Sol Sunflower Drink Expands Distribution

The folks over at Sunrich Naturals announced that they plan to expand the distribution of their beverage product SoL from exclusively natural and organic retailers to more major supermarkets. The first to receive the product will be Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market.

SoL’s Sunflower Beverage is a Vitamin E and antioxidant-rich sunflower beverage that contains no gluten, dairy, and is allergy free. First released in the spring of 2011, SoL’s Sunflower is made from farm grown sunflower seeds, free of the eight most common food allergens, is rich with Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Calcium and Vitamin D.

via: BevNet


Healthier Diet in Women Could Lower Birth Defects

Ladies, if you want healthy babies, better start eating better! A new study shows that women who eat a healthy diet primarily of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains during there key child-bearing years will have a lower chance of bearing babies with birth defects.

The study, which was funded by the government, was conducted between 3,824 mother who bore children with birth defects and 6,807 mothers with healthy children. The study also suggests that a healthy diet is always preferable to taking supplements.

While the results may seem obvious, it’s always nice to see some data! And there you have it — eat those veggies, ladies. The future counts on it.

[THX: Huffington Post] Photo Credit: Marc Romenelli


Whole Foods Introduces “Wellness Club”

Whole Foods is a cutting edge supermarket on many levels. As soon as I walk into the store, I immediately feel better about myself, but I wish that feeling wouldn’t fade away as soon as I walk out the door… Does anyone else feel this way?

Well good news! Whole Foods is now introducing a revolutionary concept with its “Wellness Club,” so everyone of their customers can continue to feel good about themselves. The Wellness Club is designed to help shoppers “make educated and positive lifestyle choices that promote their long-term health and well being.” The programs includes a “lifestyle evaluation,” nutrition tips, fitness and cooking classes, and discounts on select merchandise and in-store meals. It seems like a perfect idea for busy Americans who often put health second.

For now, the Wellness Club is only offered in Oakland, however 10 more are expected next year if it is successful. Hopefully, we will all see a Wellness Club in our local Whole Foods soon.


Humor News

China Grades Restaurants with Cartoon Smileys

The State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of China plan to score restaurant health and safety conditions in a creative way.

China Daily reports that the SFDA will implement a grading system of food evaluation with a series of cartoon smiley faces.

“Smiley” faces will represent restaurants that exceed expectations. “Straight” faces will represent restaurants that meet the expectations or are good. “Sad” faces are for restaurants that are average or below.

According to the draft drawn by the SFDA, the scale will be based upon many different safety factors of the restaurant environment. Things that will be taken into account are: food materials, facilities, processing, food additive, and tableware disinfection.

Restaurants and businesses with a score of 90 and above will receive a “Smiley” and a 75 to 90 a “Straight” face. Score above 60 and below 75 will receive the “Sad” face.

Like the grades, businesses will be required to post the cartoon faces on a surface visible for customers to see. Regular inspections will be held throughout the year.

[THX: China Daily]


Wine Study Reveals Daily Half of Glass Will Boost Life Expectancy

I’m sure this “study” will come as quite a subdued shocker to many of you who already knew that Red Wine and Cardiovascular health were intermingled in one way, shape or form. My father is definitely one of those people, but now, when people ask him and individuals like him about why he drinks half a glass of red wine a day, he now has a study to point to. From a research in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, using a case of 1,373 randomly selected men over the course of 40 years, have revealed that of the group, those men who only drank wine (and less than half a glass of it a day), “lived around 2.5 years longer than those who drank beer and spirits, and almost five years longer than those who drank no alcohol at all” ( For those who are in high spirits, remember with any substance, moderation is key! Without further ado, who’s down for some Sangria?!