If Hannibal Lector Was A Really Lousy Chef [HUMOR]


The infamous Hannibal Lector probably best known for his brilliant mind, his cannibalistic tendencies and his talent for the culinary arts. What if, however, he lacked one of those traits.

What if he was a really shitty cook?

CollegeHumor posted this hilarious video based on NBC’s cult television series Hannibal. The clip features the titular character serving up a variety of dishes made of human parts. Instead of the amazing plating and presentation depicted on the show, however, we get a look at what it’d be like if he was really bad at covering up human remains.


Cannibals Get Caught Slinging People-Filled Pastries


Hannibal-style empadas, anyone?

Three people are being tried in Brazil for acts of cannibalism and frankly being disturbed as all hell. A husband, his wife and his mistress were all charged with killing and dismembering two women. The women were told they would be offered employment as nannies, but instead were met with a terrible fate.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the grisly threesome ate parts of their victims and used their flesh to make Brazilian pastries known as empadas. To make matters even worse, the trio ate and sold these pastries to their neighbors. Oh, and their innocent kid also ate some people-flavored empadas. Those crazies couldn’t even leave the poor kid out of it. The reasoning behind such a disgusting crime? They were trying to purify the world and reduce its population. Smh.

This isn’t the first time people have gone AWOL and turned full-on cannibal. Last month, we reported on an Australian chef who offed his girlfriend and thought it wise to turn her into a meal. This guy narrowly avoided the cops by taking his own life. Seriously, what the actual fudgsicles is wrong with people?

H/T Washington Post + PicThx Eater