Alcohol Can Produce The Same Biological Effects As Meditation

An infographic by Now Sourcing on illustrates the history of alcohol consumption and its function in modern society. It’s no secret today that we drink to celebrate anything and everything, and alcohol has become a major component of any kind of social gathering. The million dollar question is whether or not alcohol makes you happy, and if it does, why?

Does Alcohol Really Make You Happier? - - Infographic

They tell us that the “first buzz” happened 10 million years ago when humans ate rotten fruit that had fermented. 6,000 years ago Egyptian slaves were given beer while building the pyramids, and years later wine was freely distributed to the public in Rome.

Drinking culture is a concept that differs from country to country. In Germany, the well known Oktoberfest is a festival surrounding beer that is celebrated for an entire month. In Spain, bars are so family-oriented that they allow children to enter, and in America, what kind of drink you order at a bar seems to tell an entire story about what kind of person you are.



The conclusion they have come to is that alcohol in today’s society has its fair share of benefits, as well as its downfalls. They acknowledge that it is often abused which leads to negative outcomes and depleted endorphins, but also that it’s consumption in moderation can release endorphins.

Endorphins are chemicals in the brain released also while exercising, meditating, and when we are exposed to sunshine. These chemicals (and probably the sheer intoxication factor) are responsible for the heightened feelings of happiness and confidence and lowered inhibitions. Basically, it’s our body’s natural way of feeling “high.”

So are we saying that drinking alcohol is equivalent to getting some good ol Vitamin D, or as good for you as regular exercise? Well, maybe not in every situation, but in moderation (1-2 drinks a day) it definitely has its benefits. Other benefits of drinking alcohol as suggested by the graphic include, lowering the risk of heart disease, improving libido, and compared to non-drinkers, may reduce the risk of Alzheimers, dementia, and type 2 diabetes.



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Dumped Before Her Wedding, Bride Turns Reception Into Dinner For The Homeless


When a groom got cold feet before his wedding, his bride-to-be donated her special day to the homeless.

Dana Olsen, 29, was faced with a difficult situation on what would have been one of the most memorable days of her life. Olsen and her fiance, who were both born in Seattle, planned to say their vows to one another at Sodo Park, a fancy hall venue they booked together for their wedding day in Seattle.

According to the Seattle Times, the entire reception had been paid for and the preparations were ready, however, when the groom got cold feet, Olsen was forced to call off the wedding. Unable to request a refund, Olsen decided to give her special day away to homeless families.


Olsen remained positive and told her best friend and maid of honor, Katie McCary:

“I’m going to have a bad day. Other people might as well have a good night.”

Many of the needy families in attendance at the reception were from Mary’s Place, a homeless shelter and non-profit. A team of hair stylists and make-up artists from Lala’s Cuts salon in Queen Anne generously provided make-overs for those attending the charity event. Nearly 100 homeless individuals and their families were invited to the reception that included a delicious feast, a live band and dancing.

Olsen said her family was dumbfounded as to why the wedding was called off. McCary said the bride-to-be was “devastated” by the turn of events, but that “she is very strong.”


With an entire non-refundable wedding reception on her hands, Dana asked her mother, Karen Olsen, to donate it to the neediest. Her mother said of her daughter:

“I’m proud of her.”


The family got the idea of providing the special evening for the homeless from Olsen’s father who volunteers as a cook at Compass Center shelter. Turning down her girlfriends’ suggestion to go partying on Saturday, Olsen decided to go hiking on the six-mile Crest Trail with her father in Palm Springs, California.

Her mother told the Times:

“He’s a big teddy bear. He’s the perfect guy for her to be with today.”