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This Giant Ferrero Rocher Cake Is A Golden Dome Of Decadence

Growing up, a Ferrero Rocher piece was the pinnacle of decadent confection. Wrapped in bright gold foil, the balls of chocolate and hazelnut boasted a rich flavor and bold textures created from the marriage of the two balanced ingredients.

Now imagine that feeling, magnified one hundred fold.

Gelato Messina, a gelato shop in Australia, created a giant Ferrero Rocher ball that pales all other candies before it.

Photo Courtesy of Reuben Mourad

The exquisite details to create this dessert miracle start with tempered chocolates that are liquefied and poured into a dome mold, which is then tipped upside down. The mold is next filled with gianduja gelato, white chocolate, and hazelnut spread, all of which are then frozen. What follows is the hazelnut praline mousse and chocolate covered Rice Krispies being added to the gelato dome once it’s stiff.

A second, smaller hazelnut and cream gelato dome is crafted, frozen, and glazed with chocolate rocker glaze while the bottom dome is sprayed with gold luster. Finally, the Rocher glazed dome is placed on top of the gold glazed one, sealed and ready to be split in half.

Photo Courtesy of Reuben Mourad

An intricate process, yes, but the results speak for themselves.

You can order this cake online to be shipped or pick it up in-store if you’re in Australia.

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Here’s What The Internet Would Do With 20 Tons Of Nutella Hazelnut Spread

Last week, about 20 tons of Nutella were stolen from a truck in Germany. Authorities were baffled as to where all that hazelnut spread could have gone, or why so much was needed. The Nutella heist happened some time between Aug. 12 and Aug. 13. in the town of Neustadt, which resides about 120km from Frankfurt.

According to CBS Chicago, the stolen spread is valued at about $82,000. Neustadt police warn locals to be wary of someone offering them large quantities of chocolate through “unconventional channels.” Instances like this should be reported it to the authorities immediately.

User The-Potato-Lord posed a question on Reddit, in the wake of history’s biggest Nutella caper, asking:

If you suddenly came into the possession of 20 tons of Nutella, what would you do?

As a result of the call to action, we’re left with some pretty impressive options. Because who doesn’t dream of getting their hands on this plethora of sweet Nutella?

Here are all the clever and creative suggestions the Internet had to offer as to what to do with 20 tons of hazelnut spread:

And the #1 suggestion for the massive surplus of hazelnut spread:

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Nutella Is Finally Opening Their First Restaurant In The United States

Holy hazelnuts! Dreams do come true!

No, that headline is no joke because Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, is opening up their first owned and operated restaurant in the world! The Nutella Café is opening up in Chicago, and it isn’t a pop-up joint either. This cafe is here to stay!

This full Nutella experience will feature a plethora of delectable curated items on the menu. Crepes, gelato, pastries, breakfast classics, fondue — it’s all there and isn’t just limited to dessert. The Nutella Cafe is a full-on restaurant complete with savory paninis, salads, soups, and coffee.

The grand opening of the Nutella Cafe is on Wednesday, May 31st at 10:00 AM sharp! In addition, the first 400 ‘nuts’ (You can replace with Nutella lovers) there will receive special surprises while supplies last, so mark your calendars!

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McDonald’s Now Has A Nutella Burger, Here’s What It Looks Like

McDonald’s locations in Europe have always placed a stronger focus on pastries than the ones in the United States. Two of the fast food chain’s spots in France and Italy feature their very own bakery section filled with an impressive array of cookies, macarons, pastries, and donuts.

The latest pastry item from the Golden Arches comes by way of Italy in the form of a Nutella Burger, USA Today reports

While the Nutella Burger doesn’t actually feature any burger meat, McDonald’s Italy describes it as “soft bread with a creamy, indulgent center.” Clearly this is an item that would garner some buzz, as shown by the post receiving more than 90,000 shares and 75,000 reactions from Facebook fans. 

Because fast food stock photos versus the real thing are almost never one in the same, we decided to see what the burger actually looked like for ourselves. 

