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James Franco and Seth Rogen Make a Korean BBQ Lasagna [WATCH]


In one of the most awesomely timed YouTube collaborations ever, Epic Meal Time teamed up with Seth Rogen and James Franco to create a Korean BBQ Lasagna that actually looks palatable.

The video features Rogen and Franco building a Korean BBQ-inspired lasagna riddled with french fries, Korean meats and noodle dividers. Even better, the acting duo’s controversial new comedy film about assassinating North Korea’s Kim Jong Un launches December 25th, just a few weeks away.

Enjoy the episode, along with some blatantly terrible SEOUL cooking references:


BEHOLD: Deep Fried Sushi Poutine Covered With Spicy Mayo ‘Gravy’


When it comes to poutine, there are generally two schools of thought: the fry-cheese curd-gravy purists, and everyone else (the first group might call them heathens). And then there’s f*cking Epic Meal Time, who decided to piss off both the sushi and poutine fans at once with their latest calorie bomb monstrosity: deep fried sushi “poutine.”

The gist is this: poorly constructed whole sushi rolls, deep fried and laid out 30-ish at a time, along with chewy rice ball “cheese curds,” and spicy mayonnaise “gravy.” The total damage: 38,575 calories and 2,560 grams of fat, and a crime against a Canadian staple so grievous EMT should probably just get kicked out of the country.

Not to worry boys, ‘Murica still loves you through and through:


In Case You Missed It: Jamie Oliver Kidnaps Harley of Epic Meal Time

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 8.56.45 PM

Look. I’m all for a Greek salad or two on a hot day. Here’s to cucumbers and romaine. But a three-foot, “25-veg” cabbage patch quilt wrap? That’s a little cray. Then again, what would you expect from an Epic Meal Time parody?

Chef, health-food crusader, and British guy Jamie Oliver was kidnapped by the EMT team earlier this year, and decided to take revenge. EMT host Harley Morenstein remains trapped and bound in an unseen basement, shouting unruly epitaphs while Oliver teams up with the vegan versions of EMT’s DJ BBQ and Muscles to make an absurdly huge veggie wrap, because “f**k leeks.”

If the feud continues, I hope EMT shows Oliver how to make a less healthy version of the aforementioned wrap. Veggies are fine. Nutella is better.


Egg Roll-stuffed Crust Chinese Pizza

Leave it to the guys at Epic Meal Time to force a conversation about what’s a better leftover: chinese or pizza.

The result of their inquiry? A cooking show episode that has the boys create a series of Chinese Food-topped Pizzas with crusts stuffed with egg rolls. Why? Because, “they’re f*cking smart,” that’s why.

The most endearing part of the episode comes when the show’s host Harley Morenstein pleads with his treacherous eater friend Muscles Glasses to not eat the entire dish this time around, hoping for some leftovers later in the evening. Of course this request falls on deaf ears. Take a look: