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You’ll Need To Lei Down After This Slater’s 50/50 x King’s Hawaiian’s Item Collaboration

When you think of Hawaiian food, the first items to come to mind are probably poke and musubi. But brace yourselves, mainlanders, because Slater’s 50/50 wants to add a burger to that list! In celebration of  Hawaiian Foods Week, the award-winning gastropub chain has partnered with the iconic KING’S HAWAIIAN to bring us the mac daddy of patties. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Big Island Feast

The burger, which serves a luau’s worth at 4 to 6 people, features a 2 ½ pound, signature 50/50 patty – named for its 50% ground beef, 50% ground bacon composition. It’s then topped with grilled pineapple, a full can of fried SPAM, cole slaw, four sunny side up eggs, and six slices of American cheese. 

Swaddled in a full KING’S HAWAIIAN Round Loaf and drizzled with teriyaki sauce, this meat behemoth is served tableside and cut as if it were a cake, like the glorious spectacle it is. As if that weren’t sufficient, it comes with a SPAM’s can worth of macaroni salad, just in case you have any room left in your stomach at all.

The result is a decadent, but well-balanced tribute to Hawaii’s unique food culture – a culinary lovechild born out of native Hawaiian cuisine blended with various cultural and ethnic influences from the island nation’s thriving immigrant population. 

If you’re not ready to devour this entire behemoth, you can order the smaller version of the burger called the “King’s Luau,” also served on King’s Hawaiian rolls.

The Big Island Feast is available through September at all Slater’s 50/50 locations, so assemble a team of fellow gluttons and indulge before it’s too late. 

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with King’s Hawaiian

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Dave & Buster’s Unveils LOADED RIBS As Part Of New Hawaiian Menu

Dave & Buster’s has been stepping up their food game introducing new, chef-driven dishes, and they’re continuing that trend with a Hawaiian-inspired menu that features ribs loaded with pineapple and bacon.

While ribs normally come just glazed served with other sides, Dave & Buster’s Smoky BBQ Bacon Hawaiian ribs come topped with grilled pineapple slices and chunks of crispy bacon. The entire rack is glazed with KING’S HAWAIIAN Smoked Bacon BBQ Sauce and comes with caramelized mango pineapple salsa.

You can also order a smaller portion of the ribs that comes with some Crispy Hawaiian Chicken Sliders. These are made with toasted KING’S HAWAIIAN rolls and karaage-style chicken tossed in KING’S HAWAIIAN Sweet Island Ginger BBQ Sauce.

These ribs and sliders are all part of Dave & Buster’s special menu created for Hawaiian Foods Week. Other dishes in the lineup include the Hawaiian-Style Ginger Salmon, made with mango pineapple salsa and served with stir-fried veggies and rice. 

There’s also some tropical-inspired cocktails to wash everything down, including the Jamaican Mai Tai, which brings together Appleton and Aperol for a refreshing, boozy drink.

You can find all of these items at Dave & Buster’s locations nationwide for a limited time.

Created in partnership with King’s Hawaiian.

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Dog Haus Restaurants Selling Fried Chicken Sandwich Inspired By Karate Kid Films

Dog Haus, a chain renowned for their unique takes on hot dogs, has just created a fried chicken sandwich that pays tribute to an all-time movie classic.

Their new Karaage Kid, named partly in tribute to the old school karate film, takes karaage chicken, or Japanese-style fried chicken, and places it into a sandwich that has a burst of umami flavor in every bite.

Dog Haus’s Karaage Kid is a special sandwich created for Hawaiian Foods Week, and with the karaage style of frying being popular in the Aloha State, it made sense to bring it to this themed sandwich.

Apart from the karaage chicken, there’s also KING’S HAWAIIAN Sweet Island Ginger Sauce, spicy basil aioli, a layer of furikake seasoning, and an Asian slaw, all piled inside of a toasted KING’S HAWAIIAN Hamburger Bun.

The resulting sandwich is one with a unique combination of flavors and textures, from the crispy, juicy karaage chicken to the creamy and fragrant aioli, crunchy slaw, and pillowy, sweet bun.

You can find the Karaage Kid at Dog Haus locations for a limited time. While it’s on the menu, $1 from every purchase of the sandwich will go to No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit fighting to end childhood hunger in the United States.

