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McDonald’s New Mascot is Creepier than a Clown in a Suit

Happy the Happy Meal

With a mascots like Ronald McDonald and the Grimace, it’s difficult to believe McDonald’s could come up with yet another terrifying figure to sell Happy Meals. I mean, how can anyone top a perpetually cheery clown and a purple monster? Kids, meet Happy. The new McDonald’s mascot is a dancing anthropomorphic Happy Meal box that looks like a love child of one of Despicable Me’s minions and said box.

Unveiled on Monday, Happy is the official Happy Meal ambassador of McDonald’s. Following the introduction of Happy is the new addition of the Yoplait strawberry-flavored Go-Gurt as a side option for Happy Meals. Starting July 4, kids can now choose between two of the three sides for their Happy Meals: small fries, apple slices and yogurt.

According to McDonald’s, Happy is there to encourage kids to enjoy more fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy as well as wholesome beverages like water or juice. Sounds like a pretty solid guy. Happy first made his debut in France back in 2009 and worked his way across Europe and Latin America before finally arriving in the US.

Whether Happy will stay in the mainstream or will soon retire to the island of forgotten mascots remains to be seen. Until then better eat your apples and yogurt and pass on those french fries, kids.

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McDonald’s Employee Arrested for Smuggling Heroin in Happy Meals


A McDonald’s employee was busted in Pittsburg for allegedly smuggling sacks of heroin in Happy Meal boxes via the drive-thru window. According to CBS Pittsburg, undercover agents arrested Shania Dennis after setting up a controlled transaction.

Using a password given to them by an informant, the cops requested to buy a boy’s Happy Meal toy. They then proceeded to the drive-thru window, paying Dennis $2 for the toy and $80 for a Happy Meal box containing 10 small bags of heroin. Upon arrest, Dennis was found with 50 additional bags and currently faces possession and delivery charges. 

Swissvale Police Chief Greg Geppert stated that Dennis allegedly placed $2 in the register and $80 into her bra during Wednesday’s undercover buy. At the moment, authorities are unable to say how long this mini operation had been going on for.

” The allegations related to this employee do not represent acceptable behaviors and are not consistent with our values. As such, we take these charges very seriously and we are fully cooperating with the authorities. We are also conducting our own thorough internal investigation.  For additional information, please contact the local authorities,” Iftikhar Malik, owner of the East Liberty location, assured wary customers in a statement to WTAE.


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McDonald’s Japan Serves Up Super Mario Happy Meal Toys


Yet again the U.S. is missing out on some sweet swag. These koopa-tastic Super Mario toys are being offered as part of a Happy Meal at all McDonald’s Japan locations. The toys include Peach, Yoshi, and Mario in various power-up forms such as Fire Mario and Penguin Mario. Notably excluded is Luigi. Surprise, surprise.

Nintendo was founded in Japan which is why the fast food chain is celebrating this cultural icon. Oh, and all of the Super Mario toys feature a unique sound effect, like Mario slamming the Hatena block, or an action, like Mario popping out of a Warp Pipe. All the more reason to be jealous of the lucky fast foodies in Japan.


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YAY(-ish): Mcdonald’s Replacing Happy Meal Toys with Books

You may have heard of McDonald’s somewhat-sketchy agreement not to advertise soft drinks for its Happy Meals, but apparently the fast food leviathan’s campaign to improve the wellbeings of America’s youth is far from over.

From November 1 through 14, all tiny plastic playthings will vanish from McDonald’s kids’ meals in favor of four original paperback books featuring the “Goat Who Ate Everything,” Deana the Dinosaur,  Doddi the Dodo Bird, and an ant. The stories themselves are meant to promote “healthy eating” and the campaign launch coincides with National Literacy Day on November 1. Sadly, Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar and Grimace are nowhere to be seen.

“We think that this is a fun and engaging way to give a nutritional message to kids,” Ubong Ituen, VP of marketing for McDonald’s USA, told AdAge.

Which, you know, is all well and good. But good luck convincing your kids not to eat at Burger King the whole time.

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McDonald’s Testing Family Packs in Kansas City, Perfect for Tailgating


Here’s the thing, you order a bucket of chicken from the KFC drive-thru, people tend to understand you’re ordering for a group. You order 5 Big Macs and 10 large fries, you’ve got to expect at least one person is thinking you’re just a big ol’ fattie.

But maybe not much longer. Burger Business reports McDonald’s is currently testing a multi-person boxed meal in Kansas City, Mo. as part of a promotional sponsorship for the Kansas City Chiefs. Dubbed the “Blitz Box,” the meal includes two Quarter Pounders with Cheese, two medium fries and a 20 piece serving of Chicken McNuggets, all for $14.99.

As it stands, McDonald’s has not announced any plans to take the combo even regional, let alone nationwide. Although, similar family-sized meals have been tested before in the Czech Republic, Australia and Malaysia. My only request? Make that ish customizable, like KFC’s Original, Crispy or Grilled buckets or Taco Bell’s DLT-variety pack. Heck, it might even get me to watch football.

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McDonald’s Hong Kong Offers Circus-Themed Hello Kitty Dolls

Hello Kitty lovers rejoice! Your favorite feline can be found in plushie form with the purchase of any food item at McDonald’s Hong Kong.

Similar to how popular Beanie Babies were with Happy Meals here in the US, these dolls are already being sold on the internet black market, aka Ebay, for those die-hard collectors. This year Hello Kitty is decked out in Circus-themed costumes and can be purchased for $25 HK ($3.22 US). The collection includes two “Special Edition” items, including the Dare Devil or the Magician.

Note: If you just happen to be in Hong Kong, you can swoop up the Collector’s Kit for about $30 US, which includes all the plushies plus Jumbo, which is Hello Kitty in an elephant costume.

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McDonald’s Happy Meal Art Reminds Kids What Trees Look Like


Talk about a Happy Meal.

McDonald’s commissioned paper artist Hellen Musselwhite to create inspirational scenes within the fast food giant’s signature Happy Meal boxes.

Nearly every element of each of these works of art are completely constructed out of paper. Apparently, since kids nowadays are all about video games and energy drinks, these “Happy Meals” were designed to inspire young folks to read and explore the natural world.

More behind-the-scenes photos on Musselman’s Happy Meal art can be found here.

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