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How To Make Actual Butterbeer From The 1500s [WATCH]

The butterbeer at Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter is delicious, don’t get me wrong. However, it is a far cry from the original recipe to this brew that dates back over 400 years.

YouTuber How to Drink recently recreated the OG version of the foamy, buttery drink, which draws together its description from the Harry Potter series with the actual recipe. Found in The Good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin, published in London in 1588, this “Buttered Beer” was almost more of an alcoholic custard than a beer, as How to Drink’s recipe video shows.

The process of making it is similar to cooking custard, tempering it with a mulled ale, and then melting in hefty quantities of butter. The result is slightly alcoholic, as some of the beer’s potency will evaporate during the process. However, it is warm, frothy, and quite sweet, just like J.K. Rowling describes it in her iconic novel series.

If you’re looking to make a legitimate butterbeer recipe, this is likely the one to turn to. It’ll also help keep everyone warm during the holidays and makes for an interesting alternative to eggnog for the grown-ups.

How to Drink has the full recipe in the description of his YouTube video, and you can also find more info on his various social media accounts.

Featured Image courtesy of Greg Titian.
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Potterheads Will Love These Butterbeer Donuts Topped With A Golden Snitch

If you’re a Potterhead looking for some more Harry Potter-themed foods for inspiration, these Butterbeer donuts are the item you’ve been searching for.

Virginia-based donut chain Sugar Shack has taken the butterscotch-based drink to another level by infusing it into their fried dough specialties. On top of the regular donut, which gets coated with white glaze and gold sprinkles, customers also get an additional Golden Snitch donut hole, complete with vanilla fondant wings to emulate the look of the elusive orb.

To get these donuts, you’ll need to Apparate (or drive) over to one of Sugar Shack’s three locations. Stores in Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, Virginia have already started selling the donuts, while their Florida location will start offering the Butterbeer donuts soon and have them available through the month of October.

All we need after these is a good boozy Butterbeer to wash it all down.

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Alcoholic Frozen Butterbeer Is The Ultimate Boozy Harry Potter Dessert

When you go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, one item you’re likely going to purchase is the famous Butterbeer. Available warm, cold, or frozen, this butterscotch soda with a creamy topping is beloved by tons of park attendees.

However, there’s always been one thing missing from Butterbeer that would make it truly live up to its name: alcohol. Of course, Universal likely wouldn’t sell that in its theme parks, but you can always make your own version at home.

If you’re looking for a good starting point for a boozy Butterbeer, look no further than this video from YouTube channel SORTEDfood. They’ve taken the quintessential cream soda delight from Universal and punched it up with a few additions. SORTED did their research in the actual books, but also chose to give their Butterbeer the alcoholic twist we’ve all been missing from the theme park version.

SORTED’s version is also frozen, so it’s a great way to cool down if you host a Harry Potter-themed get-together over the summer. A warning, though, drinking this Butterbeer may require a pants-stretching spell.

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We Held A Great Feast At Harry Potter World’s ‘Three Broomsticks’

Attention all you witches and wizards out there hungry for some magic. Prepare to gorge on the most lavish platter of luscious meats and vegetables the Wizarding World has ever seen.

Surely this must be some kind of sorcery.

We were invited to the Three Broomsticks restaurant, located at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Hollywood, to join in on the Great Feast.

The Great Feast Platter featured succulent meats of roasted chicken and BBQ spareribs, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, and a garden salad. Each platter feeds a wizard family of four, with an additional charge to add a lingering Muggle or two.

So as your arms burn with the righteous pain of the Dark Mark, eat and strengthen yourselves for what’s to come.

Voldemort is returning to power and he’ll need as many brave witches and wizards available to join his noble cause.

Also, don’t forget to wash down your meal with plenty of Butter Beer.

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Goblets Of Fire Are Real At This Harry Potter Cafe

When Universal Studios opened up a Harry Potter-themed section in its park, fans got a chance to enjoy glasses of the infamous Butter Beer.

Really, the only way to top that is with an actual Goblet of Fire beverage, which is exactly what this Potter-Themed bar serves up to fans of the book.

Platform 1094 in Singapore transformed its cafe into a full-on Potter wet dream, complete with magic wands, a very Hogwarts-looking dining room, and of course, the Bacardi-infused flaming goblet.

The Harry Potter-based drink looks very similar to a “Backdraft” shot. It requires you to pour a shot of Bacardi that’s lit on fire, into the glass of Blue Curacao. Then you pour the “Magic Powder,” AKA cinnamon, over the top and get treated to a pretty lit fire show.

They have other cool drinks, too, such as a their Truth Venom, Dizziness Tonic, and Elixir of Life, but those aren’t lit on fire, so they don’t get as many props.

