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5 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Might Actually Ruin Your New Year’s Resolution Diet

Most of you would be lying if you say you’ve never had eating “healthy” foods as your New Year’s resolution. If you’re anything like me, that goal is probably already down the toilet.

Despite my daily trips to Whole Foods and Nekter, I wasn’t really eating healthy. But it’s not because I ate ice cream for the last 15 days (which I did). No, that’s not why I failed my 2018 resolution already. It’s because those “healthy” foods I was consuming were actually ruining my diet. All those times I chugged a cup of green juice and snacked on trail mixes? Well, no wonder I can’t diet properly to save a life.

Below is a top 5 “healthy” foods that may actually be ruining your diet.

1. Gluten-Free Food

Yes, some GF snacks indeed are healthier alternatives. But if it’s processed or packaged, even if it’s “gluten-free,” it can be significantly higher in calories and lower in carbs. So if I’m not gluten sensitive, why add the extra calories without the satisfaction of biting into a cupcake?

2. Green Juice

One word. Sugar.

Cold-pressed juices are loaded with veggies and fruits. But a popular bottled green juice has 260 calories, 60 grams of carbs and 52 grams of sugar! That’s more sugar than five Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts!

Alternative? Drink a green smoothie. Unlike the juice alternative, smoothies retain the fibers from the veggies.

3. Fat-Free Anything

Health Tip: If you eat the center, it’s 100% fat free. 😉 🍩#WorldHealthDay

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“Oh, it’s fat-free! It must be healthy.”

No. No. NO! Get that fat-free chocolate pudding out of your cart! Research shows fat-free/low-fat foods have up to 10% more calories and 40% more sugar. By removing fat, food loses its flavor. To compensate for the lack of flavor, companies add additional flavoring and sugar.

4. Trail Mix

Don’t say you never grabbed a handful of trail mix to pick out all the chocolate. Ok, maybe I tried to be a little bit “healthier” and ate the peanut butter chips too. Hey! Peanuts have protein, right? Well, it turns out that you are better off munching on some unsalted nuts. If you’re having a chocolate craving, opt for some dark chocolate.

5. Acai Bowls

You’re tempted. Those acai bowls are so pretty and totally Instagram ready. And you know what? It’s healthy for you, right? Nope.

You’re getting an acai bowl because acai is a superfood. You want that glowing skin and super immunity! Unfortunately, most acai bowls are high in calories and sugary. Why? Some bowls are made with frozen yogurt instead of a puree. It is also packed on with various toppings like fruit, granola, and honey. While acai itself is low in sugar and packed with antioxidants, think of all the extra calories the toppings and hefty portions add!

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At long last, there may finally be an answer to the lack of healthy, protein-based snacks. Protes, a Brooklyn-based company, has created a solution in the form of a protein-based tortilla chip that may change the way you look at other tortilla chips from now on.

Regardless of your lifestyle, it’s never a bad idea to eat more protein. However, if you’ve ever spent time browsing the supermarket shelves, you’d know finding healthy and delicious snacks is harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

By introducing vegan and GMO-free chips to the market, Protes is here to change the mindset that tasty snacks can’t be healthy.

Protes Chips are made with pea protein, and each bag contains 15 grams of protein. With flavors like Zesty Nacho, Tangy Southern BBQ, Toasted Coconut and Spicy Chili Lime, there’s a flavor for every day of the week.  

So, next time you’re that late night snack craving hits, pop open a bag of Protes so you can taste all the flavor but dismiss all the guilt.  

Currently Protes Chips are available at GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe, along with their website

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Health Hit-Or-Miss

9 Reasons You Really Should Be Using More Turmeric

Turmeric has been used in tons of health foods as of late. While traditionally used in curries, stews, and several marinades, an increasing usage of turmeric has been seen in teas, juices, and other health foods. This is because turmeric is known to have numerous amounts of health benefits and has been used as medicine for thousands of years. Here’s a compilation of some of the greatest health benefits that turmeric is known to provide, and how to use it in food to boost your health:


Curcumin is Responsible For Turmeric’s Key Health Benefits


Photo: New Jersey Health Federation

While most news about the health benefits of turmeric talk about the root itself, the key compound inside of turmeric that provides most of the health benefits is curcumin. Curcumin belong in the polyphenol category of compounds. Many polyphenols have been linked to health benefits (like those in Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Curcumin is no exception, and is where the majority of research focused on turmeric’s health benefits and antioxidant properties is focused on.


Turmeric Keeps Carcinogens From Producing When You Cook Meat


Photo: Tiger Lim

A recent study applied turmeric as a marinade to beef satay to see if it would reduce cancer-causing compounds – carcinogens – from producing when it was grilled. Grilling foods produces carcinogens known as heterocyclic amines, and this study found that turmeric reduced the production of those compounds by the grilled meat. Make sure to rub some on your meat next time you grill!


