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Checkers & Rally’s Are Giving Out Free Meals to Healthcare Workers


Known for their “Crazy Good Food,” Checkers & Rally’s have shifted their focus towards crazy good hospitality.

Now, at all 250 locations nationwide, first responders and medical workers can get a free small combo at the fast food chain, solely by showing up in their uniform.

Each combo includes a small order of fries, a small drink, and a choice of one of the following entrees: Big Buford (which may be the best name out there for a fast food item), Cheese Champ, Chili Dog, BBQ Bacon Roadhouse, Half-Pound Chicken Bites, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Baconzilla, 5-piece Wings, or a Deep Sea Double. 

The restaurant’s employees will also benefit from the policy, as they’ve been deemed “essential workers,” and will get a free small meal for every shift they work.

This is in addition to the $100,000 they donated to No Kid Hungry that’s estimated to provide a million meals to children, and certainly shows a commitment to helping the communities that surround each location, which is rare for such a large chain. 

Hats off, Checkers & Rally’s.


Photo: Jeremy Brooks
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Chili’s Twitter Will Give Legitimate Answers To Your Life Questions

Chili’s is known for its baby back ribs and burgers, but one thing you probably didn’t know you can get from the fast-casual restaurant is solid answers to life’s questions.

The restaurant made that evident on Wednesday, as Chili’s Twitter effectively responded to a ranting customer.

Twitter user @subtlebutler, out of Austin, TX went on a tirade about how we don’t ask each other enough questions, and rely on forums too much. His frame of logic was that it’s a lot more effective to ask the people around you for help with questions instead of having to wait for some rando to answer your question on Yahoo or Quora. In the midst of listing all the better options that you can turn to for answers, he said “… or chilis (sic). Sometimes @chilis knows.”

Someone who was following @subtlebutler’s rant, followed up by saying, “I really want to know what questions you have for Chili’s,” so the Texan complied and tweeted out, “My co-pay at my primary care doc is supposed to be $0 but then I always get charged more money later even for regular checkups. WHY CHILIS.”

Without skipping a beat, Chili’s Twitter found its way to this Tweet and actually answered it with:

The internet was stunned by this answer, whether true or not. All of a sudden, Chili’s Twitter account became the answer to life’s torturous problems. Where Wendy’s took on the Twitter persona of being a smart-ass that will roast you, Chili’s went the other way and was actually trying to be helpful.

Twitter users flocked to the thread and started asking their own questions, almost as if they’d spotted the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast, and had to get in on the action:

Chili’s can’t possibly solve your love life, can it?

Then things started getting way too deep

But Chili’s still managed to give some solid advice.

In the end, this guy probably put this whole situation in the right perspective: