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Paula Deen Releases A Line of ‘Healthy,’ Ironic Butter


I’ve never fully understood why Paula Deen, the butter fairy, gets so much bad press. Sure, she lied about that whole I-invented-the-doughnut-burger thing, is Anthony Bourdain’s archnemesis and waterfalls sugar like no ones business, but to tell you the truth, I think she’s kind of a badass.

Which is why I’m so dismayed that Eater reported she’s doing this whole I-make-healthy-butter-now-doughnut-burger-what? thing. Given, she did reveal her Type 2 diabetes diagnoses more than a year ago and you gotta give her kudos for trying. Then again, Paula Deen’s sudden attempt to rebrand her image as “healthy” via butter, the primary product that lead to her infamous image of indulgence, seems a bit forced.

For us doubting the legitimacy of Paula Deen’s latest venture, rest assured, her PR team touts that these “finishing” butters “let cooks bring a wonderful fresh butter taste to various dishes while just adding butter to the end of the cooking process.” The Paula Deen butter line will be available at Walmart and comes in five different flavors: Lemon DillEuropean StyleSouthern GrillingGarden Herb and Sweet Citrus Zest.

Seems legit.

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Honest Tea Launches Zero-Calorie ‘Honest Fizz’ Soda Line

Honest Fizz

Honest Tea, a company known for their line of “great-tasting, truly healthy, [and] organic beverages,” has decided to make a foray into the realm of soda.

Are we surprised? No, not really. After all, Honest Tea’s new carbonated drinks seem to be relatively tame and in-line with their healthy mission statement.


A Mini Moonshine Jar for ‘Healthy Hillbillies’

Time to trade in your fancy shot glasses for these baby mason jar mock-ups, or you’re in danger of being too mainstream. Don’t worry, you’re still paying $12 per glass, it only looks like you didn’t. Made by Archie McPhee, these 2-3/4″ little suckers hold 2 oz. and help keep your moonshine-guzzling self in check.  The maker explains: “A tiny jar of moonshine is much healthier than a full size jar… See, we’re all about healthy hillbillies.” Hey, that’s an excuse that we’re willing to buy. Be sure to drink up while wearing your Sunday-best flannel, and we won’t reveal that your “hand-me-downs” were also ordered online.

Mini Moonshine Jar: $12 @ Archie McPhee

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