sipped out of one when he noticed a foul taste and almost immediately experienced intense stomach pain and vomiting. His daughter further examined the can afterward and found two juvenile geckos inside.

The geckos, which had not decomposed, were later identified as leopard geckos, a species not native to the United States but often kept as pets. The lawsuit speculates that the baby reptiles likely got into a Heineken canning facility and got stuck in one of the cans before drowning as the beer gushed down on top of them.

Toubbeh had to make a couple of trips to the emergency room in the days following the incident, and claims to still suffer from anxiety, gastrointestinal symptoms that have not subsided much since the incident, and even post traumatic stress disorder from finding the geckos in his beer.

As a result, Toubbeh is looking for retribution in the form of repayments for his medical treatments and loss of work (since he was unable to go on the job for at least several weeks afterward) for an unknown amount of damages. Four total charges have been filed in the lawsuit against Kroger and Heineken, which include “strict liability” for selling an “unreasonably dangerous” product, breach of an implied warranty claim, negligence, and negligence leading to emotional distress.

Heineken has dismissed the accusation, telling Consumerist that the lawsuit has “no merit.”

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Why Starbuck’s Baristas Suddenly Hate Us [The Katchup Podcast]

So we may have pissed off some baristas at Starbucks, but maybe we can have a Heineken with them and work out our differences.

Starbucks pulled off a massive success this past week with its Unicorn Frappuccino. Even if it wasn’t the tastiest drink around, the Frap went so viral and was so talked about that it helped bump Starbucks’ stock up at least six percent in just the last two weeks alone. It also triggered a ton of social media buzz and follow-up drinks, like the Unicorn Lemonade that our very own Isai Rocha uncovered (while giving it its name). Baristas now hate unicorns, and hate us for pushing both the Frap and off-menu lemonade, so much so, they created a new Subreddit, trying to keep us out.


Meanwhile, Heineken launched one of the most powerful commercials of 2017, showcasing an social experiment that pit people of opposite political views, and got them talking with each other, despite their differences. Its point was that we can always find a way to talk with each other over a cold beer.

Foodbeast Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth and myself dived deep into both of these subjects on this week’s rendition of Foodbeast’s podcast, The Katchup. We discussed what the Unicorn Frappuccino’s wild success meant for the future of Starbucks, how our own Isai’s Unicorn Lemonade discovery led to baristas hating our guts (and the creation of a secret new Subreddit), and we also dove into the messages of Heineken’s commercial and why it was a much better campaign than Pepsi’s busted Kendall Jenner ad.

If you’re looking for some positive discussions in a world of seemingly increasing negativity, this podcast might be the thing that lifts your spirits. Hopefully.

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Heineken’s New Commercial Has A Feel-Good Message We All Need Right Now

After the terribly-conceived advertisement we saw from Pepsi a couple of weeks ago, it’s good to finally see a major company get their social message right in a commercial.

Heineken did just that in their newest spot, entitled “Worlds Apart.” In a novel social experiment, the beer company brought together pairs of people who knew nothing of each other, and had them share some Heineken beers.

The catch? The duo in each experiment had completely opposite views on particularly touchy political topics, such as climate change, traditional gender roles, and transgender identities.

Unlike Pepsi’s tone-deaf campaign, Heineken gets their commercial right by never siding with one viewpoint in any of the issues. They would rather be the medium for people to see past their differences and have conversations with each other while being understanding with one another.

Heineken also never dives deep into the issues presented throughout the video, reinforcing their point that at the end of the day, regardless of division in beliefs, we can always get along over a cold beer.

That’s how to do a social commercial correctly, Pepsi.