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HBO Digitally Removes Coffee Cup From Last Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’, It Wasn’t Starbucks After All


Warning: Game of Thrones Spoilers Ahead

Fans of the groundbreaking HBO series Game of Thrones spotted what was almost undeniably a Starbucks coffee cup this past Sunday’s episode.

Without going too heavy into it, the scene took place during a feast held in the halls of Winterfell. In one shot you can clearly see a modern cup of coffee on the table in front of the Dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen.

News spread of the botch and wild theories ranging from time travel, revenge of the cinematographer, and even Starbucks product placement all invaded social platforms.

HBO debunked those rumors in a statement that pretty much squashed all the theories and simply owned up to the fact that it was an accident…and has corrected it.

Subscribers of HBO Go and NOW will notice that the cup has been digitally erased from the episode. At the time of reporting, you can still see the cup if you have the HBO extension of Hulu, but it’ll probably be a matter of hours before they wipe that footage too.

It was also confirmed by The Wall Street Journal that the cup wasn’t from Starbucks, but simply craft services. There goes the Starbucks advertisement theory.

HBO also mentioned that with a production as big as Game of Thrones, items from craft services have occasionally been missed and made it on camera. Though luckily none as noticeable as that coffee cup.

Game of Thrones fans, the final two episodes will be airing on May 12 and May 19. With two episodes left, which will presumably be some of television’s moved viewed content for years to come, you bet your sweet ass fans will dissect every scene for the tiniest of details. Hopefully nothing else slips by.

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Brace Yourselves: Official Game Of Thrones OREOs Are Coming

We knew that Game of Thrones was gonna go big on their promotions for the final season, but the writing wizards of Winterfell have conjured up an unexpected surprise nobody expected: Official show-branded OREOs.

First reported on by packaged food Instagrammers like TheJunkFoodAisle and CandyHunting, Foodbeast has received official confirmation from OREO’s team that these Game of Thrones OREO packages are launching soon.

OREO wouldn’t provide any more detail than that confirmation, but promised to share additional details about the HBO collab as soon as possible.

For now, we just know that these will be dropping some time around April 14th, when the final season of Game of Thrones begins.

Featured Image courtesy of @TheJunkFoodAisle on Instagram. 

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Hilarious Video Reimagines ‘Game Of Thrones’ Intro With an Old Man Eating Soup

Without going into any spoilers, the first scene for season 7 of Game of Thrones was probably one of the most epic openers in the show’s history. Needless to say, we’re on board for whatever else this long-awaited season has to offer.

In honor of Sunday’s premiere, satirical site ClickHole posted a gag opener that’s one part ridiculous and one part grand. Viewers are essentially watching an old man eat soup to the theme of Game of Thrones.

Not gonna lie, it’s pretty epic. Soup doesn’t look half bad either.

Check out the video, posted above. We’re both impressed with how well-made this was, and kicking ourselves for not regularly eating our meals to the opening theme to the hit HBO series sooner.


Game of Thrones Fans, Behold, An Ice Cream Cone Iron Throne

There’s only a few days left until the long-awaited premiere of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season. Set to air Sunday, the show’s season opener also falls on another sweet occasion: National Ice Cream Day.

If we weren’t hyped enough for the sweet season opener, Blue Bunny created a replica of the infamous Iron Throne completely from ice cream cones. The throne was unveiled in New York City where fans had the chance to eat some free Blue Bunny ice cream and sit down and feel the weight of being the true ruler of Westeros on their soul.

Sounds like a fun morning.

You can check out a time lapse of the construction process in the video above. Game of Thrones returns to HBO on Sunday, July 16.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Danny McBride Said Salmonella Wouldn’t Stop Him From Eating Chipotle

We all know Danny McBride from his role on the HBO series Eastbound & Down, where he played the foul-mouthed, over-confident, and chauvinistic professional baseball player, Kenny Powers.

Now, co-starring in a new HBO series, Vice Principals with Walton Goggins, GQ spoke with McBride about his success and, “how to sellout the right way.” GQ also spoofed the concept of “sellouts” by dressing him and Goggins up as life-sized, degenerate versions of famous brand icons — like a creepy Ronald McDonald and a shady-looking Hamburglar. My Favorite is the McBride being transformed into the Wendy’s logo.