Created in partnership with King’s Hawaiian. 

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This Fiery Lava Dip Is Served Inside An Entire King’s Hawaiian Bread Bowl

When you think of bread bowls, soups like clam chowder, tomato soup, and the like typically come to mind. At Granite City Food & Brewery, however, they’re twisting things up by filling their bread bowls with a fiery cheese dip.

Ideal for tearing and sharing, the Fiery Lava Dip takes what you love about spicy chicken, cheese sauce, and bread, combining them all into one appetizer.

The base of the Fiery Lava Dip is a bread bowl made from KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Round Bread, which is filled with a generous pour of molten cheese sauce, KING’S HAWAIIAN Big Island Lava Sauce, and grilled chicken. It’s garnished with a bunch of crispy onion straws, adding some crunch to balance out the richness of the cheese inside.

The Fiery Lava Dip is part of a special menu Granite City has put together for Hawaiian Foods Week. One of their other mind-boggling eats is the Hawaiian King’s Feast, a massive BBQ platter with some island flavor.

On the tray is Huli Huli grilled chicken breasts, a generous portion of baby back ribs glazed in KING’S HAWAIIAN Kona Coffee BBQ Sauce, pulled pork tossed with KING’S HAWAIIAN Big Island Lava Sauce, a grilled cheese sandwich made on KING’S HAWAIIAN Sliced Bread, and a creamy scoop of coleslaw.

Other items on the menu include a Coco Loco chicken sandwich, rack of the Kona BBQ Glazed Ribs, Tropical Chicken Salad, and a Coconut Macadamia Nut Bread Pudding made with even more KING’S HAWAIIAN sweet bread for dessert.

Granite City isn’t skimping on the drinks for this menu, either. To wash everything down, there’s the Blue Chi Chi, a fish bowl cocktail made with spirits like vodka, Malibu, and orange liqueur. It’s enough for the entire squad to share while you all partake in some Hawaiian-inspired fare.

You can find this entire menu at Granite City locations for a limited time.

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with King’s Hawaiian

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This Twist On Loco Moco Puts The Iconic Hawaiian Dish In Burger Form

One of the most iconic Hawaiian dishes out there, the Loco Moco, just got turned into a breakfast burger.

For those unfamiliar, loco moco is a beloved Hawaiian meal consisting of beef patties, eggs, and gravy served over rice. At the Broken Yolk Cafe, they took the juicy burger patty, eggs, and gravy and incorporated them into a breakfast sandwich.

The Loco Moco Breakfast Burger comes loaded with crispy hash browns, caramelized onions, a burger patty, two sunny side up eggs, bacon, a generous drizzle of gravy, and green onions, all loaded inside of KING’S HAWAIIAN rolls.

This innovative twist on loco moco is just one of the several offerings Broken Yolk will have available for Hawaiian Foods Week. Also on their menu will be a Hot Lava Bloody Mary, made with KING’S HAWAIIAN Big Island Lava sauce and garnished with a SPAM slider.

Broken Yolk will also have an Island Bene(dict) made with SPAM, their famous Tiki Toast, and a Pineapple Coconut Mimosa all available as part of the limited-time lineup starting June 1.

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with King’s Hawaiian

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Pork & Pineapple Join Forces For A Cheesy Celebration Of Hawaiian Foods Week

Hawaiian Foods Week is coming soon, and restaurant chains around the country will be featuring various menus that come with some Aloha flair. At Hurricane Grill & Wings, the headliner on their Taste of Aloha menu is a Hawaiian-inspired quesadilla.

This Kalua Pig and Pineapple Quesadilla is loaded with a variety of mouthwatering ingredients. There’s the pulled pork itself, which is tossed in KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Sweet Pineapple BBQ Sauce, along with pineapple, diced red peppers, and a blanket of melted cheese.

You can also dig into a hefty KING’S HAWAIIAN Pulled Pork Sandwich, which uses the same sauced-up pork as the quesadilla that is piled onto a KING’S HAWAIIAN Hamburger Bun with pickles, chopped bacon, coleslaw, and an extra hit of the Original Sweet Pineapple BBQ Sauce.