Here are some of the best pics we could find of McDonald’s new Nutella Burger, in real life. We think it’s safe to say it looks pretty damn delicious. 


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Watch An Entire Jar of Nutella Melted By A Blowtorch

Just when you thought you couldn’t find another use for Nutella, the folks over at Let’s Melt This decided to torch the popular hazelnut spread in one of the most hauntingly beautiful videos we’ve ever seen.

In their latest upload, an entire jar of Nutella is given the blowtorch treatment and melted to ashes.

What’s fascinating is the nearly three-minute process the jar undergoes as it’s exposed to extreme heat. Transitioning between beautiful macroscopic shots and wides, we see the entire breakdown of the sweet spread, from the bubbling plastic to the chocolate igniting.

You may also remember these same guys were the ones that threw sulfuric acid on a Big Mac just to watch it burn.

While our moms would whoop our rear ends for wasting a perfectly good jar of Nutella, we commend Let’s Melt This for taking the chance on this and other popular food items in the name of discovery. Although, we don’t envy their clean-up process.


Keep Calm and Buy All The Nutella


Don’t panic but there’s a hazelnut shortage that could very seriously affect everyone’s favorite chocolate hazelnut spread. Before you chuck your laptop across the room in a mad dash to get your local grocer hear us out.

Severe weather conditions are to blame for over 70 percent of Turkey’s hazelnut crops being devastated. Because of the decrease in supply, prices have skyrocketed and will only continue to increase as the supply dwindles.

So here’s how things will affect our beloved Nutella, in a nutshell, (pun intended), Nutella purchases over 25 percent of the world’s hazelnut supply to keep up with the demand of their popular product. Obviously, the leader in chocolate hazelnut spread can’t exactly produce Nutella without hazelnuts. Lucky for us, the chocolate gold producers swiped up a huge Turkish hazelnut producer that should keep price increases at bay, but there’s no guarantees.

Just to be safe, you better start hoarding your jars like their gold, as if you weren’t doing that anyway.

H/T Gothamist


Dunkin’ Donuts Unveils First-Ever Coffee Flavored Donuts


I always thought coffee and donuts were a television myth like high schools with indoor lockers or crashing into bushes when learning to ride a bike. Then I actually tried the two together and instantly fell in love. Who knew? For anyone that enjoys a nice up of coffee to go with their morning donut, Dunkin’ Donuts is releasing their first-ever creme donuts that’s made with their own coffee recipe. The two new flavors include Glazed Coffee Kreme Donut and the Coffee, Creme & Sugar Donut.

The Glazed Coffee Creme donut is made with a glazed yeast shell and filled with coffee buttercream. It’s topped with a drizzle of chocolate icing. The Coffee, Creme & Sugar Donut is also made with a glazed yeast shell and stuffed with coffee butter creme and topped with powdered sugar. The two donuts will only be available for a limited time at participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations.

The donut chain is also launching two new flavor options for coffee beverages in the form of swirls. Swirls are essentially flavor shots that customers can add to customize their coffee orders. The two choices are French Vanilla and Hazelnut.

Now if only they made donut-flavored coffee…wait, they WHAT?!




Carvel Unleashes Nutella Soft Serve and Ice Cream


For anyone who loves drizzling that melted Nutella spread onto their ice cream, the world just got a little easier. Carvel, the ice cream chain, is launching a line of Nutella-flavored ice cream this summer. After all, summer is the only time ice cream is crucial to a healthy diet.

The flavors include a hand-scooped chocolate ice cream that’s layered with Nutella hazelnut spread and “Carvel Crunchies” and topped with more Nutella, a soft-serve ice cream made with Nutella spread, the Sundae Dasher with Banana (Nutella soft-serve and bananas topped with whipped cream and more Nutella) and the Sundae Dasher with Chocolate Crunchies (Nutella soft-serve with banana and Carvel Crunchies).

The Nutella ice cream will only be available for a limited time, however, beginning June 30 through Sept. 30 at participating Carvel locations. Three months should be plenty of time, right?