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We Are Most Thankful For This ‘Thanksgiving Split’

Happy Thanksgiving Foodbeast fam!

If you’re looking to serve up some unique takes on Thanksgiving dishes this year, look no further than this latest creation in the Foodbeast kitchen: The Thanksgiving Split.

No, it’s not the latest dance meme taking over our timelines. This friends, is our diabolical homage to a traditional banana split, using Thanksgiving foods. Forget the box, this take goes beyond any traditional realm to serve up some goodness in no other way. Look no further than a bite of this to fulfill all Thanksgiving dinner stops in one chew.

Appetizer? Check.

Main course? Check.

Dessert? Duh.

Tell me you’re not down, my pals. Tell me you’re not down. The tryptophan spins will hit you in double time and have you professing to be thankful for the feels that this Thanksgiving Split have you in.