A photo posted by Joyce Yukari (@twistedchibi) on

If you muggles out there are huge Potter fans, this might be something you’ll want to experience. Plus a trip out of the country is always dope.

h/t hellogiggles

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5 Cookbooks Based On Popular TV Shows & Movies You Need To Check Out

One thing we’ve noticed when laying in bed and binging on a television show or movie series for hours on end is how appetizing fictional foods look when you’re hungry and adamant about not leaving your room.

It can’t be helped until the binge runs its course.

Once it does, however, you might want to check out these five cookbooks based on popular television series and movie franchises.

While some of these book are given the official seals of approval by the actual creators, others are more light-hearted parodies. Regardless, all of the instructional tomes are in the spirit of the fictional worlds they represent.

Check them out below! Each features an Amazon link in case your interest is piqued.

Bob’s Burgers Cookbook


Fascinated by the “Burger Of The Week” from the popular animated FOX series? In a collaboration with Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard and the show’s other writers, the Bob’s Burgers Cookbook will teach you how to bring the punny burgers from the cartoon to life.

Game of Thrones


While we anxiously await the arrival of Winter, we find ourselves eager for anything Game of Thrones related to keep us satiated until the new season. If you’ve ever wonder what they ate at King’s Landing, or what consisted of a traditional Dothraki meal, this cookbook will explore those dishes.

Harry Potter


Sure, you can check out Universal’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter if you want to try some of Britain’s most magical dishes, or you can just go home and make them for yourselves. Recipes include the franchise’s famous Butterbeer along with many staples of the wizarding community.

Star Wars


How hyped are you guys for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? If you plan on hosting a Star Wars-themed party to get into the spirit of the upcoming film, you’re gonna want to check out this cookbook.

Wookie cookie, anyone?

Breaking Bad


Ready to cook? Sure Breaking Bad has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop baking. This parody cookbook, titled Baking Bad, shows you the wonders of baking with recipes from the show that brought Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul critical acclaim.

Just a heads up, it won’t teach you how to make actual blue meth.

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This New Harry Potter Cafe In Pakistan Is All Kinds of Magical

Attention lovers of coffee and Harry Potter, your deepest desire is now officially a reality. A Harry Potter-themed cafe has opened up in Islamabad, Pakistan, and already it’s a must-see spot for wizard wannabes everywhere.

Brothers Hassan and Haider Khan are the brains behind the cafe, citing their own lifelong love of the Harry Potter series as inspiration for the business venture.

“Our childhood has been spent daydreaming about Hogwarts. Turning 11 was a milestone for us while we sat in a corner of our homes with the hope that an owl would tap on our windows with a letter any time; but it never happened.”

Now, the brothers are making their childhood dreams (and the childhood dreams of millions of other fans) come true all on their own. No owl post required.

Hogwarts Cafe

The Khan brothers have cultivated a menu of food and drink that is everything a Harry Potter geek wants out of life: you can choose between specialties like Sprout’s Spicy Chicken Pasta, Mandrake’s Tears Steak, the Dragonfire Burger, or the Forbidden Chocolate Cake. For drinks, you can enjoy a refreshing, frothy glass of homemade Butterbeer, Dragon’s Milk, Unicorn’s Blood, and other amazing themed drinks.

It’s all too good to be true.

HP Novelites

Beyond their magical menu, the decor in the Hogwarts Cafe is on point. Excerpts from the books cover the walls, wooden chandeliers hang from the ceilings, and there’s even the entryway to Platform 9 3/4. Try to contain your emotions. The cafe also sells merchandise, including mugs, t-shirts, wands, Time Turners, and so much more.

Hogwarts Door

As if everything about the cafe wasn’t already near-perfect, the Khan brothers are also determined to make the cafe an experience for every customer. They routinely have “sorting drink” contests, with free meals given away as prizes. The cafe owners even made one Muggles’ day by sending her a super legit Hogwarts acceptance letter on her birthday.

And if you’ve been waiting on that exact letter for over a decade, you know what an act of kindness that truly is.

The cafe has already become such a smash hit in Pakistan that two new locations will be opening up in the months to come; one in the Philippines and one in Toronto. If both of those locations are a little too far for your Nimbus to take you, try the Bad Owl Cafe in Nevada instead.

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This YouTuber’s Butterbeer Recipe Is On Point

Sure, you can get a ticket to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and wait in line to get your hands on the popular wizarding drink called Butterbeer. Or you can just make it in the comfort of your own home.

HellthyJunkFood, the YouTube channel known best for accurately recreating popular fast food items at home attempt to make the magical beverage at home. All you need is some brown sugar, water, butter, cream soda, and whipped cream.

Check out the video above for the complete recipe, in detail, and sit through many cringe-worthy Harry Potter puns to complete the recipe. For a drink like butterbeer, we can sit through pretty much anything.