Considering his body of work, McBride seemed pretty down to earth. In the interview, he spoke candidly about his love for Game of Thrones and Chipotle Burrito Bowls. In fact, he seemed at least generally aware of Chipotle’s recent heath issues, but that didn’t even seem to phase him.

Here’s an excerpt from GQ’s interview with him. You can read the full article here.

GQ: Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark, Game Of Thrones) says Nando’s gives celebrities black cards if you mention them, and she was really trying to get free chicken. The only thing she had to promote was a chicken shop. (Not Game of Thrones, or the X-Men movie she was in.)

“I like that. I’m gonna go get a black card too, except there’s no Nando’s in Los Angeles, is there?”

GQ: I don’t think so, but if you’re a Chipotle fan, I understand they also do the cards.

“They also give you salmonella don’t they?”

GQ: Only sometimes. But if we knew when and how we were going to die, it would take the excitement out of living.

“Yeah, how boring would it be? Salmonella won’t stop me from getting the burrito bowl at Chipotle. I love it.”

Could this be the first celebrity endorsement for Chipotle in the aftermath of their public fallout? If so, we can’t wait for the “Chipotle/Kenny Powers” national marketing campaign. That would actually be cool, he did play in Mexico.

Interestingly enough, he says he doesn’t see himself as much of a pitchman. You would think the HBO star’s success would merit sponsorship opportunities from every direction, but McBride admitted that branding wasn’t his strongest attribute.

GQ: As a celebrity, do you get tons of free swag?

 “I don’t. Heineken sent me a beer keg one time. I don’t think a lot of brands want to be associated with me.”

Here’s some footage of the photoshoot GQ compiled, because an interview with the man who brought Kenny Powers to life isn’t complete without foul-language, alcohol and drug use. Needless to say, it’s NSFW, so watch it on your lunch break.


Celebrity Grub

Watch This ‘Silicon Valley’ Star’s Hilarious Rant About Whole Foods Chicken


Whole Foods can get pretty expensive. Let’s get that straight. While we’re more than happy to visit the health food chain, on occasion, we have to admit that sometimes the prices are a little steep for something as simple as chicken.

Jimmy O. Yang, who plays Jian-Yang on the hit HBO series Silicon Valley, talks about the ridiculous prices of Whole Foods’s chicken in his hilarious stand-up set on the Laugh Factory.

Check it out.

Hit-Or-Miss Products

Game Of Thrones Beers Exist, And They Look Amazing

Valar Morghulis. Valar Dohaeris. 

“All men must die. All men must serve.”

Game of Thrones came back on Sunday night, and with it, a flurry of emotions that have carried over since last season’s gut-wrenching finale. The producers of the show knew this would happen, since it happens every season, so they began softening the blow by teaming up with Brewery Ommegang to create their very own line of Game of Thrones beers, and they’re delicious.

fullsizerender_720 slack_for_ios_upload_720-3 slack_for_ios_upload_480

Although the first beer in the series was introduced back in March of 2013, Ommegang has been releasing them slowly but surely, unveiling one to two GOT beers a year. Ommegang recently introduced the newest member of their family shortly before the premier episode of season six, a Belgian/American mix called The Seven Kingdoms.

slack_for_ios_upload_720-2 slack_for_ios_upload_720-1 slack_for_ios_upload_720

The other beers that have come out since 2013 are The Iron Throne (a blonde ale), Take The Black (a stout), Fire And Blood (a red ale), Valar Morghulis (an Abbey dubbel), The Three-Eyed Raven (a dark saison ale), then the most recent addition, The Seven Kingdoms (a hoppy wheat ale).

All six of these beers are now available for sale and come in either 1/6 kegs or large 750 milliliter bottles.




Photo Source: Brewery Ommegang


Homemade True Blood Because A Good Neck Is Hard To Find

To all the Truebies, Twihards, and vampire enthusiasts: let’s be honest, a good neck is hard to find. Fresh blood is scarce these days. And the show True Blood‘s official drink, which isn’t sold in the HBO Store anymore, is waaaaay too expensive everywhere else. So what’s a true fan to do?

Make your own “blood” of course!

For this recipe from the page-to-platers at Fictional Food, you start with their original ‘V’ recipe, which is basically strained berry puree. It’s disgustingly viscous and surprisingly delicious!

Then, you dilute that with Cran-Grape juice at a 1-1 ratio, like O Negative Lite. Pour the vital fluid into an empty bottle and paste on these handy labels. All the flavor without the bite.

via Fictional Food