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This Shady McDonald’s Hack Lets You Get A Free Meal At The Drive-Thru [WATCH]

We’d never encourage you to be a dishonest person, but if you’re already one and are interested in continuing your life of deceit, this video will fill your criminal heart with joy.

The HandleBandle YouTube account posted a pretty shady McDonald’s hack that can get you free food at the drive-thru, but it may eat away at your conscience.

The guy in the video explains that requesting a cup of water, which is free at McDonald’s, let’s you bypass the first window paying routine, and by the time you get to the second window, the worker is under the impression that the bag of food in his hand, is yours.

You’d think the person in the second window would still be aware that someone asked for a cup of water, but at least in the video, the customer grabbed someone else’s food and drove off with two Big Macs and a large drink.

The video caption says it “works every time,” but that’s a little suspect.

Someone commented on the video saying, “I work at McDonalds and honestly this shouldn’t happen. It was the fault of the guy taking the order because it seems like he didn’t even enter in to the machine that he had an ice water, so they just trusted the customer to tell them they didn’t order food. lol.”

That sounds like it might be true.

Either way, it’s good to note that the rest of the videos on the channel are weird alien and sasquatch found footage type of videos, so there’s room to believe that this drive-thru hack was staged for, like, a college project. But it’s also good to note that when I told some of my coworkers about the video, they looked at me, like, “Yeah, dude. That’s an old trick.”

Try it if you must, but if the person behind you ordered a McChicken, you already know what’s up.