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Here’s What A 10-Year-Old McDonald’s Burger & Fries Looks Like

As the rest of the world experiences a plant-based revolution, Iceland was unknowingly 10 years ahead of the curve. In 2009, due to Iceland’s financial crisis, McDonald’s closed all locations within the country. Increased operational costs were cited as the reason. Anticipating a Mickey D-less Iceland, one curious citizen by the name of Hjortur Smarason decided to purchase the franchise’s final burger and fries in the country. 

Smarason heard rumors about McDonald’s immortal burgers and wanted to see if they were true. Apparently, and strangely enough, they never decompose. Fast forward and today marks 10 years since Smarason purchased Iceland’s last McDonald’s burger and fries. Since then, the only thing that has decomposed is the French fry box. The showcase of the meal’s durability attracts 400,000 daily visitors to an online live stream set up by Smarason. You can watch the burger in a glass cabinet located at Snotra House, a hostel in southern Iceland. It’s claimed that people from all over the world visit to see the burger yearly.

Once upon a time, I used to be able to mash three double cheeseburgers, McChickens and fries in one sitting. Those are great memories, but I couldn’t imagine eating those now. Learning about something like this should make you curious about what’s in your food. Is it even food? One thing is certain, this isn’t the only time someone has tested the shelf life of McDonald’s food. A 1996 experiment by Karen Hanrahan resulted in a 12 year blemish-less hamburger. There have also been a handful of other similar experiments. 

Nevertheless, despite Iceland’s McDonald’s-free nation, the franchise is still a global behemoth. Health awareness is growing and people are becoming more critical of what goes into their bodies. As this happens, massive franchises like McDonald’s are being held more accountable. Hopefully, experiments like this will not only give us a laugh, but also bring about much needed changes to the food industry.

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McDonald’s and Disney Will, Once Again, Live Happily Ever After

After much deliberation, Disney has decided to take back McDonald’s.

Disney and the Golden Arches have finally reunited. After over 10 years apart, the two will thankfully have McDonald’s Happy Meals featuring Disney characters as the toys accompanying your child’s delicious meal that you will eventually steal from.

Starting off this shift is the “Incredibles 2,” with toys featuring characters from the highly anticipated new Disney film.

The only Disney film that seems like it could potentially helm the role of Happy Meal toy is “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2,” but that doesn’t come out until November ’18, so the “Incredibles 2” better live up to its name and reputation.

But it’s alright, it’s been over a decade, we’ll cut them some slack for now. The reason Disney severed its ties with the fast food empire was because they found the Happy Meals to be too high in caloric intake. In 2006, the obesity epidemic was huge, and Disney thought it best to relinquish any further desire of the Happy Meals that children harbored.

It was a smart move on Disney, to keep McDonald’s to a healthier standard. The fast food franchise showed it really understood the change by announcing this February that it would reduce the calorie count on their Happy Meals by 20 percent, as well as cutting the cheeseburger from the meal.

So, it seems the children of 2006 were gifted with toys and calories galore, and the little tykes nowadays are going to be getting the same, just maybe a fewer toys and fewer calories. That ain’t so bad, is it?

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McDonald’s Slashes Cheeseburgers, Chocolate Milk From Official Happy Meal Options

McDonald’s just announced a major Happy Meal revamp that involves taking some items, including cheeseburgers and chocolate milk, off of the official menu.

The golden-arched giant is looking to make their Happy Meals more healthy, and is pushing to get them all under 600 calories by June 2018. The extra slice of cheese on a McDonald’s hamburger adds 50 calories and 3 grams of fat, which apparently pushes it over the caloric limit on the Happy Meal. In addition, chocolate milk will be taken off the official menu, bottled water will be a featured beverage, and a kids-sized fries will be introduced for the 6-piece McNuggets meal.

Additionally, McDonald’s will be looking at removing as many artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives as possible from their kid’s meals, although there’s no timetable on when those will be taken out or how many the chain is looking to cut from their ingredients list.

McDonald’s claims that all of these changes will bring about average reductions of 20% in calories, 50% in added sugars, 13% in saturated fat, and 17% in sodium. The Happy Meal revamp comes as a result of consumer demand for healthier options for kids, according to Bloomberg. With saturated fat and added sugars being typical markers for “unhealthiness,” the sharp reductions in those should help McDonald’s boost the health image of their Happy Meals.