Turmeric Helps You Retain Other Antioxidants Better 


Photo: Siska DM

Several other vegetables are great sources of antioxidants, such as pumpkins and carrots, which both contain high amounts of beta-carotene. This antioxidant has numerous health benefits and is responsible for the orange color seen in both vegetables. A study showed that turmeric actually helps make this beta-carotene more available, meaning that mixing it with these common fall vegetables gives you increased health benefits.


It’s a Great Source of Vitamins and Minerals 


Photo: The World’s Healthiest Foods

Apart from curcumin, turmeric is packed with a ton of other health-providing compounds. Two teaspoons of turmeric alone provides 17% of the manganese and 10% of the iron you need daily – enough to get an “excellent” source rating from the World’s Healthiest Foods. That’s without including all of the other micronutrients turmeric is a good source of, as seen in the chart above.


Turmeric is Best Known For It’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties 


Photo: Manuela Schmidt

Traditional Chinese medicine (along with several other cultures) has been using turmeric for generations as a way to treat several anti-inflammatory conditions. While these typically have been arthritis, colitis, and hepatitis (liver inflammation), turmeric also has the potential to treat many other anti-inflammatory conditions, including Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and many more!


It Can Also Treat Skin Disease Very Well 


Photo: Sush Singh

Several early studies have looked at the effects of turmeric as a topical skin treatment. They have linked it to helping cure acne, alopecia (an autoimmune disease leading to hair loss), skin aging, and several other skin conditions. There’s still plenty of room for research in this field, but the early signs are promising.


Turmeric Fights Multiple Types of Cancer


Photo: Garden to Cup

Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties also help out in treating cancer. It’s been researched and found to not only help destroy cancerous cells, but also inhibit the growth of already present tumors. This is extremely promising for turmeric to be a great supplement or natural medicine to help fight cancer.


It’s Effective in Treating Alcohol Poisoning 


Photo: Daishi Naruse

Who would’ve thought? Turmeric has been used to help combat alcohol intoxication before. While it doesn’t keep you from being drunk, it has been linked to preventing any liver or brain damage that alcohol poisoning could potentially cause. Having some turmeric tea or turmeric-marinated foods on-hand during a long night out may be helpful.


Pepper Boosts Turmeric’s Health Benefits


Photo: Juliana

While turmeric and the curcumin inside of it have enormous health potential, we don’t absorb them into our blood stream very well. As a fat-soluble compound, using oils in turmeric marinades can help with this absorption. There may be another answer to this in the form of pepper. Black pepper contains a compound inside of it called piperine – something we normally associate with the flavor of pepper. However, it’s also been shown to boost the absorption of turmeric into our bloodstream by a whopping 2000 percent! That would definitely help boost the health benefits we gain from turmeric.


Turmeric is a great health-promoting food and should be an essential in your spice cabinet as well as your health food pantry. While it’s not approved by the FDA yet for use in medicine, there’s no denying how powerful this root is in providing great health benefits. From pepper-infused curries to turmeric-spiced pumpkins, make sure to incorporate some into your meals!

Health Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Whole Foods Completely Botched Their Ad By Not Understanding Shadows


We’ve seen quite a few marketing blunders in the last year when it comes to popular food brands. Whether it’s a noticeably fake CGI burger or ridiculous editing, companies should know by now that keen consumers will surely spot and put on blast any error in Photoshop.

Take this Whole Foods ad for example.

In a recent Reddit post, a user received a flyer for a new Whole Foods that just opened in the Santa Clara Square Marketplace. In it, five people are walking to and from the health food store. The problem, the shadows of the drawn people are facing three different directions.

Hopefully, Whole Foods puts more of their money into their stores rather than their designers. Clearly this was a rookie mistake.

Photo: Reddit
Hit-Or-Miss Tastemade/Snapchat

This Is Why You Should Stop Being Skeptical of Pomegranates


I wasn’t present at whatever meeting where “they” decided that pomegranate would go in everything. All I know is that one night, I went to bed with my cocktails full of lemon juice and my shampoos reeking of “Mountain Meadow Mist” and then the next day everything from salad dressings to condoms had the word “pomegranate” on it. The hostile takeover left me impressed, though also perturbed, by its sheer audacity.

“Very bold,” I likely muttered, before thinning my eyes and concluding, “a little too bold.”

Like everyone, though, I came around. It was akin to one of those sci-fi stories where the aliens show up promising to improve the livelihoods of all mankind and everyone’s (rightfully) skeptical, but it turns out they actually do want to help us evolve.

For starters, pomegranates want to pump us full of antioxidants, which prevents damage to your cells. Pomegranate juice actually ranks as the fifth strongest antioxidant. You know what else is ranked fifth best? The Beatles’ celebrated album Rubber Soul and Aretha Franklin’s classic rendition of the song “Respect” (both according to Rolling Stone anyway). So don’t you dare write off fifth just because there’s no designated Olympic medal for it!

