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KFC’s Virtual Reality Training Experience Is Kind Of Terrifying

To demonstrate how Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Original Recipe fried chicken is made, the fast food chain created a virtual reality training program to give customers a first-hand look.

The Hard Way is a KFC Virtual Reality Training Escape Room. Like real-life escape rooms, this virtual experience leaves fans locked in a KFC training room. As you try to escape, a sinister portrait of Colonel Sanders gives you clues and instructions on how to free yourself.

The experience lasts ten minutes long and covers the five main steps for producing the company’s famous fried chicken. This includes inspecting, rinsing, breading, racking, and pressure frying.

At any rate, it looks like something straight out of the Saw movies, and we’re pretty intrigued. In fact, we kind of wish McDonald’s would do something like this with Ronald.

Check out the creepy, yet awesome, virtual reality trailer:

Hopefully this room isn’t too horrifying. We wouldn’t want to pee in our limited-edition KFC pants.