The Happy Meals haven’t been heavily advertised by McDonald’s for a while (their most recent Instagram post of them being in 2014). However, their inclusion on the new Dollar Menu has increased exposure of the kid’s meal to the public. Making the health-related changes to the Happy Meal now means that McDonald’s can gain publicity for their healthy kids initiative and boost the number of value menu transactions to start off 2018. It’s a win-win for both kids, who get more nutritious food, and McDonald’s, who can capitalize from both a PR and financial standpoint.

For those wondering about where the cheeseburger and chocolate milk are going, they will still be available. You can request them as options for a Happy Meal despite them not being on the official menu. A McDonald’s representative has confirmed to Foodbeast that those swaps will come at no additional charge.

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McDonald’s Is Testing Breakfast Happy Meals


This week McDonald’s finally expanded their breakfast menu to include the beloved McGriddle, something that’s been desperately desired since the company announced All Day Breakfast.

Coinciding with that expansion, the fast food chain is now testing Breakfast Happy Meals.

As part of All Day Breakfast, McDonald’s is offering two new Happy Meal kids’ entrees. The two choices are two McGriddle Cakes or a meatless Egg & Cheese McMuffin.

The Happy Meals come with the choice of two sides. Parents, or kids, can pick between apple slices, strawberry yogurt, hash browns (when available), or kid-sized fries (for lunch or dinner).  Beverages available with the kids’ meal are: Minute Maid Apple Juice, Low Fat White Milk, or Fat Free Chocolate Milk.

Currently, All Day Breakfast Happy Meals are testing in 73 restaurants in the Tulsa market. Hopefully, with some success, they’ll expand the offering nationwide.

Though pretty childless at the moment, we’re just happy we can get our hands on some McGriddles in the middle of the day. Finally.

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McDonald’s New Happy Meal Boxes Turn Into Virtual Reality Goggles


McDonald’s is taking the plunge into virtual reality and they’re taking your kids with them. The fast food chain is adding virtual reality goggles to Happy Meals at McDonald’s locations in Sweden.

Called the Happy Goggles, kids can build their own pair by taking apart the Happy Meal box.

Once the googles are assembled, kids just pop in their phones and they can start playing with a new educational app that the burger company has developed.

It’s a skiing game called Slope Stars.

The boxes will be available from March 5 through March 12 and will cost about $4.10 each.

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Beloved Cuties Return To McDonald’s Happy Meals


Early last year, McDonald’s added a healthy snack option for kids’s Happy Meals in the form of Cuties. The California Clementines became a popular alternative for apple slices and french fries. Now, the Cuties will be making their return.

Boasting the every-popular Vitamin C, the fruit is now available at all participating McDonald’s locations. The option will be available for a limited time through May.

Since 2014, the fast food chain has served more than 38 million Cuties in Happy Meals.

McDonald’s is also stepping into the value game with the McPick 2 items for $2. Customers can pick two items (McDouble, Small Fries, A McChicken, or Mozzarella Sticks) for $2.

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McDonald’s to Add Cuties to Happy Meals


Guess after so many years, kids are tired of apples.

Beginning this month, McDonald’s will be adding Cuties California Clementines to their Happy Meals. The Sun Pacific Cuties will be available in both Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals as a new option for sides. The clementines are said to provide a decent amount of vitamin C.

Like most citrus-based fruits, they can be peeled and eaten with the kid’s lunch or snacked on later.

Currently kids can pick between apple slices and Go-GURT low fat strawberry yogurt. Also, fries.

The Cuties are part of a growing trend of healthier options for kids at McDonald’s restaurants and will be available through March 2015. Their availability will coincide with peak clementine season.

Customers can also purchase Cuties individually from the kids’ menus.

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MAMA MIA: Mario Kart 8 Toys Coming to McDonald’s Happy Meals


Rejoice Mario Kart fans: the newest McDonald’s Happy Meal toys just might be cool enough to outweigh the creepy new mascot.

About a month after the May 30 release of Mario Kart 8, McDonald’s will be rolling out a line of fancy new Mario figures riding bikes, go-karts, and hovercrafts (ooh. . . .). The whole gang is here, including Mario, Luigi, DK, Yoshi, Bowser, Toad, and even Princess Peach.

For girls (because Peach isn’t feminine enough apparently?), there are also Ty Teenie Beanie Boos, mini versions of Ty’s iconic Beanie Babies that, despite their giant anime eyes, will never be as precious as my Princess Diana bear.

Based on promotional images, it’s hard to tell if the go-karts actually go. but according to Nerdalicious, each toy does come with a kid-sized red Mario visor, which is almost as good.