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Nutella Is Finally Opening Their First Restaurant In The United States

Holy hazelnuts! Dreams do come true!

No, that headline is no joke because Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, is opening up their first owned and operated restaurant in the world! The Nutella Café is opening up in Chicago, and it isn’t a pop-up joint either. This cafe is here to stay!

This full Nutella experience will feature a plethora of delectable curated items on the menu. Crepes, gelato, pastries, breakfast classics, fondue — it’s all there and isn’t just limited to dessert. The Nutella Cafe is a full-on restaurant complete with savory paninis, salads, soups, and coffee.

The grand opening of the Nutella Cafe is on Wednesday, May 31st at 10:00 AM sharp! In addition, the first 400 ‘nuts’ (You can replace with Nutella lovers) there will receive special surprises while supplies last, so mark your calendars!


Peanut Butter Brand Jif to Launch Line of Hazelnut Spreads

For those concerned parties that think Nutella has too dominant a share of the hazelnut spread market (har har), rest a bit easier tonight: Jif, the popular peanut butter purveyor, is releasing their own line of hazelnut spreads.

Despite Nutella‘s recent uphill battle regarding the healthiness of their product, Jif is pushing forward with the release of both their Chocolate and Mocha Cappuccino flavored hazelnut spreads.

Both of Jif’s new hazelnut spreads have similar nutritional makeup. Each flavor will run you nearly 230 calories and 14 grams per serving, and only net you 2 grams of protein.

It may not be the healthiest spread around, but as long as Jif doesn’t market it as a ‘healthy’ product, they can avoid similar recent troubles that Nutella faced.

Will you be trying Jif’s new spread? Have you already? Compare it to Nutella in the comments!