Hurricane’s will also be serving up island-inspired ceviches and shrimp salads, as well as a giant Blue Crush cocktail, made with tequila, blue curacao, and pineapple juice for a sleek color and tropical vibe.

All of these limited-time items will be on the menu at both Hurricane’s and Buffalo’s Cafe & Express locations to celebrate Hawaiian Foods Week, bringing a taste of the Aloha State across the country.

Created in partnership with KING’S HAWAIIAN

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Phoenix Brewery Hosts A Complete Hawaiian Luau On Sundays, Whole Roasted Pig Included

You can use a lot of different things to make beer, including fruits, milk, and even coffee. But it’s rare to find a brew that’s been made using Hawaiian punch.

Arizona-based OHSO Brewery & Distillery has done just that to celebrate Hawaiian Foods Week. The “Hawaiian Punched” beer has the bright red color of the popular juice, and for Foodbeast Editor-in-Chief Elie Ayrouth, it was a great balance of the punch’s flavor without an overbearing sweetness. He described it as “juicy,” with sweetness to start and a finish that brought it back from punch to beer. “Extremely session-able, nothing like a cider,” he said.

OHSO isn’t stopping there, though, as they’ve constructed a couple of Aloha State-themed dishes to go with their fruity brew.

One of these items is the Big Island Moco Burger, a hefty tribute to the traditional Hawaiian Loco Moco. A burger patty, fried egg, gravy, and SPAM are all stuffed into a King’s Hawaiian Hamburger bun.

There’s also the Kilauea Pig sandwich, using marinated and roasted pork that falls apart at a mere touch. OHSO is cooking up whole hogs to make this sandwich happen, so you’re apt to get the best of every cut in a single sandwich.

That pork gets drenched in a mixture of King’s Hawaiian Big Island Lava and Kona Coffee BBQ sauces. All of that and a pineapple slaw are then tucked into a King’s Hawaiian bun.

Both items go great with the Hawaiian Punched Beer, but OHSO has two other island-themed brews on tap that you can choose from as well. There’s the Beach Ale, a Blonde Grapefruit Ale from Barrio Brewing Co., and the Big Swell IPA, made by Maui Brewing Co. out in Hawaii.

All of these items will be available at OHSO’s locations during Hawaiian Foods Week. It’s a great way to get your luau on in the middle of the Arizona desert.

Photos by Elie Ayrouth

Created in partnership with King’s Hawaiian

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Hurricane Grill & Wings Debuts A ‘Big Kahuna’ Burger To Celebrate Hawaiian Foods Week

Hawaiian food is taking the country by storm right now. One of the events that helps the island culture spread is Hawaiian Foods Week, a culinary celebration of the best the Aloha State has to offer.

This year, King’s Hawaiian and national chain Hurricane Grill & Wings are helping to spread Hawaiian Foods week across the entire country.

Hurricane’s is no stranger to island fare, with many of their eats based on flavors from the Caribbean and beyond. However, they’re dedicating an entire special section of their menu to Hawaiian food for the first time, adding unique twists to their signature wings and grilled items in tribute to Hawaiian Foods Week.

Leading off Hurricane’s exclusive menu is the Big Kahuna Burger. It comes with a smoked bacon bbq sauce, grilled pineapple, and mayo all piled into a King’s Hawaiian Burger Bun.

Hurricane’s is famous for their wings, and for Hawaiian Foods Week, they’ll have a special Island Lava flavor available alongside their many other sauce and rub choices.

Also on the menu is a set of Coconut Shrimp Tiki Tacos. The coconut adds a delicate sweetness and crunch that perfectly complements the fresh, succulent shrimp.

The final dish on the special lineup is the Paradise Pork Nachos, a bar food take on Hawaiian roasted pork.

You can wash any of these dishes down with the Aloha Sunset, a special Jack Daniels-based cocktail made especially for Hawaiian Foods Week. Only available at locations with a full bar!

If you’re more into beer, they’ll have a Kona Big Wave Golden Ale available at all locations.

Hurricane’s is bringing together the best of Hawaii with their signature dishes for a tropical fusion of island flavor from around the world. Their special menu for Hawaiian Foods Week will be available through mid-to-late August.

Created in partnership with King’s Hawaiian