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New White Claw Lemonade Flavors Drop This Summer

Lemonade is arguably the most refreshing summer drink you can sip on right? It’s fresh and easy to chug with a nice sour punch and a hint of sweet. Apple juice doesn’t cut it during the summer season (though it’s delicious). Orange juice is only for breakfast and becomes useless after 12PM. So it makes sense why White Claw would combine their unique flavors with the power of the most refreshing beverage you can get.

Four new delicious flavors are coming from the White Claw team with their new White Claw Hard Seltzer REFRSHR Lemonades. The flavors are Lemonade Limón with a hint of calamansi, Lemonade Blood Orange with a hint of black raspberry, Lemonade Blackberry with Red Cherry and Lemonade Strawberry with a hunt of Kiwi.

There’s some classic flavor combinations here like strawberry and kiwi but the most interesting flavor addition is the calamansi. Clamansi is a citrus fruit from the Philippines and is like a hybrid of a kumquat and Mandarin orange.

The new White Claw Hard Seltzer REFRESHR Lemonades come in a 12 pack and are now available nationwide.

Alcohol Drinks What's New

Sacred Seltzer is Made Using Real Holy Water

American art collective, MSCHF, infamous for stirring the pot through incendiary pop culture product collabs, is back with another drop that’s sure to stir said pot into into a whirlpool of, well, mischief.

Introducing Sacred Seltzer, the first hard seltzer that’s made with actual holy water — 95% real holy water to be exact. MSCHF’s website indicates that the holy water was “blessed according to official Catholic procedure on March 31, 2022 in LA County, CA.” Beyond the spiritual details, Sacred Seltzer is also made up of 5% alcohol and comes in three flavors: Mango, Cherry and Lime.

If you’re down for your next hard seltzer sips to be blessed, MSCHF is now selling Sacred Seltzer on their site as a six-pack for $24 for a limited time.

Alcohol Drinks What's New

Vizzy Is About to Make Brunch Pop Off With Mimosa Hard Seltzers

Hard Seltzers are everywhere… including brunch now! Vizzy Hard Seltzer recently released its Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer so you can have all the sweetness of your favorite brunch beverage with fewer calories.

Available nationwide, Vizzy is the first-of-its-kind hard seltzer made with real orange juice and Vitamin C from Acerola Superfruit. 

“Let’s be real — no one has ever been sad drinking a Mimosa and Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer takes the bubbles, orange juice and real fruit flavor people love about the signature brunch cocktail and flips it on its head,” said Liz Cramton, Director of Marketing for Vizzy Hard Seltzer.

Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer comes in four flavors: Strawberry Orange Mimosa, Pineapple Orange Mimosa, Peach Orange Mimosa and Pomegranate Orange Mimosa. Each can contains 100 calories, 0 grams of sugar and 5% alcohol per 12-oz.

The new Vizzy Mimosa variety pack comes in 12-oz can 12-packs, while Vizzy Strawberry Orange will also retail individually in standalone 16oz and 24oz cans.

Alcohol Drinks What's New

Topo Chico Unveils Margarita Hard Seltzer

Another hard seltzer option is squeezing in the crowded space, this time with some added flair from the flavors of margaritas. Topo Chico’s new Margarita Hard Seltzer is looking to shake the hard seltzer segment up with its fizzy take on the classic margarita — coming in clutch for the warmer weather vibes.

Topo Chico Margarita Hard Seltzer will come in four distinct flavors: Signature Margarita, Tropical Pineapple, Strawberry Hibiscus and Prickly Pear.

Fans can cop now at local retailers and set themselves up right for Spring Break or absolute chill mode during these sunnier days.

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Modelo Introduces Five New Flavors

Modelo is making some major moves. The Mexican beer brand recently announced the introduction of five new drinks, including its first light beer, Modelo Oro. 

The new offerings include:

  • Modelo Chelada Naranja Picosa – available nationally
  • Modelo Chelada Limón y Sal, 12 oz. 12-pack – available nationally
  • Modelo Oro – available in Charlotte, NC; Fresno, CA and Houston, TX
  • Modelo Cantarito-Style Cerveza – available in Atlanta, GA; San Diego, CA and Arizona
  • Modelo Ranch Water – available in Texas and New Mexico

Available nationally, Modelo is releasing a 12oz 12-pack of the popular Modelo Chelada Limón y Sal flavor. The newest, vibrant flavor in the Chelada lineup is Modelo Chelada Naranja Picosa — a fun and zesty blend of refreshing flavors including orange, lime, salt, and a hint of spice.

“We know that consumers are increasingly reaching for lighter, more premium sessionable offerings5, so we developed Modelo Oro, a light cerveza that seals in Modelo’s golden flavor. Meanwhile Modelo Cantarito-Style Cerveza is inspired by the vibrant cantarito cocktail from Jalisco, Mexico — a drink to celebrate the strong Mexican culture and heritage we see throughout the U.S.,” said Saúl Trejo, Senior Brand Manager at Modelo.

Modelo’s new premium light beer offering is Modelo Oro, a time-crafted and premium light beer with an exceptionally smooth, crisp clean finish. Modelo Ranch Water is a fresh, spiked sparkling water crafted with real flavor and Mexican ingredients — with a splash of real Mexican lime juice and a hint of 100% blue agave. Modelo Cantarito-Style Cerveza is a light lager made with a hint of real grapefruit, orange and lime juices.

Alcohol Drinks What's New

White Claw Debuts New Passion Fruit Flavor

White Claw has been the catalyst to the hard seltzer craze, seemingly synonymous with the niche beverage. Elevating their already robust lineup of flavors, the brand has debuted a new Passion Fruit flavor.

The newest White Claw Hard Seltzer flavor delivers a kiss of sweetness and pronounced tartness that’s indicative of the tropical fruit. White Claw is crafted through the proprietary BrewPure process and gives fans a new way to sip the same gluten-free, 100 calories and 5% ABV experience.   

White Claw’s new Passion Fruit flavor will replace Mango in the second edition of the White Claw Variety Pack, which also includes Watermelon, Lemon and Tangerine. Crack open a cold one once it hits shelves at retailers in mid-February.

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Truly Will Sponsor Your First Date and Possibly Your Wedding

Truly believes in a thing called love and this lovers’ season, they’re offering to sponsor Valentine’s Day first dates to show just how much they’re down for a little devotion and affection. In fact, they believe in the L word so much that if a happy winning couple gets engaged to be married within one year of their Valentine’s Day first date, Truly will pay for their wedding, complete with a fully stocked Truly bar.

Feelin’ the love from Truly? To enter, simply share proof of your Valentine’s Day first date by tweeting @TrulySeltzer and use the hashtag #TrulyVibin. Know that Truly is rewarding the most creative submissions with $100 via Cash App, with the top five best submissions winning a year’s worth of Truly ($1,000 via Cash App), so for sure get creative and cute with your submissions.

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SONIC Hard Seltzer is Now Available in Half of the U.S.

Last year we reported on SONIC coming out with a hard seltzer line based on their iconic slushes. Previously, the product had only been available in seven markets. Now, that availability has expanded to much of the U.S.

SONIC Hard Seltzer is expanding its hard seltzer line into 21 new states: Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia; with Missouri residents getting a taste in St. Louis.

The expanded availability comes just in time for the upcoming Super Bowl, where hard seltzers have surged as a game day favorite for many fans.