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McDonald’s Hash Brown Hack Is A Breakfast Game Changer

About a decade ago, I was a pimple-faced teenager salting fries and pouring coffee at McDonald’s. Now, as a pimple-faced adult writing about fast food, there’s one hack from my time behind the counter that I’m excited to find which can be ordered from the fast food chain: well done hash browns.

I would work the morning shift at Micky D’s during my college years, and one of my favorite things to make during break would be extra crispy hash browns. Like all well-done starches, all you would have to do is leave the shredded potato patties in the hot oil a few minutes past the wail of the fryer.

Turns out it’s no longer an industry secret as I recently discovered that you can actually order your hash browns well done as you would fries.

Guys, it’s a breakfast time game changer.

Visually they look pretty similar to the regular hash browns, albeit with a slightly darker color. Texturally, they’re miles crispier and add a satisfying crunch to your bite. If you’re taking your meal to go, they won’t get too soggy either.

Super pleased to see this is now a thing. I strongly recommend slapping some sweet jelly on your well-done hash brown and bite into an experience of sweet and salty, with the crunchiest texture this side of the Golden Arches.

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Chick-fil-A Goes National With Hash Brown Scramble Breakfast Bowl

Photo courtesy of Chick-fil-A

We still haven’t forgiven Chick-fil-A for taking away the Spicy Chicken Biscuit. Sure, we’re living in the past instead of moving on with our lives, but the breakfast sandwich was just that damn good.

Still, if the fast-casual chicken chain hatches out more hearty breakfast items like this new Hash Brown Scramble, we could probably forgive and forget little more quickly.

The bowl features a bed of Chick-fil-A’s “tot” style hash browns topped with scrambled eggs and a blend of Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese. Customers can choose between sliced Chick-fil-A nuggets or sausage as a protein. Each bowl is also served with jalapeño salsa.

Photo courtesy of Chick-fil-A

Initially in select testing locations, the Hash Brown Scramble is officially available nationwide at all participating Chick-fil-A locations. Unfortunately, the new item will be replacing the chain’s current Breakfast Burrito.

They give, and they taketh away. Sigh.

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This Restaurant Uses Hash Brown BUNS On Their Breakfast Burger

We breeze through Koreatown quite a few times in our line of work. Between shoots in Downtown Los Angeles and the Hollywood areas, sometimes we like to post up in KTown to get some work done since the drive back to the Orange County office can be so tedious. It was during one of those Koreatown visits was when I discovered a restaurant called Cassell’s Hamburgers.

Now, first up, any spot that serves breakfast all-day gets praise in my book. However, this spot featured a dish on the menu that had us doing a double-take: A breakfast burger with hash brown buns.

This “B’fast Burger” wasn’t even a promotional item or something seasonal that the restaurant did. It was a permanent fixture on the menu.

Cassell’s B’fast Burger features a beef patty topped with avocado, a fried egg, and spicy mayonnaise. Instead of a hamburger bun, the restaurant credits a custom “bun” made from fried hash browns.

We recommend adding some extra bacon to the burger to round out your meal. Seriously, their bacon is amazing.

You can find the B’fast Burger at Cassell’s Hamburgers in Koreatown, Los Angeles. While breakfast is served all day, the burger is only available before 11 am.

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Jack In The Box Testing Chick-N-Tater Melt Topped With Whole Hash Brown and Croissant Bun


More chicken options for Jack in the Box’s infamous Munchie Meals: replacing the Exploding Cheesy Chicken on some menus is this new Chick-N-Tater Melt, which is a croissant sandwich stuffed with a fried chicken patty and asphyxiated in Swiss cheese, bacon, cheese sauce, ranch, and a hash brown.

This perfect, degenerate start to your breakfast shame spiral was spotted by a Brand Eating reader in Northern California, where we’re hoping people really like potatoes. Available as a $6 Munchie Meal from 9 pm to 5 am, the Chick-N-Tater is offered in a combo with two tacos, a drink, and halfsie regular and curly fries. You know, just in case the hash brown wasn’t tuber-y enough.

For a true whole-breakfast-in-one-bite experience, stuff your Chick-N-Tater with mini pancakes and maple syrup. At this point, you really might as well.


Hash Brown-Wrapped Eggs Are Crunchy, Creamy Perfection

Hash Brown Wrapped Egg

Breakfast is always a good idea, especially when it comes in the form of ooey gooey eggy goodness. But when the meal also creates innovative ways to add in other breakfast favorites, that’s when it reaches a whole new level of morning deliciousness.

Dan over at The Food In My Beard achieved this with his hash brown-wrapped eggs. Think runny soft-boiled eggs enveloped in an herb-infused potato mixture. Holy noms. The bites are then fried to create what look like nuggets of perfection.

Hash Brown Wrapped Egg

Hash Brown Wrapped Egg

Don’t worry — making them aren’t as complicated as it seems, just follow Dan’s step-by-step instructions. Once finished (per the cook’s suggestion), top these bad boys with a bit of Sriracha for the ultimate crunchy-creamy-spicy experience.

PicThx The Food In My Beard

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Arby’s New Bacon Cheddar Potato Cake Melt Is Basically Heaven Stuffed Between Two Hash Browns


It’s not hard to make bacon taste delicious. Sure, Bacon Lattice Mac and Cheese Pies are awesome, as are Bacon Weave Grilled Cheeses and Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Doritos, but there’s just something about eating a plain old strip of bacon right out of the frying pan that harkens back to simpler days. Late nights on the playground. Sunday Breakfast with the family. Neopets.

Don’t worry, all you dewy-eyed dreamers; Arby’s totally gets it, at least judging by the composition of their new test sandwich, the Bacon Cheddar Potato Cake Melt.

It’s two halves of a slice of cheddar cheese and thick-cut pepper bacon sandwiched between two “Potato Cakes,” or hash browns. Or basically how you ate all those pre-made breakfast packs as a child anyhow.


The new sandwich is part of a test value menu called the “Snack ‘n’ Save,” aimed on improving Arby’s traffic during off-hours, according to Brand Eating. The menu also includes a Loaded Baked Potato, the Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melt, a Chocolate Molten Lava Cake and Snack Size Curly Fries, among other offerings.

Psh, what summer diet?

H/T + Picthx Brand Eating


Del Taco: Del Breakfast Bowl

Starting today, Inauguration Day, Del Taco restaurants present the Del Breakfast Bowl. The bowl, priced at $2.99, contains hash brown sticks, scrambled eggs, jalapeno bacon, chili, sour cream, cheddar cheese and cilantro. Dabble a little Del Scorcho on this piece, and you’ll be set for the Inauguration ceremonies later today!