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Watch Irish People Try American Breakfast For The First Time

Breakfast is arguably hands-down the best meal of the day. Whether choosing something savory and hearty, or something a little on the sweeter side, you can’t go wrong starting your morning with a blissful breakfast dish.

Coffee also helps.

The folks over at Facts rounded up the troops once again, this time to try some inspired American breakfast dishes for the very first time. On the menu for this culinary experience are:  blueberry pancakes, crispy hash made in a breakfast skillet, apple & cinnamon waffles, and biscuits & gravy with sausage.

Our salivary glands are definitely on red alert.

Check out their reactions to these American breakfast menu items. Pretty shocked how much they didn’t enjoy the biscuits and gravy, that’s definitely one of our go-to side dishes.

OK, now what’s for breakfast…


This Glorious Breakfast Pizza Has A Corned Beef Hash Crust


Since the beginning of my existence, my two favorite things to eat are breakfast and pizza. If the two were somehow able to be combined, even better. Kyle Marcoux, also known as The Vulgar Chef, threw on his Santa costume and made my wish come true with his new recipe for Breakfast Pizza.

Now one of my favorite breakfast dishes is corned beef hash, cooked crisp enough so that eat bite there’s a faint crunch. Imagine my delight seeing this pizza’s crust is made entirely of just that.

What you’ll need is two cans of corned beef hash, two handfuls of frozen shredded hash browns, five eggs, cheese and bacon.

Made inside a cast iron skillet, Kyle begins to form a crust out of the corned beef hash and hash brown mixture. After the crust is precooked for 40 minutes, Kyle adds the eggs and cheese. The skillet goes into the oven again for another 15 minutes and finally topped with crisp bacon.

Check out his video for the complete recipe. I’m gonna take a minute and come up with a decent enough excuse to leave work and make this.