Occupy McDonald’s — Happy Meal Toy Ban Edition [COMIC]

In late 2010, news broke that Happy Meal Toys were banned in San Francisco. Almost a year later, just before the new law was set to go into effect, McDonald’s lawyers conveniently outsmarted the ban, finding a neat loophole of which they could still dole out their Happy Meal toys. What’s even more, they even managed to turn a prospective negative, into a positive.

Our talented Peter Pham has illustrated the issue, as we’re sure there’s bound to be plenty more back-and-forth between the massive burger corporation and cities like San Francisco.



Happy Meal Toys Banned in San Francisco, CA

According to a report from the Associated Press on Yahoo!, we now know a vote of the San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors yesterday (Tuesday) landed with an 8-3 count to approve an ordinance within the city that would ultimately limit toy giveaways in food children’s meals that are marked with “excessive calories, sodium and fat”. Without the toy in the meals, the people behind the initiative hope to deter the meal’s appeal to a younger audience. The ordinance also requires servings of fruits or vegetables in each meal.