In Case You Missed It: Vegas ‘After-Party’ Bus Claims To Cure Hangovers


You may have heard of it, you may have not, either way you’ll probably shake your head and give up all hope on the human race. Or! you might nod to your bro friends and think that this is a really really good idea. SMH.

Anesthesiologist Jason Burke has found his claim to fame with a gimmick that’s sure to attract desperate Vegas goers suffering the effects of back-to-back tequila shots and cranberry vodkas. Hangover Heaven is a former gospel tour bus turned mobile clinic offering IV therapy to any unfortunate souls seeking rehydration.

Step inside and you’ll be greeted by a lady clad in a kitschy nurse outfit that was probably purchased at a Halloween store. No, really, she’s decked out in a costume I saw at Halloween Superstore labeled “Sexy Nurse Outfit.” Maybe there’s more than one reason they call it “Hangover Heaven”? Jk, kind of.

For $99 patients can purchase “Redemption,” a basic IV fluids package. For $159 you get a “Salvation” premium package that offers prescription-only medicine. Then, for those with double-whammy hangovers, there’s the “Rapture” for $199, 20 minutes of oxygen administered via a nasal canula included. At first we were rofl, then we realized that there are poor suckers out there actually paying for Hangover Heaven and we were like…”Damn.” What happened to the good old fashioned method of drinking water, taking an aspirin and napping it off?

Hangover Heaven will also perform in-room treatments for an extra cost. Just an FYI.

Photo Courtesy of Bang Style