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‘Pedialyte For Adults’ Now Exists For Those Wanting A Quick Fix To Their Hangovers

Pedialyte, the electrolyte drink of our childhood, has suddenly become THE one-in-all drink of pop culture. You’ll find it in pro sports locker rooms for rehydration and in all of our fridges to help us get through hangovers.

It’s always been a product meant for children and babies, but with the massive surge in popularity with adults over the past few years, Pedialyte’s parent company Abbott has finally decided to make one for the older demographic as well.

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Called Pedialyte Sparkling Rush, the product consists of a powdered sparkling drink mix that you can add to your water while on the go. You add a packed to a bottle of water, give it 10 seconds to disperse, and enjoy the hydration and electrolytes it provides.

Pedialyte itself actually isn’t a true “hangover cure,” because nothing outside of drinking less alcohol and staying hydrated really is. However, it does help you get past the headaches and other symptoms of dehydration that come with a late night out. This adult version comes with double the electrolytes and half the sugars of other sports drinks, according to a press release, meaning that it can further help with hydration while adding less carbs to your daily intake.

Abbott told USA Today that the new Sparkling Rush was based off of adults who post on social media that they use Pedialyte to get past hangovers, and regularly advertises themselves as a way to rehydrate fast following those big parties.

You can find this new “adult Pedialyte” in cherry and grape flavors at Target and Meijer stores nationwide, as well as on Amazon.

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10 Drinks That Are Guaranteed To Induce A Hangover

Alcohol can be a best friend one night and a sworn enemy the next day. It’s a fickle relationship, to say the least. That sworn enemy part? It comes in the form of a hangover, which will greet you in the morning with the gentle warmth of a sledgehammer to the face.

Now, while there are many variables at play when it comes to a hangover — drinking on an empty stomach, not enough water in the evening, etc — it all comes down to pretty simple reasons. You get hangovers because of things like, sugar, carbonation, and congeners.

Instead of going through the science outright, though, let’s get all hyped up on science by walking it through a few drinks that are sure to do damage to your body.

Red Wine

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Red wine may be a class-act accessory the night before, but it’s an aggressive bully the morning after. Congeners, a fermentation byproduct that strikes up the morning hangover band, contribute to a wine’s color. So the darker a wino goes, the worse they’ll feel. White wine may not always prove its worth as an evening drink, but it’ll keep a drinker’s head from caving in the next day.

Darker Liquors

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Likewise, liquors of a darker shade —  your bourbons, your brandys, your dark rums — are ready to sabotage the morning-after for the same reason, those dang congeners. Bourbon’s actually the fiercest culprit, having the 40 times the quantity of congeners than in vodka.

Cheap Liquor

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Liquor tends to have higher alcohol concentrations than its beer and wine brethren. And the cheaper the spirit, the more congeners. So scooping the cheapest booze is the fastest route to a forced day in bed. Honestly, though, who’s surprised that the most affordable thing at the bar betrays you in the end?


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Why a more lofty drink like champagne ends up as a head pounder always seems to be up for discussion. It’s a go-to celebratory toast drink, but it’ll knock out the brain come sun-up. The reason is it comes down to the fact that it’s jam-packed with bubbles. That carbon dioxide helps get the alcohol into a drinker’s blood stream faster than other kinds of alcohol.

Booze Mixed With Soda or Juice

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This is basically just pouring sugar down the gullet, so it’s no surprise it makes a person feel like hell come morning. The fact that alcohol is involved is doing absolutely nobody any favors — except maybe the tastebuds. Whether it’s whiskey and cola or vodka and orange juice, if the mixer is super sweet, there’s a chance the next day will come with a super headache.

Fruity Colorful Cocktails

This is going to strike the same way soda and juice do, mostly because they may be hiding beneath that tiny umbrella. Anything that has a pretty color to it has a good chance of becoming your frienemy. It’s going to be an entire witch’s brew of booze that then disguises the whole festive monstrosity with sweeteners. Witchcraft, I say!

Booze with Energy Drinks

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Not only are energy drinks major players when it comes to hangovers, but mixing a depressant and a stimulant together is no good for a human being from the start. It basically has the potential to rile a person up to drink more for longer than one’s body would initially agree to. Plus, the sugar content of energy drinks is bonkers to begin with.

Gimmicky Nonsense Shots in a Dive Bar

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This will priority mail your brain a hangover for a number of reasons. It could be a goofball sugary concoction with some innuendo name, it could be the cheapest booze in the house that they hide with sugar, or it’s some maniac pour like a ‘bar mat shot’, which is exactly what it sounds like — all the spilled liquid on the bar, squeezed into a shot glass. This kind of lunacy is best (and hopefully only) limited to a 21st birthday, and even then, like, why?

Long Island Iced Tea

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If anyone orders a drink that at its core is a selection of gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and triple sec — especially one that hides them vixens and villains with sour mix and a splash of cola — it can’t really be that much of a blindside once everything goes haywire. These will deliver a boxer-like hangover because the drinker is simply downing all the booze together in what will surely be an accidental half dozen orders.

Literally Any Drink With ‘Adios’ or ‘Goodbye’ or ‘So Long’ or ‘911’ in the Title

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These kinds of drinks essentially take the spirit of Long Island Iced Teas, but turn it into more direct chaos. Sometimes, they’ll act like it’s a mystery concoction that just randomly showed up one day. This could be anything from a Slushee that’s, like, three-fourths Bacardi 151 to a blue lagoon fishbowl of tequila that looks like someone could swim in it. Anything that hints at a blackout in its name can, will, and should absolutely beat a person up like crazy. This is how you lose an entire weekend.


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This Brooklyn Bar Offers ‘Hangover Yoga’ with Complimentary Mimosas


If there’s one thing that living in the twenty-first century has taught us, it’s that yoga cures everything from infertility to bad breath to . . . hangovers? The Cobra Bar in Brooklyn, New York certainly thinks so. Their “Hangover Yoga” classes are offered every Sunday morning and focus on providing relief for specific parts of the body affected by hangovers (child’s pose, for example, is apparently perfect for that pounding headache you get after downing one too many tequila shots).

Okay, we can get on board for a little relaxed stretching after a night of hard partying, and the Cobra Bar sweetens the deal by offering mimosas and Bloody Marys for yoga participants after the class is over. This seems like a pretty smart move, because let’s be real — the only guaranteed way to get anyone’s hungover butt into downward dog is the promise of more alcohol afterwards. Plus, there’s something very fitting about combining the ancient practice of meditative yoga with the equally ancient practice of drinking until you can’t feel your face. The bar’s resident yoga instructor seems very on board with an alcohol-infused approach to inner peace, “If you want to have a mimosa because that makes you feel better, you should.”

Happy drinking, and Namaste.

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