Heart Attack Grill Owner Displays Customer’s Cremated Remains, Says His Burgers ‘Will Kill You’


In an attempt to be “honest,” Heart Attack Grill founder Jon Basso displayed a customer’s cremated remains on Bloomberg’s In the Loop with Betty Liu. Dressed in a doctor’s white coat with a stethoscope draped around his neck, Basso explained that he was attempting to pull the veil off fast food’s dishonest facade. “He died of a heart attack at my restaurant, and I am putting that bag clearly on the table,” said Basso. “I wish that Burger King and everyone else will do the same thing.”

Pointing fingers at fast food chains like McDonald’s that claim to provide healthier options for customers, Basso told Liu:

It is pathetic in my opinion that major corporate fast food chains will not tell the truth… All I want is a little honesty in America about what we eat and why our waistlines are getting bigger and bigger.

Of course, Basso’s genuine concern for America’s health seems questionable given his restaurant’s reputation for serving the world’s highest-calorie hamburger, selling candy cigarettes to children, and touting that its menu is “worth dying for.” In the last three years, two Heart Attack Grill spokesmen have died.

“I say it boldly: Don’t come to my restaurant, it’s bad for you and will kill you,” insists Basso.

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Heart Attack Grill Spokesman Dies From a Heart Attack, Menu Still Advertised as “Taste Worth Dying For”


An unofficial spokesman for Las Vegas’s Heart Attack Grill died of a heart attack on Monday morning, making him the second Heart Attack Grill spokesman to die in the last three years. Note: the grill became famous for serving the world’s highest-calorie hamburger, selling candy cigarettes to children, and advertising that their menu might kill you, but it’s “taste worth dying for.”

John Alleman was never officially employed by the heart-stoppingly unhealthy fast food chain, but he did eat there almost every day and frequently stood outside the restaurant inviting passersby to join him in eating one of the Grill’s quadruple-bypass burgers (which clocks in at just under 10,000 calories and has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Most Calorific Burger) and drinking their signature butterfat milkshake (described by the owner as having “so much cream that if I add even a quarter percent more butterfat, it would literally churn to butter”). Alleman’s loyalty to the grill inspired the owner to appoint him an unofficial spokesman, give him his own clothing line, and change the cover of their menu to feature a cartoon of Alleman smiling in a hospital gown.

A statement on the restaurant’s Facebook page announced that the grill will close on the day of Alleman’s funeral to honor the man who was “part of the [Heart Attack Grill] family.”

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Has the Heart Attack Grill Claimed Its Second Victim?

Looks like yet another patron has suffered an apparent medical episode at the hospital-themed Las Vegas restaurant, the Heart Attack Grill.

The restaurant, which boasts high-calorie menu items such as the “Quadruple bypass Burger” and “Flatliner” fries, is a sucker for continuously staying in national news headlines. This past weekend, restaurant owner Jon Basso reported that a woman had been eating, drinking alcohol and smoking before she fell unconscious Saturday night.

There is no immediate indication that the medical issue the patron suffered was related to the food, but she was wheeled out of the downtown Vegas restaurant by paramedics. This news comes a few months after a man suffered a heart attack at the same restaurant, feeling chest pains during his meal and ultimately ending up in the hospital as well.

With a slogan reading, “Taste Worth Dying For!” and a morbid sign on the establishment’s door reading “CAUTION! This establishment is bad for your health,” it’s interesting to see some people are getting dangerously close to the restaurant’s mission statement.


575-Pound “Heart Attack Grill” Spokesperson Dies at the Age of 29

The 6′ 8″ spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill, the restaurant that promotes an ironic unhealthy menu and lifestyle, has passed away this Tuesday at the age of 29. AZCentral was quick to report that while the cause of Blair River’s death is currently unknown, friends are speculating that the death was caused by contracting pneumonia after dealing with the flu.

The tongue-in-cheek ad campaigns utilized by the Arizona-based restaurant are sure to be under scrutiny in the coming months. For instance, back in November of 2010, Heart Attack Grill announced a promotion that allowed people who weighed over 350 pounds to eat for free, that campaign used River as its figurehead.



Heart Attack Grill: Weigh Over 350 Lbs.? Eat Free!

The Arizona based Heart Attack Grill has been a source of controversy within the food and health community ever since its inception. For those unfamiliar, the Chandler, AZ located burger joint is fashioned after the aesthetics of a hospital, with scantily-clad nurses serving some of the most notoriously unhealthy meals possible. With menu items entitled “Quadruple Bypass Burger” and “Flatliner Fries“, these guys make no effort whatsoever in concealing the unhealthiness of their respective menu options.

Their latest initiative? If you weigh over 350 pounds, you get to eat for free! Outlined in their new sub-site, the restaurant is offering “absolutely unlimited food! All you can eat, every day, all day, every night, all night. No to-go orders. Drinks not included, must weigh in with Doctor or Nurse before each burger.


Craving: Heart Attack Grill Hotties

If you guys have been following Foodbeast, you would still remember these hot pieces of meat! These are the hotties from the famous Heart Attack Grill, and they are looking better then ever! It seems to me like they’re having a little too much fun with their famous Quadruple Bypass Burgers. If I die eating this burger, I’m glad I have these nurses to look after me!


Craving: Heart Attack Grill Burger


The Heart Attack Grill out of Chandler, Arizona is definitely one of the most interesting establishments I’ve been introduced to over the course of my Foodbeasting days. I hope to swing by on my road trip next week, but until then, I can only live vicariously through these pretty images. This hospital-themed restaurant has become famous for embracing and subsequently advertising an unhealthy diet of extremely large, delicious hamburgers, cutting absolutely no corners for taste. Heart disease is definitely a serious issue, but I don’t see anything terribly malicious about trying this burger every once in a blue moon? Eat on! (PicThx Telegraph)