Are there also cool amounts of Vitamins C and K? Hell yes. You know what they do? They empower your immune system and help with blood-clotting. So, yeah, Snootypants, you’re welcome.

“Oh, but that’s probably it, really,” you’re already muttering, totally interrupting me.


They’ve got potassium, which you love because it super helps with muscle control and blood pressure regulation. I’m pretty sure everyone likes moving around and not having strokes.

“So these undeniably high-tech examples of nature are, what, made in Batman’s cave then?” you’re asking me, once again interrupting.

First of all, it’s called the Batcave. Read a comic book. Secondly, no, the total opposite! Pomegranates are grown in the sunniest, warmest spots around, and as determined survivors, they’ll even grow in partial shade. They grow on adorable trees with the fruits looking like giant ruby red Christmas ornaments (sometimes with a little pinkish hue thrown in for good, sassy measure).

Plus, their seeds are insanely stylish additions to desserts, given that they are 1) delicious and 2) high in sugar. Those seeds also pack a ton of fiber, which limits the effects on blood sugar levels, so it’s practically healthy, even in that regard.

So yes, they are, in fact, capable of pretty much everything cool forever. Thank you, pomegranates. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.


So Apparently Cheering for a Losing Football Team Makes You Fatter


Sometimes (read: every time), watching your team lose can hurt as bad as a break-up, or your dog dying, or watching the last thirty minutes of The Fox and The Hound. Well, it turns out football fans not only feel the same pain, they deal with it in the same way too. Namely, by turning into big fat fatties.

According to a recent study published in Psychological Science, football fans can consume up to 28% more saturated fats after a defeat and up to 16% less after a victory, with more pronounced numbers in cities with more fervent fanbases, like Pittsburgh. In other words, after losing games, these fans actually turn to eating their feelings for comfort. All of their greasy, ranch dressing-drenched, deep-fried feelings.

“If you’re a fan, you say, ‘We lost, I lost,’” Pierre Chandon, a co-author of the study, explained to the New York Times. “When people feel their identity is threatened, they compensate by eating indulgent food. It’s more difficult to resist temptation. No one ate broccoli after a defeat.”

The study, which compared the eating habits of fans who lost to fans whose teams did not play or to people from cities without teams, also noted the biggest binges happened on Mondays.

We can only imagine how bad it gets in the fantasy leagues.

H/T + PicThx NYT

Fast Food

Subway Tests New Fritos-Stuffed Crunchy Chicken Enchilada Melt, Apparently Gives Up on Life


For years, Subway has been touted as a savior for mildly health conscious cubicle-dwellers everywhere, tired of McDonald’s but still not quite willing to pay the premium to eat Veggie Grill or Panera Bread every day. But now it seems even Jared and the promise of an extra cookie or bag of chips isn’t enough to get people to visit, since Subway’s latest test sub looks so unhealthy, it’s almost patriotic.

Stuffed with shredded chicken dripping in enchilada sauce and topped with Monterey Cheddar and Fritos chips (yes really), the new Crunchy Chicken Enchilada Melt has only been spotted in Central Florida and downtown Seattle, according to Grub Grade (while a visit to our local Subway location revealed no such glory). But perhaps this reveal can be considered a sign that Subway has finally thrown in the towel. After all, given the choice between getting this and that awful Oven Roasted Chicken with Spinach again, we all know most of us would happily take the extra calories. Shh honey, it’s okay – that’s what all the vegetables are for.

H/T + Picthx Grub Grade


Starbucks Puts Calorie Info on Menus Nationwide, Ruins Caramel Frapps for Everyone


Starbucks is leading the calorie-conscious caffeine wave by adding nutrition information to all Starbucks menus nationwide starting June 25. The move comes after the FDA proposed a requirement that all restaurant chains with more than twenty locations post calorie counts on their menu boards and provide full nutritional information upon request. However, Starbucks decided to bite the bullet and expose the dirty calorie details regardless of the FDA’s decision. This is great news for health activists and people suffering through their summer diets, but really lousy news for all of us who’d really rather not know that our daily Frappuccino is singlehandedly supporting the sugar industry.

Come on, Starbucks. We’ve been gulping your caramel-drizzled concoctions for years, and never once did we have any illusion that what we were drinking was healthy. It’s indulgent, overpriced, and effing delicious — and that’s the whole point. If we wanted zero calorie, no sugar, low fat concoctions that taste like burnt coffee beans and disappointment, we’d make ourselves coffee in our own kitchens. But no. You had to save us from ourselves and print the cold, hard truth in black and white right there on the menu. We suppose our arteries (and our six packs) will thank us later, but we’ll be honest — we’ll probably just avoid looking at the menu for a while. At least until we’re better at living in denial.

H/T + PicThx Eater